Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 317 - Ahhh! Where Are My Clothes?

Chapter 317: Ahhh! Where Are My Clothes?

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One look at all the marks all over her body and she knew what had happened!

Feng Liu’s head went completely blank and she sat there dazed, as if she had been struck by a thunderbolt.

A few seconds later —

Feng Liu came back to herself and opened her mouth to scream!

However, Feng Yiran covered her mouth before she could make any sound. The look in his eyes was cruel and murderous!

“Do you want to die?!” Feng Yiran whispered in a threatening voice!

“Hm —” Tears rolled down Feng Liu’s cheeks.

“Are you trying to bring disgrace and ruin upon both of us?!”

Feng Liu wailed and shook her head repeatedly!

Feng Yiran stared into her eyes. “I’m going to let you speak now, but no screaming!”

Feng Liu nodded.

Feng Yiran let go and Feng Liu wrapped herself in the duvet, moving as far away from him as possible. She hissed at Feng Yiran between broken sobs, “Why?! Why did you do this to me? You’ve ruined my future! How am I going to marry the crown prince now?!”

Feng Yiran only found her ridiculous. Marry Jun Linyuan? Where did she get that idea from?

He snarled back. “Look around. This is Whistling Pines Yard and you’re in my bed! I was going to ask you, why did you get into my bed in the middle of the night and act like a slut? I thought you were Xueyi, so I slept with you. How is that my fault?”

That successfully shut Feng Liu up. She went back to weeping.

Feng Yiran said in vexation, “What happened has happened and we can’t do anything about that now. Pull yourself together. You need to leave before anyone else finds out!”

Feng Liu wouldn’t accept the reality. “Feng Wu has to be a thousand times more miserable than I am now! She has to live in hell!”

“How does Feng Wu have anything to do with this?” Feng Yiran was bewildered.

Feng Liu smirked. “Mother buried Spring Breeze Powder in Feng Wu’s yard and I had Caiyue open up the spiritual beast farm and lure the animals to Fallen Star Yard. Feng Wu is ruined!”

Feng Yiran frowned. Would someone as clever as Feng Wu walk into a trap that easily?

Could what happened to Feng Liu have something to do with Feng Wu?

Feng Yiran was still trying to figure it out when he heard shuffling footsteps outside.

“Thief! Close the door!”

“Close all the doors! No one is leaving this yard!”

“Feng Yiran? Where’s Feng Yiran?!”

Judging by the sounds, there were a lot of people coming.

Feng Yiran and Feng Liu were dumbfounded!

If Feng Liu had put on her clothes and snuck out as soon as she woke up, they wouldn’t be stuck here now. However, those people outside were about to come in —

“Get dressed! Quickly!” Feng Yiran freaked out!

If someone walked in now and saw the state they were in… Both of them would be ruined!

Feng Liu was also freaking out!

The footsteps moved closer and picked up speed. She was already feeling so much dread to begin with…

“My skirt? Where’s my skirt? God, I can’t find my robe…” Feng Liu was so flustered that she couldn’t do anything but stand around and shed tears.

A voice rang out just outside the room at that moment. “Where’s Feng Yiran?”

Someone was coming in!

Without thinking, Feng Liu jumped onto the bed, lying flat on her stomach and covering herself up with the duvet.

Feng Yiran was equally startled. He only had time to throw Xueyi onto the bed before the door to his room was kicked open!

Feng Yanfeng rushed in, followed by everyone else!

Feng Yiran was shocked!

Lady Wang asked in exasperation, “Yiran, where is he?”

He who?!

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