Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 316 - So Baffled!

Chapter 316: So Baffled!

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Feng Wu and Qiuling ran after the crowd.

After all the disappointment, Lady Wang had finally gotten the evidence she was hoping for and she wasn’t going to rest until she caught the secret lover. She would interrogate the man under torture until he confessed. Only then could she make Feng Wu’s scandal stick!

At that moment, that figure disappeared into a courtyard.

The courtyard was called “Whistling Pines” and it was where Feng Yiran lived.

As the most capable man in the crowd, Feng Yanfeng was in the lead, with Lady Wang and the others behind him.

Feng Yanfeng narrowed his eyes. Was his wife telling the truth, then? Had Feng Wu really done that unspeakable thing? If that was the case, he was going to kill Feng Wu himself!

Meanwhile, in Whistling Pines Yard —

Feng Yiran, who had fallen asleep after a passionate night, still had a smile on his face.

Since when was Xueyi, his concubine maid, this seductive and demanding? He could barely get it up after two rounds in a row, but she was still asking for more?

“More… please… more —”

Her voice was so enchanting that he thought he was going to melt from it.

When he finally began to wake up, Feng Yiran was suddenly struck by something!

That voice…

That didn’t sound like Xueyi, but more like Feng Liu, his sister… No, what was he thinking? How could he think of Feng Liu at a time like this?

Feng Yiran opened his eyes and turned toward the window, trying to see what time it was.

His eyes then caught sight of a familiar figure on the floor.

A naked girl lay there on her back. She had a slim body, fair skin, and a comely face. It was none other than Xueyi, his concubine maid.


What was she doing lying on the floor?

Wait, if Xueyi was there, who was he holding in his arms?!

Feng Yiran’s stomach turned and an ominous feeling washed over him. He couldn’t even summon the courage to look down.

“More… I want more… ahh —”

The girl caressed his chest with her slim fingers.

Feng Yiran felt sick and got goosebumps all over!

He shifted his gaze from her fingers, to her wrist, then up her arm…

And slowly to her face!

Oh god!

Feng Yiran heard a rumbling sound in his ears and he felt all his blood rush to his head!

Lying there in his arms was none other than Feng Liu, his sister from the same parents!

His biological sister, Feng Liu!!!

At that moment, Feng Yiran’s brain stopped working!

So, so he had been sleeping with…

Feng Yiran looked down and saw smears of blood on his sheet. He shut his eyes, wishing that he could pass out now!

What on earth was going on?

Why was Xueyi on the floor? Why was Feng Liu in his bed? And how could he have done such a thing with Feng Liu?!

Feng Liu tried to get back into Feng Yiran’s arms, but Feng Yiran pushed her away!

Agitated as he was, Feng Yiran pushed a little too hard and Feng Liu bumped into the hard wooden headboard. It made her see stars for a moment.

Feng Liu opened her sleepy eyes at the pain and gradually woke up.

By now, the sun had risen and the room was brightly lit.

Hence, Feng Liu saw the face in front of her clearly… It was Feng Yiran!

Her own brother!

Feng Yiran didn’t have any clothes on and was eyeing her with an indecipherable look on his face!

Feng Liu looked down and saw that she was as naked as he was.

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