Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 301 - She’ll Be Busy Soon

Chapter 301: She’ll Be Busy Soon

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“What is it?” Qiuling asked as she wiped away her tears, her eyes still red from crying. “What were they going to do to Miss Wu?”

Feng Wu unwrapped a palm-sized bundle, revealing an object that resembled a bar of soap.

She gave it a sniff and snorted. “It’s Spring Breeze Powder.”

“What’s that?” Qiuling asked curiously.

Granny Zhao’s and Uncle Qiu’s faces turned livid at that name!

Feng Wu said, “It’s something that’ll cause a man and a woman to be consumed by lust.”

“Gosh!” Qiuling covered her mouth in astonishment. “It’s… that’s… oh god!”

Lady Wang wanted them dead!

Feng Wu smiled. “When that lady tries something, it’s always in twos or threes. This can’t be the only thing.”

“What do we do now?”

Feng Wu said nothing. Instead, she took the cub out of her chest pocket. The little thing was eager to try itself.

Feng Tutu had slept on the entire journey, and was now ready for some action. After jumping out of Feng Wu’s arms, it headed right for the kitchen.

Everyone followed it curiously.

Feng Tutu hopped onto the stove and began to dig diligently, puffing at the effort.

Before long, a dark green pellet the size of a pigeon egg emerged.

“What’s this —”

Everyone turned to Feng Wu for an answer.

Picking up the pellet, Feng Wu smirked after taking just one look. “It’s Black Qilin 1 Venom.”

Qiuling asked, “What’s Black Qilin Venom?”

Feng Wu smiled a little, but her eyes were cold. “As the name suggests, it comes from the venom of the Black Qilin, and creates a colorless and odorless toxic gas when heated. The woman really planned it well. By burying it in the stove, the toxin will get into the food and gradually poison us. Once it accumulates… heh.”

Qiuling and the others blanched!

What an insidious scheme!

As if that Spring Breeze Powder wasn’t abhorrent enough, she had to top it off with Black Qilin Venom. The woman wanted to make sure that Feng Wu and her family were ruined!

“This is pure evil! Lady Wang is so —” Qiuling clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. “She sounds so nice and caring in front of other people, as if she cares about us so much. Who would have thought that she could be this malicious?! A honey tongue and a heart of gall — that woman is so dreadful!”

Feng Wu nodded.

She had revealed this to everyone not to scare them, but to remind them that they should be aware at all times and remain vigilant.

Looking around, Feng Wu said calmly, “People like Feng Liu with her empty arrogance aren’t our most formidable enemies. However, we have to be cautious around someone like Lady Wang, who hides a dagger in her smile. From now on, if Lady Wang summons you or invites my mother over, you know what to do.”

“We won’t go! Not for all the orders in the world! We’ll stall until Miss Wu gets back,” Qiuling said earnestly.

Feng Wu chuckled when she saw how alert Qiuling was. “You don’t have to be on edge. As long as that lady is busy, she won’t have time to bother us.”

“But she’s not busy…” Qiuling said. “She has servants to run errands for her; all she needs to do is give orders.”

“No, she’ll be very busy very soon.”

That night, a figure leapt out of Fallen Star Yard, nimble as a cat. She jumped around in the dark and quickly made her way into Flower Butterfly Yard.

Having grown up in Flower Butterfly Yard, Feng Wu knew the place like the back of her hand.


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