Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 300 - Restrain Yourself, Keep a Low Profile, and Maintain Your Composure

Chapter 300: Restrain Yourself, Keep a Low Profile, and Maintain Your Composure

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“She brought it on herself.”

“That’s so true.” Granny Gui beamed at her mistress. “Miss Wu made us stay behind to work for her, but she’s forgotten that there’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

“What are you talking about?” Feng Liu was at a loss. “I don’t understand.”

“It’s fine. Xiao Liu, didn’t you want to see that branch of the family make a fool of themselves?” Lady Wang smiled in a careless way.

“But mum, didn’t your scheme turn into a fiasco and Feng Wu forced you to do her bidding?” Feng Liu blurted out the truth, which gave her mother a phantom headache.

While Lady Wang rubbed her forehead in resignation, Granny Gui smiled at Feng Liu. “Miss Liu, you’ll see what this is about tomorrow morning. It’ll be a great show over there in that branch, so make sure you get up early to watch it.”

Feng Liu’s eyes lit up as bright as stars. “Are you sure?!”

“You can take my word for it.” Granny Gui gloated. She had buried that thing herself, while putting some others in various spots. There was no escape for Feng Wu.

Lady Wang looked out the window at the clear blue sky, her eyes glinting like sharp blades.

That family should have stayed in the border city and lived out the rest of their days as good-for-nothings, but they just had to come back to the imperial capital to be humiliated. Everyone would admit that they had it coming!

Fallen Star Yard.

Qiuling couldn’t stop smiling after Granny Gui and the other servants left.

“I thought that we would never be able to make this Fallen Star Yard habitable. Thanks to Lady Wang, we have everything we need now.” Qiuling smiled into her palm. “She was here to have a good laugh at us, wasn’t she? I bet she’s so pissed right now.”

Granny Zhao cast a stern look at Qiuling. “Have you forgotten everything I taught you? Restrain yourself, keep a low profile, and maintain your composure.”

“Alright —” Qiuling massaged her cheeks, which were sore from all the grinning. “I’m just too happy to see Lady Wang reap what she sowed.”

“It’s still too early to say that.” Granny Zhao gave Qiuling a meaningful look, then turned to Feng Wu. “Miss Wu, when Qiulan, Lady Wang’s chambermaid, struck up a conversation with me as a distraction, I saw Granny Gui bury something herself.”

Qiuling was surprised. “What did she bury?”

How come she had no idea?

Granny Zhao glared at Qiuling. “You were too absorbed in taking pleasure in their little misfortune to notice anything else. Do you have any idea how many people are plotting against Miss Wu and using the most covert schemes? You’re so careless. How can I leave Miss Wu in your care?”

Feng Wu only watched as Granny Zhao excoriated Qiuling and didn’t intervene.

Veterans were always more capable than recruits. Granny Zhao had noticed a small detail like this when Qiuling had missed it, which said a lot.

Qiuling was warmhearted and meticulous in taking care of Feng Wu’s daily needs, but she was nothing like Granny Zhao when it came to guarding against the harm others might do them.

And this was just the beginning.

The imperial capital was an ever-changing city, and schemes and plots were bound to come at them nonstop. Feng Wu would rather that Qiuling was scolded and she learned to be cautious now than have her come to grief in the future.

Hence, Feng Wu said nothing. She only went to the yard and dug out what Granny Gui had buried.

Seeing that Granny Zhao was telling the truth, Qiuling blanched. She hadn’t noticed anything… If her mistress had really fallen victim to this…

Qiuling burst into tears.

Feng Wu was amused. “Don’t cry, you poor girl. Just be more careful in the future. Everyone has to learn along the way. Use your brain, that’s all.”

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