Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 2978 - We're Doomed

Chapter 2978: We’re Doomed

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“What’s wrong with you? Did you send your weakest cultivators? None of them could put up a fight!”

“That’s right! Xiao Wu cut that man in half with one strike. Do you have tougher members?”

“Is that all you’ve got? There’s not much potential there, is there?”

They enjoyed taunting their opponents because it helped them vent their rage.

They needed to show off.

The Dongsang cultivators looked at one another in frustration.

Several people wanted to go up the stage until they saw the Fallen Star Sword, which was still dripping blood.

They rubbed their abdomen when they saw Solai carried off the stage in parts.

How scary!

Were there more Level 3 Spiritual Kings?

Yes, there were, but they didn’t dare go up the stage.

Feng Wu looked up at Jun Linyuan and Night Owl’s fierce battle.

Each blow could be a lethal one.

Why were those people still stalling?

Feng Wu said impatiently, “Is that all you’ve got?”

The Dongsang Kingdom people were furious.

Feng Wu said, “If you can’t find anyone, just give up! Stop wasting my time!”

The Dongsang Kingdom didn’t know what to say.

Feng Wu said, “Stop staring and send someone up here!”

Hoshimi’s face was livid.

His friend was about to go up the stage, when Sakurin ran toward them, shouting, “Wait!”

They all looked at her.

Sakurin shouted as she ran, “Senior Brother Fuhara is here!”

“Fuhara Tsuba?”

“That peak Level 3 Spiritual King?”

“Gosh! It really is him! I thought he went into seclusion,” said Hoshimi.

They were of similar cultivation levels and fought in the same circle, so they knew each other well.

Everybody knew how capable Fuhara was.

Many Junwu Empire cultivators fell silent when they heard the name.

“No way!”

“Why is he here?”

“I thought he went into seclusion and wasn’t going to participate in this battle!”

Seeing their frustration, Chen Ziyun asked what they were talking about.

He had just become a Spiritual King and hadn’t been qualified to watch the battle until now.

Senior Brother Min looked like he was going to cry. “We’re doomed.”

Chen Ziyun asked, “Why? Tell me!”

Senior Brother Min said, “Fuhara is the ultimate winner in the junior arena. He has won 100 battles on that stage!”

Chen Ziyun said, “100?”

Senior Brother Min said, “That’s not all. Whenever he participates, the other four members are never needed. He can defeat all our five members on his own.

“He has done it 100 times!

“He has defeated almost all of us.

“In other words, Fuhara is invincible here in the junior arena!

“He only went into seclusion because he was bored defeating us all the time. He was trying to become an intermediate Spiritual King and fight in the intermediate arena.

“None of us are his match. We’re doomed!”

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