Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 2977 - : Lovely Angel

Chapter 2977: Lovely Angel

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Feng Wu also smiled, and it looked almost like Solai’s.

“Do you know why you’re going to die?”

Feng Wu suddenly drew out her Fallen Star Sword.

Solai had leaped up and was smashing down at Feng Wu’s forehead with his inscribed rod.

Feng Wu said, “The second stance of the Fallen Star Sword!

“Dancing Dragon In the Moonlight!”

Speed made all the difference.

Feng Wu was moving as fast as Solai, an intermediate Level 3 Spiritual King.


No one saw it coming when Feng Wu suddenly picked up her speed.

She was only a little faster than Solai.

The difference was only 0.001 seconds, but that was all she needed.

It was like a slow-motion picture.

Fallen Star Sword slashed through the air, and Solai was cut in half at his waist.

The upper part of his body fell to the left, and the lower to the right.

He was in two pieces, and blood gushed out.

The rod that he was so proud of made a loud clank as it dropped onto the ground.

Solai’s eyes were wide open, as if he didn’t understand what had happened.

Everybody fell silent.

Cultivators on both sides stared at Feng Wu as if she had grown wings.

She had been a little faster than Solai just then.


“She’s a senior Level 2 Spiritual King now…” said someone in the crowd.

A senior Level 2 Spiritual King?

Wasn’t she only a junior one just then? How did she reach the senior level during a battle?

It was so unfair!

The people of the Dongsang Kingdom couldn’t accept it, while people of the Junwu Empire were perplexed.

Feng Wu looked into Solai’s eyes and answered the question she asked.

“You’re dead because you talk too much,” said Feng Wu.

He talked too much?

People of the Junwu Empire wanted to laugh, whereas the people of the Dongsang Kingdom wanted to cry.

That was outrageous!

No, that wasn’t important. The important thing was that Feng Wu had won!

She really had killed Solai.

“How can a Level 2 Spiritual King kill a Level 3 Spiritual King?”

The Dongsang cultivators fell silent.

Why were there different levels?

That was because the difference in strength between levels was huge.

There were cases where a cultivator of a lower level defeated someone of a higher level, but the lower one would be severely injured during the battle.


They looked at Feng Wu.

Her face was smooth and clean, and not one hair was out of place.

How frustrating!

Feng Wu frowned at the Dongsang people. “Don’t you have one last contestant? What are you waiting for?”

She was in a hurry to deliver the pill.

The Junwu cultivators realized something.

They had been so frustrated before Feng Wu came.

They had lost the first round and seemed to be losing this round. They were panic-stricken.

It wasn’t that they were weaker than the other side, but the rule required the contestants to be junior Spiritual Kings below 20 years old.

It was hard to achieve, but that was the rule.

It was a battle of potential.

They had capable junior Spiritual Kings, but they were all older than 20.

The Dongsang people had said the most humiliating things, and the Junwu cultivators had been so frustrated.

Then, Feng Wu arrived.

She was the loveliest angel!

Seeing that things had turned around, they started taunting the Dongsang Kingdom.

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