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Chapter 297 - The Old Fox

Chapter 297: The Old Fox

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The beautiful lady obviously didn’t like Lady Wang. Fear flickered in her limpid eyes and she tried her best to draw her hand back.

However, Lady Wang’s grip was very tight.

The lady was on the verge of tears. She turned to Feng Wu and pleaded with her eyes.

Feng Wu went up to them and took Lady Wang by the wrist. “We’re back now and everything’s going to be fine? My dear aunt, if that’s the case, can we perhaps have our Flower Butterfly Yard back?”

The smile froze on Lady Wang’s face. This was exactly why she didn’t like Feng Wu. The kid would always disregard the feelings of others and get right to the point, embarrassing everyone.

Before Lady Wang could reply, Feng Liu snorted. “I’ve been living in Flower Butterfly Yard for five years and it’s mine. Why should we give it to you? You people are robbers! You want to rob me of my home as soon as you come back!”

“Robbers? I finally know what ‘a robber acts like a cop’ means.” Feng Wu gave her a half-smile.

“You —”

Seeing that Feng Liu was going to fight with Feng Wu again, Lady Wang smacked her forehead. Why did her daughter get agitated so easily?

She had no choice but to intervene. “Xiao Wu, I know Flower Butterfly Yard used to belong to your branch of the family, but someone else must have lived there before you moved in. So technically, it isn’t yours.

“Moreover, you were crippled, your brother became seriously ill, your mother lost her mind, and your father went missing… all this made your grandmother think that the house was cursed and would only bring bad luck to the family. She wanted to set fire to it. Xiao Liu stepped out then, and bravely said that she would live there and turn bad luck into good. And she was right. The Feng clan has been living peacefully for the last five years. Everything’s been going well and there hasn’t been any misfortune.”

Lady Wang spoke in her gentle voice. She knew perfectly when to pause, when to stress her words, and when to lower her pitch. She was an expert storyteller, which was what her husband loved the most about her.

She then turned to Feng Wu with an aggrieved look on her face. “Xiao Wu, you’re talking about Xiao Liu taking your house, but she’s actually doing you a great favor by removing all the ill fortune for you. You don’t have to thank her for it, but I’m really sad to hear you misunderstand her like this…”

Feng Liu stared at her mother with an open mouth.

That was incredible!

Her dear mother had turned Feng Liu’s occupation of Feng Wu’s property into an act of averting disaster, which was practically calling black white. That way, Feng Liu could keep Flower Butterfly Yard, and not only couldn’t Feng Wu accuse her of it, she had to thank her… Mother, you’re so clever!

The beautiful lady was flustered and sweat covered her smooth forehead. “No! No! That’s not true!”

Feng Liu scoffed at Feng Wu. Could her mother say anything else apart from “no”?

Feng Wu darted a glance at Feng Liu. So what? My mother is beautiful.

Feng Liu was speechless.

Feng Wu then gave Lady Wang a half-smile. “So, you’re saying that Flower Butterfly Yard is ominous. Is that it?”

“That’s right,” said Lady Wang. “Even now, snakes and rats still crawl in every now and then even after your sister moved in… That’s how unpleasant the place is. Xiao Wu, you’ve lost your cultivation, and your mother is… I’m really doing this for your own good. That house is not for you.”

“I see.” Feng Wu smirked. “Is a shabby yard like this the only thing for us, then?”

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