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Chapter 296 - The Resourceful Feng Wu

Chapter 296: The Resourceful Feng Wu

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Lady Wang watched this with a gaping mouth.

Feng Liu had dragged her here to have a good laugh at Feng Wu’s branch of the family. However, they had become jokes themselves before even setting foot in Feng Wu’s yard… Lady Wang blushed profusely. This was so embarrassing…

Hiding behind the door, Qiuling almost burst out laughing when she saw the sorry state Feng Liu and her minions were in. She put her hands over her mouth immediately to muffle her laughter.

Miss Wu was so smart and the grumpy Miss Liu looked like an idiot in comparison.

Hearing the noise, Feng Wu and her family came out, looking surprised.

Feng Wu guffawed inwardly when she saw the farce outside, but she only reacted with a frown. “Why is everyone falling over everyone else? Feng Liu, what did you do to my door?”

Feng Liu heard this when her maids and nannies were rushing over to help her to her feet.

Seeing what an embarrassing fool she had made of herself, Feng Liu was furious. She pointed at Feng Wu with a trembling finger and couldn’t think of what to say. “You… you…”

Feng Wu frowned. “I admit that you were very rude earlier, but I really didn’t expect you to apologize with a kowtow.”

Feng Liu stammered. “You… you… Feng Wu!”

Feng Wu blinked her pretty black eyes, which shone like clear water. She looked perfectly innocent as she said, “Why, are you not here to apologize?”

Seeing this, Lady Wang shook her head inwardly.

She had considered Feng Liu a smart girl, but that was when the girl was on her own. When Feng Wu was around, Feng Liu’s inferiority was so apparent that it was cruel to try and compare them.

As Feng Liu’s mother, Lady Wang obviously didn’t want to see her own daughter humiliated like this. Hence, she entered the courtyard at a graceful gait, with her maids at her elbows.

Lady Wang put on the warmest smile, looking all kind and gracious. She then said to Feng Wu, “Xiao Wu, your sister was so happy and wanted to see you as soon as possible. She was in such a hurry that she bumped into your door accidentally. How careless of her…”

Lady Wang’s tone was as warm as her smile and she held Feng Wu’s slim arm as she walked, looking all affectionate. “Xiao Wu, the two of you used to enjoy rough and tumble play when you were little. I see that the habit hasn’t changed after five years, which says a lot about how close the two of you still are, despite those five years. I’m so glad.”

Feng Wu darted a glance at Lady Wang with a half-smile.

Lady Wang was nothing like her simple-minded daughter. Behind that benevolent and gentle smile, she had the heart of a wolf. She was someone who harbored a serpent in her bosom and had a habit of stabbing others in the back. The lady was as cunning as an old fox.

Without so much as batting an eyelash, she had turned Feng Liu’s boorish behavior into an expression of sisterly love. That way, no one would be able to criticize Feng Liu for it if word got out… Lady Wang had taken some painstaking effort to keep Feng Liu out of trouble.

Lady Wang was displeased by Feng Wu’s silent smile. She felt as if the girl had seen through her right away in spite of her carefully prepared performance.

This was why she had disliked Feng Wu ever since the girl was little, for the girl’s knowing black eyes seemed to be able to see through all the plots and hypocritical acts in the world.

Lady Wang could no longer keep up her performance. Letting go of Feng Wu’s hand, she took the beautiful lady’s hand instead and said in an affectionate voice, “Sister-in-law, it’s been years since we last met. How have you been? You look so thin… Don’t worry. Now that you’re back, everything will be fine.”

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