Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 293 - Useless! Useless! Useless!

Chapter 293: Useless! Useless! Useless!

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However —

Feng Liu looked at Feng Wu expectantly, too excited to even blink.

She wanted to see the look on Feng Wu’s face when the latter realized that her home had been taken away!

Feng Liu had been looking forward to this moment since last night, which kept her turning and tossing in bed.

However, Feng Wu’s first reaction when she got out of the carriage wasn’t to look around. Instead, she turned around to help her graceful and delicate mother down.


Qiuling turned out to be the first to cry out. “What’s this place? Why are we here? What happened?!”

Here we go! Feng Liu looked at Feng Wu in excitement. She didn’t want to miss a thing!

After helping her mother out of the carriage and making sure that the latter was steady on her feet, Feng Wu turned around to examine the place.

It was a dilapidated courtyard.

The yard was overgrown with weeds and the houses were old and shabby. Even the walls were cracked.

The roof tiles were broken in many places and the holes had only been filled with thatch.

Feng Wu remembered this courtyard.

Many years ago, this courtyard was where her grandfather’s crazy younger brother lived.

The courtyard had been struck by a thunderbolt once, which made the others deem it inauspicious. No one lived here after the old man went missing and the place thus became deserted.

Were they going to make them live here now?

Granny Zhao looked displeased. “Why are we stopping here? Our Flower Butterfly Yard is still way up ahead.”

Caiyue, Feng Liu’s head chambermaid, tittered. “Granny Zhao, have you forgotten? Flower Butterfly Yard is Miss Liu’s residence now. Why are you calling it yours?”

Both Granny Zhao’s and Qiuling’s eyes widened in disbelief!

Granny Zhao flared up. “Yours? How can it be yours? Flower Butterfly Yard belongs to the second branch of the Feng clan and that was the old Mrs Feng’s order. You can’t just take it away like this! No way! I’m going to ask the old lady myself!”

Qiuling couldn’t hold back her anger either. Clenching her fists, she protested, “That’s just outrageous! You’re robbing us of our house! We’ll see what the old lady has to say about this!”

Feng Liu was elated to see how pissed Granny Zhao and Qiuling were. However, to her disappointment, Feng Wu’s face remained impassive the whole time and didn’t look disturbed at all.

Why could she remain so calm when her home had been taken away?

Displeased with Feng Wu’s reaction, Feng Liu snorted. “Forget about Flower Butterfly Yard. You’re lucky to even have a roof over your heads. Who the hell do you think you are? You’re just freeloaders that are of no use to the Feng clan!”

Feng Wu kept her calm gaze on Feng Liu, but something cold quickly flickered in her eyes.

Feng Liu darted a glance at Feng Wu in satisfaction. “Why? Are you unhappy to hear that? You’re a cripple and that’s a fact. You should know your place by now. You’ve become useless and you’ll stay that way forever! Useless! Useless! Useless!”

Feng Wu clenched her fists under her long sleeves!

Useless? We’ll see about that.

With her current ability, she could send Feng Liu in the air with one strike. The girl would spit out blood and would have to stay in bed for three months. However —

Looking at her delicate mother next to her… Feng Wu reminded herself that she wasn’t alone now. She had responsibilities and she had to tolerate the unfair treatment.

She had waited for five years; she didn’t mind waiting a little longer.

Feng Wu only smiled. “Feng Liu, you look so unbridled.”

“Unbridled? Hahaha, my dear sister, I like that word.”

Feng Liu spoke slowly and her expression turned into a grim sneer.

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