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Chapter 292 - Keeping Her Family Safe

Chapter 292: Keeping Her Family Safe

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Lady Wang gloated. However, she had her head lowered, which prevented anyone else from seeing the mocking smile on her face.

After wiping the sneer off her face, Lady Wang said mildly, “Mother, I think Xiao Wu knows how to handle something like this. She’s a well-behaved and decent girl…”

However, the old lady cut her off with a snort. “Well-behaved? No such rumor would spread if she really were well-behaved!”

“Maybe someone made it up out of jealousy…”

“Heh —” The old lady smirked. “Jealous of her? What for? What does she have now that’s worth that kind of attention?”

Before Lady Wang could say another word, the old lady waved at her. “You can stop trying to make excuses for her!”

Lady Wang seemed reluctant to do as she was told, but she nodded in the end.

However, a smile flickered in her lowered eyes.

Feng Wu, the old lady is prejudiced by her first impressions already. I’d like to see you talk your way out of this!

Just then, Feng Wu’s carriage arrived outside the Feng Manor.

As one of the nine major families of the imperial capital, the Feng clan was able to maintain its appearance, despite its declining status in recent years.

The lofty walls and awe-inspiring brown gate reminded one of a colossus!

A carved stone golden flaming phoenix from ancient times was set on top of the wall with the head of the phoenix right above the gate!

The bird’s eyes were narrowed slightly, and no matter where one stood, they could feel those eyes on them. Many who passed through this gate felt their blood curdle under the gaze of those eyes!

The gate was tightly shut and there was no sign that it was going to open.

The plain carriage entered through the side gate and carried on along a narrow path paved with bluestone.

The surface of the path was uneven and the ride became quite bumpy.

The beautiful lady looked pleadingly at Feng Wu. She hadn’t forgotten what happened five years ago, which still made her tremble in great trepidation. She looked as helpless as a puppy.

Feng Wu took the lady’s thin arm and smiled. “Mum, don’t worry. I got you.”

That was always what she said when she comforted her mother.

The lady gradually calmed down and looked less frightened. “Yes. Xiao Wu is here. I’m not afraid.”

Feng Wu smiled bitterly. The imperial capital was a place filled with sudden and perplexing changes, and as a mere Level 9 Spiritual Master, she was simply too weak to keep her mother safe.

Feng Wu desperately hoped that she could get stronger soon, so that she could keep her family safe.

She then turned her thoughts to her younger brother. She wondered how Feng Xiaoqi was doing after Jun Linyuan took him away. Was he living comfortably? Had anyone given him a hard time? Would he be abused?

While Feng Wu was lost in all the distracting thoughts, the carriage took a turn along the path and entered the second gate of the manor.

It stopped abruptly after about 15 minutes!

Feng Liu’s arrogant voice rang out. “Feng Wu, you’re home! Time to get out of the carriage!”

Interrupted, Feng Wu stopped her train of thought and came back to reality.

She jumped out of the carriage first.

She moved as swift as a spiritual swallow and Feng Liu was sick with jealousy as she stared at Feng Wu’s slim figure and her graceful movements!

Despite her abhorrence, Feng Liu had to admit that even without showing her face, Feng Wu was able to attract a lot of attention with that slender body of hers alone! That was so unfair!

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