Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 282 - Stars in Heaven

Chapter 282: Stars in Heaven

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Flames burst out from the tip of her Flaming Sword!

And the flames leapt toward the sky!

Under the moonlight, the sword looked resplendent!

Sparks flew in all directions and all the Flame Cheetahs spat fire at Feng Wu!

Instantly, flames sprang up, as if half of the sky was burning!

That was what had caught Feng Xun’s attention earlier.

Feng Wu smiled. “Bring it on!”

As the cheetahs stood on their hind legs to leap at Feng Wu, Feng Wu had already crouched down!

Standing up, the cheetahs’ great stature put them at twice Feng Wu’s height!

Hence, when Feng Wu bent forward and flitted past them, they couldn’t even touch her sleeves!

Resourceful as always, Feng Wu stabbed at the cheetahs’ legs and abdomens as she made her way through the pack.

Infuriated, the cheetahs went after Feng Wu.

However, although they were great in number, they were too big to move as nimbly. Keeping her head down at the level of their legs, Feng Wu would stab them before switching spots right away. The cheetahs would never catch her like this!

The Flame Cheetahs attacked the whole time, but all the flames they spat out only hit other cheetahs in the pack, which nearly caused a cannibalistic fight.

” Roarrr — 

Pissed, they kept chasing after Feng Wu.

But Feng Wu was too light-footed for them to catch. She was swift, crafty and unpredictable. After running around for a while, fifty cheetahs fell to the ground, bleeding from their injuries.

The other fifty cheetahs glared at Feng Wu with bloodshot eyes and they charged at her all at once!


“About time!” Feng Wu was excited.

For she had already mastered that eleventh stance during the past few minutes or so.

Stars Rising Out of the Sea was complete, and she only had one stance left to master: Stars in Heaven!

“Stars in Heaven!” Flaming Sword flew out of Feng Wu’s hand and spun quickly in mid-air.

Cheetahs in the blade’s path dropped dead like harvested wheat. Blood splashed everywhere.

Before they knew it, this place had turned into a living hell for them!

Stars in Heaven was a fierce stance that was perfect for destroying magical beasts in large numbers!

In that brief moment, the spinning sword took the lives of ten Flame Cheetahs!

The cheetahs kept spitting fire, but Stars in Heaven didn’t fear any flames!

The last forty Flame Cheetahs already looked shaken, but they stood their ground and decided to fight to the end!

Feng Wu smiled. Great! She could get more practice!

“Stars in Heaven! Go!”

Flaming Sword flew out of Feng Wu’s hand once more!

Whoosh —

It spun in mid-air!

Pop, pop —

The sword spun over the cheetahs’ heads again and killed another ten like a reaper!

The remaining thirty cheetahs were covered in bloody cuts as well…

“Stars in Heaven! Go!”

Feng Wu used that lethal stance again!

” Roarrr — 

The last thirty cheetahs were utterly shaken and they looked terrified!

They forgot all about their dead companions and turned to flee!

However, Flaming Sword wouldn’t let that happen!

As if it had a will of its own, the sword chased after the cheetahs and went on spinning!

Until it killed all one hundred Flame Cheetahs!

After that, it flew back to Feng Wu with a crisp and proud clang —

Feng Wu examined Flaming Sword and was pleasantly surprised.

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