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Chapter 281 - Wait for Me —

Chapter 281: Wait for Me —

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However, the crown prince was already on horseback after that brief command. The next moment, he had dashed off!

Xuan Yi was quick to react. He hopped nimbly onto his own palm red horse to follow Jun Linyuan and urged the horse forward with a “hya!”

In an instant, both Jun Linyuan and Xuan Yi were out of sight as the others watched both guys disappear into the rain.

Yan Yan was stunned!

Was it something she said? Why did the crown prince leave all of a sudden? All she said was that she didn’t want Feng Wu to pester her cousin.

Was that what the crown prince was worried about as well? Did he leave in a hurry to help her cousin?

Yan Yan had smuggled herself here just to get closer to Jun Linyuan and take advantage of the opportunity. She was more than happy to spice things up a little… However, there was no point staying here when Jun Linyuan wasn’t around.

Yan Yan jumped onto a horse and dashed off as well. “Cousin — Your Royal Highness — Wait for me —”

Both Feng Yiran and Feng Liu were baffled in the tent. They exchanged looks of bewilderment.

What should they do now?

They might never be able to get this close to Jun Linyuan again! It had taken them some painstaking effort to remain in Jun Linyuan’s vicinity, and it would be such a shame to let this opportunity go to waste!

“Liu, do you think you can make it?” Feng Yiran asked.

“Yes! Brother… We have to set out now…”

Feng Wu’s whipping had given Feng Liu cuts and bruises all over her body. The wounds were infected and she had a high fever, which made her delirious. However, she had still been able to put together a plan: if she couldn’t get the crown prince’s attention under normal circumstances, she would try to arouse his pity with her fragile health…

Meanwhile, in Feng Wu’s camp.

A forest riddled with magical beasts wouldn’t be very quiet at night.

During her shift, Feng Wu spotted a pack of Flame Cheetahs!

As the name suggested, this type of cheetah was born with a fire attribute and its sole ability was to spit fire. Plus, they often did it as a group.

Feng Wu had some repellent with her. Rising to her feet, she drew a safe circle around their tent with it.

After that, she walked out of the circle and stared coldly at the cheetahs!

There were a hundred of them in total!

Their eyes were fluorescent green in the dark and as they looked back at Feng Wu, they opened their mouths, baring their sharp fangs!

Feng Wu smiled a little.

The timing was perfect.

Feng Wu had been advancing so fast in her cultivation level that she didn’t have any time to practice her combat skills accordingly.

As a result, although she was a Level 8 Spiritual Master already, her foundation was shaky and she didn’t have the corresponding physical strength. Hence —

She was in dire need of an arduous battle to temper her body!

Feng Wu had been keeping the fact she had resumed her cultivation from most people, making it very difficult for her to fight the opponents she needed. Luckily, they were in a forest of magical beasts now, and luckily, these one hundred Flame Cheetahs had just landed on her doorstep.

“Well, I guess I’ll practice my Flaming Sword with you!” Feng Wu raised Flaming Sword in her right hand and pointed it at the cheetahs.

Last time, Feng Wu was able to make it to the tenth stance of her swordplay — Piercing Stars!

Today, Feng Wu decided to finish all twelve stances!

“Eleventh stance — Stars Rising Out of the Sea!”

Plop, plop —

Leaping into the air, Feng Wu kicked off of a tree trunk with her toes. Then, she used the momentum to swoop down like a great hawk spreading its wings!

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