Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 257 - What Does Little Tutu Eat?

Chapter 257: What Does Little Tutu Eat?

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Just then, the cub jumped out of Feng Wu’s arms, crawled into her mother’s arms, and whined, waving its paws around.

Still teary-eyed, the beautiful lady looked surprised. “Xiao Wu, are you going to call it Feng Tutu?”

Feng Wu was bemused. “Mum, how did you know that?”

She hadn’t been there when the name was brought up.

The lady looked at Feng Wu innocently and gestured at the cub. “It told me itself.”

Feng Wu was baffled. “Mum, you can understand what the cub is saying?”

The cub made sounds and gestures the whole time, but it was only days old and spoke in a beast tongue that no one could understand.

The lady blinked at Feng Wu. “Yes.”

“What did it say, then?”

“It called Feng Tutu the worst name and it told me that you’re a bad master. It doesn’t want to talk to you anymore and it told me to spank you —”

The beautiful lady knew nothing about being tactful and told Feng Wu everything the cub said.

The cub was dumbfounded!

It looked like it had been struck by a thunderbolt!

It didn’t expect its master’s mother to be this frank!

Feng Wu was astonished as well, not at what the cub said, but by the fact that her mother could understand beast language!

Feng Xun found this incredible. “Feng Wu, your mother can talk to beasts? Where did she learn that?”

He had thought that the beautiful lady was capable of nothing but shedding tears, but she somehow had this hidden talent of understanding a beast language that no one else did?

“Do you need to learn it?” The lady looked at Feng Xun in bewilderment.

Feng Xun stood there dazed.

Feng Wu burst out laughing. That was a great reply! Plain, to-the-point, and very effective!

However, Feng Wu had an idea of her own.

Judging by her mother’s appearance and demeanor, she had to have an incredibly distinguished background. Something must have happened to her a long time ago. The lady thus lost her memories and became stranded in the Junwu Empire… Feng Wu decided that she would get to the bottom of it when she had the chance!

Just then, Feng Wu sensed an intense gaze.

She looked up involuntarily —

It was Jun Linyuan…

Feng Wu’s heart lurched and she looked away involuntarily. However, she regretted it almost immediately — why should she be the one to look away?

Hence, she stared back at Jun Linyuan, refusing to show weakness.

Intrigued, Jun Linyuan took her up on a staredown and met her eyes with his unblinking own. In the dark, he reminded her of a magical beast lurking in the woods, giving off a dangerous air.

Seeing the interaction between Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan, Feng Xun was greatly surprised!

He couldn’t believe his eyes! Finally, there was a woman bold enough to meet Boss Jun’s gaze!

After hanging around with Jun Linyuan for so many years, he had seen all kinds of bashful behavior when girls saw Boss Jun.

Even Zuo Qingluan, the so-called Goddess of the Phoenix, would look away shyly under Boss Jun’s gaze, blush, and play with a lock of hair by her cheek…

How could Feng Wu be this brave?!

An idea popped into Feng Xun’s head at that moment: If it wasn’t for the fact that Feng Wu couldn’t cultivate anymore, these two would have been perfect for each other. What a pity.

“What does little Tutu eat?” the beautiful lady blurted out.

Those words immediately saved everyone from the awkward situation.

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