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Chapter 130 - Jun Linyuan Was So Frightening!

Chapter 130: Jun Linyuan Was So Frightening!

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A team of elders followed him everywhere, okay?

The elders complained all the time about having nothing to do, okay?

And they were suggesting that he, Yu Mingye, needed to do such a petty thing himself?

When he lost his temper, Yu Mingye could look very intimidating. He pressed on toward Fairy Muyao, who stumbled back in fear…

She had never felt as regretful as she did now.

How could she have forgotten that Yu Mingye was the sacred son of the Dark Court and heir to the Dark Dynasty… THE Dark Dynasty that killed people like flies…

At that thought, Fairy Muyao turned to run away. However, she jumped as soon as she saw the person standing behind her!

“You – you…”

Fairy Muyao pointed at Feng Wu. “How long have you been standing there?”

A smile emerged on Feng Wu’s stunning face. “I got here when you were slandering me about flirting with some guy. Why, are you done?”

Looking into Feng Wu’s eyes, Fairy Muyao felt her stomach churn and the hair stand up on her back. Involuntarily, she stumbled back.

Feng Wu took another step forward and Fairy Muyao stepped back again…

Realizing that Yu Mingye was right behind her, Fairy Muyao felt cornered. Hence, she could only stare back at Feng Wu and said, “Y- you tried to kill me. How dare you stand before me now? I’m a princess! The princess of Mu Prince Residence! How dare you try to harm me?!”

“Teehee —” Feng Wu chuckled. “With everything that has happened, you still won’t admit your mistake. Muyao, you must be the most shameless person I’ve ever met.”

“You tried to harm me! You did! You dragged me into the moat and that’s the truth!” Fairy Muyao would never tell the truth. How could she? Her only way out was to keep denying it!

She couldn’t bring up Yu Mingye and Feng Wu’s alleged relationship now, for she was afraid of enraging Yu Mingye. Instead, she made Feng Wu her sole target.

“Yes, you tried to harm us!” Feng Liu came to Fairy Muyao’s aid! Feng Wu was their common enemy. So, compared with Fairy Muyao, Feng Liu hated Feng Wu more.

Feng Xun smirked. “Level 5 and Level 6 Spiritual Masters are claiming that they were harmed by a good-for-nothing.”

Fairy Muyao and Feng Liu blushed, but they stuck to their story!

Yes, they did. Feng Wu had no evidence, so there was nothing she could do about them. Hmph! They had already humiliated themselves in front of Jun Linyuan; the last thing they wanted was for him to see them as merciless women.

Seeing that Feng Wu was under attack, somehow, Yu Mingye felt a little sympathy for her… Wait. Sympathy? For this sharp-tongued girl? That wasn’t happening! He chucked that thought away immediately.

Just when Feng Wu was ready to push Fairy Muyao and Feng Liu into her trap, a figure stepped out from the crowd.

Jun Linyuan?

Everyone involuntarily turned to look at the unmatched, formidable teenager.

Although he hadn’t said a word, no one dared to disregard him, for he was like a supreme being among them.

Jun Linyuan stood half an arm away in front of Feng Wu and gave Fairy Muyao a cold, brooding glance.

That one glance was enough to make Fairy Muyao’s heart race. She went stiff and felt as if someone had pushed her down an abyss!

Wh- what was the meaning of that glance? Wh- what did the crown prince want from her?

“The truth.” The two words stabbed into Fairy Muyao’s chest like the sharpest blade!

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