Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 129 - Me? Do Away With You?

Chapter 129: Me? Do Away With You?

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“You like Feng Wu, don’t you?!” Fairy Muyao stared at Yu Mingye!

Although Fairy Muyao only saw them from behind, she was sure that Yu Mingye had been standing very close to Feng Wu. She couldn’t speak for Feng Wu, but Yu Mingye couldn’t keep his eyes off Feng Wu; he had to have a crush on her!

Yu Mingye’s rationale, on the other hand, went as followed: Feng Wu was so pretty and he had always loved good-looking people, so what was wrong with liking Feng Wu?

However, at that moment, a figure showed up behind Fairy Muyao.

It was none other than Feng Wu, who could no longer stay in the river and had just climbed out and changed into some dry clothes.

Immediately, Yu Mingye straightened his back and glared at Fairy Muyao. “That’s bullshit! Me? Like Feng Wu? Heh, are you blind or stupid? You must have lost your mind to say that!”

Fairy Muyao fell silent.

She had never expected Yu Mingye to deny it!

Shouldn’t he admit it right away in order to win Feng Wu’s heart? Feng Xun would then turn on Yu Mingye and the two guys would start fighting. She could then stand by and watch… She had had everything planned out, but Yu Mingye somehow stopped right before he walked into the trap.

Fairy Muyao almost had a stroke.

Yu Mingye stared at Fairy Muyao as if he was looking at an idiot. “Do you know how much damage you’ll cause if the girl I like heard what you said? Do you? Are you trying to ruin my life or what?!”

Those words were actually meant for Feng Wu.

Fairy Muyao cursed inwardly. Yu Mingye was running around Feng Wu like a puppy! That two-faced boy!

“Who’s the girl you like, then?” Fairy Muyao snorted.

“Why should I tell you? Who are you to meddle in my business?” Looking Fairy Muyao up and down, Yu Mingye suddenly came up with an outrageous comment. “Gosh! Don’t tell me you like me? Hey, I’m warning you. First of all, you’re not pretty enough. Secondly, you’re too evil. Moreover, you look so untalented… Anyway, ANYWAY, stay away from me!”

Fairy Muyao dropped her head again… She could sense the sneers the others were giving her now.

She was so frustrated.

Why did she feel like she couldn’t talk to Yu Mingye like a normal person? Moreover, they were so off-topic now! They were supposed to be talking about him and Feng Wu…

All of a sudden, Feng Xun said something fantastic. “Yu Mingye, Muyao told us that you joined hands with Feng Wu to throw her and Feng Liu into the moat to try and silence them. Did you do it?”

Yu Mingye stared at Feng Xun in disbelief. “Are you nuts?!”

Before Feng Xun could say another word, Yu Mingye pointed a finger at Fairy Muyao. “Why do I need help to kill her? I can do it a hundred times over with one finger! If you don’t believe me, I can do it right now!”

A chill ran down Fairy Muyao’s spine at those words. She went stiff and broke into a cold sweat…

She had been wrong. She had been so wrong.

She only saw how indifferent Jun Linyuan was toward Yu Mingye… However, she forgot that Yu Mingye could easily finish her off with one finger, or even a single strand of hair.

Yu Mingye felt humiliated. He glared at Fairy Muyao until his eyes bulged. “Me? Do away with them? What gave you the idea that I need to do something like that myself?!”

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