Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 127 - They’re Lying!

Chapter 127: They’re Lying!

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Both Fairy Muyao and Feng Liu blanched at those words.

However, they no longer felt as embarrassed as they did earlier, especially Fairy Muyao. Biting her lower lip, she went all teary-eyed and her voice was pitiful and indignant. “Feng Wu was… seducing a man when we ran into her! We were witnesses! That was why she tried to kill us!”

Feng Liu nodded immediately. “Yes! That’s right! We both saw Feng Wu having her way with a teenager in this alley!”

Feng Yiran felt like throttling Feng Liu!

How big an idiot was she?!

Even if she wanted to frame Feng Wu, couldn’t she find another excuse?

At the end of the day, Feng Liu and Feng Wu were cousins from the same clan. If Feng Wu’s reputation was ruined, Feng Liu would be equally affected. That plot would cause destruction for both sides, and she was telling the whole world about it. What was she thinking?!

Feng Yiran wished that he could somehow stuff his sister back into their mother’s womb to give her a new brain.

Right now, it was obvious that Feng Xun was vexed.

Jun Linyuan’s face had turned so grim that the temperature seemed to drop!

Feng Xun grabbed Fairy Muyao by the collar. “What did you say?!”

Fairy Muyao grasped this as her last resort. She said loudly, “We saw with our own eyes that useless Feng Wu doing filthy things in this alley with a teenager. If we hadn’t run into them, they’d be… they’d be…”

“Yes! He wore a pink robe and was very easy to spot! I saw everything! I swear to god!” Feng Liu also said loudly.

Because of their common enemy, Feng Liu and Fairy Muyao, who had been at each other’s throats, were back on the same side again.

Under the water, Feng Wu frowned at those words. Those two were really shameless!

Feng Xun smirked. “You just called Feng Wu useless. So, how was someone that useless able to push you two into the moat? Muyao, if I remember correctly, you’re a Level 6 Spiritual Master, aren’t you?”

Feng Xun then turned to Feng Liu. “And you’re what? Level 5?

“Level 5 and Level 6 Spiritual Masters were pushed into the moat by Feng Wu, who has zero cultivation. Are you idiots or do you think I’m one?!” Feng Xun drew closer, and the two girls stumbled back.

“O- of course Feng Wu couldn’t do it herself, but that man she was flirting with… he helped Feng Wu push us in!” Panic-stricken, Fairy Muyao cried out.

Infuriated, blue veins popped on Feng Xun’s forehead!

Jun Linyuan stepped out, narrowing his eyes and looking very intimidating. He was about to speak when —

“They’re lying!”

A little boy less than five years old broke free from his mother’s arms, ran toward them on his short legs, and pointed at Fairy Muyao. “She’s lying!”

“Oh?” Feng Xun crouched down until his eyes were on the same level as the little boy’s. “What did she lie about?”

“They’re bad people! She’s the worse one —” The little boy gestured at Fairy Muyao. “She put a knife to Sister Wu’s neck! She said she wanted to destroy Sister Wu’s face!”

Fairy Muyao’s stomach lurched!

She couldn’t recall anyone passing by at that time, so how did the child know about that?

Fairy Muyao smirked right away. “Lying kids will be taken away by wolves at night!”

She was blatantly threatening him!

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