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Chapter 126 - Because You Two Are Uglier Than Her?

Chapter 126: Because You Two Are Uglier Than Her?

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Feng Liu’s head went blank and her heart nearly stopped!

Holy shit!

And she wasn’t the only one lamenting; so was Fairy Muyao next to her…

She looked as sorry a sight as Feng Liu.

She had acted like a shrew as much as Feng Liu had.

Feng Liu…

Oh god… Burying her face in her hands, Fairy Muyao wished that she could pass out right now!

She had done all those things in front of the crown prince… she felt like killing herself right now! Let her die!!! Why couldn’t she pass out now? She didn’t want to talk to anyone.

Just as she was about to pretend to faint, Jun Linyuan shifted his dangerous, grim gaze to Feng Liu and Fairy Muyao and asked in a nonchalant voice, “What happened?”

Wh- what happened?

Fairy Muyao’s frozen brain finally began to work again… right, it was Feng Wu!

Both she and Feng Liu were wounded, not to mention that they had greatly embarrassed themselves in front of Jun Linyuan, but Feng Wu didn’t have a scratch. Fairy Muyao couldn’t allow that to happen!

Fairy Muyao calmed down immediately. Brushing away a lock of hair sticking to her forehead, she wept. “Feng Wu did it! It was all her fault! She tried to kill us!”

That astonished everyone… Why was Feng Wu involved? Moreover, she had just accused Feng Wu of trying to kill her. Feng Wu, killing the daughter of a noble family? She had to be insane to plot something like that. It was such a wild accusation.

Since Fairy Muyao had made up her mind to slander Feng Wu, she began to make up stories. Biting her lower lip, she said, “Feng Wu was so evil! She pushed us into the moat! She tried to drown us!”

Feng Liu, who had been standing there with a blank face, was suddenly woken up by those words and came back to her senses!

That was right! It was Feng Wu! They had to blame Feng Wu for everything!

Feng Xun was displeased to hear that.

“Why is Feng Wu involved? Hasn’t she been back at home this whole time?”

“Heh.” Fairy Muyao smirked. “Feng Wu? Stay at home? A woman as fickle and lascivious as her could never stay indoors!”

Feng Xun was even more disgruntled now and he cast a stern look at Fairy Muyao. “Watch your mouth, young lady! You’re only ruining your own reputation talking like that. I know you don’t like Feng Wu, but that was over the line. She has friends!”

He made it clear that he was backing Feng Wu up.

Tears welled up in Fairy Muyao’s pretty eyes as she bit her lower lip, looking aggrieved. “Young Lord, all you ever do is stand up for Feng Wu. But what about me? Feng Wu pushed me and Feng Liu into the moat. We nearly drowned!”

“That’s right!” Despite her hatred for Fairy Muyao, Feng Liu couldn’t act out now, for she had to be Fairy Muyao’s ally for the time being. Clenching her fists, she wailed, “Why are you on Feng Wu’s side when she tried to kill us? Just because she’s pretty?”

Feng Xun knew perfectly well what was going on here. It was clear that Fairy Muyao and Feng Liu were up to something. They were just angling for sympathy by acting all pitiful!

Hence, he smirked. “Feng Wu pushed you in? Why would she do that? Because you two are uglier than her?”

Feng Wu, who was breathing through the reed under the water, burst out laughing…


The sound of bursting bubbles came from a few steps away.

Jun Linyuan darted a casual look at that reed.

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