Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 124 - The Crown Prince Likes Me!

Chapter 124: The Crown Prince Likes Me!

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It was all because of her!

That cunning, sinister woman! A moment ago, Fairy Muyao thought it was her victory, but here she was, struggling for her life!

Just then —

A fist landed on Fairy Muyao’s forehead!

Feng Liu was furious!

Someone had hit her!

Without thinking, she deemed Feng Wu the culprit!

“Ahhh! Feng Wu! Die! Die, now!” Feng Liu went berserk. She burst into a round of frantic attacks, aiming at Fairy Muyao’s forehead!

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Feng Liu was frighteningly strong!

Caught by surprise, Fairy Muyao was hit in the temple. The pain brought tears to her eyes. That really hurt!

Fairy Muyao went wild with rage!

Damn you! She almost had a heart attack!

This crazy woman Feng Liu not only pulled her back and choked her… she was hitting her now?!

Fairy Muyao was the daughter of a noble family!

“How dare you hit me? You?!”

Enraged, Fairy Muyao couldn’t care less about anything else. She raised her fists and scuffled with Feng Liu!

What a catfight!

Feng Wu didn’t leave. She sat down on the bank and laughed until her belly ached.

This was so much fun!

She swore up and down that her initial plan was only to have Feng Liu stop Fairy Muyao from getting out of the water so soon. As it turned out, Feng Liu had outdone herself.

While Fairy Muyao and Feng Wu were fighting and Feng Wu was enjoying herself, footsteps came their way.

Feng Wu finally passed gas when she had been underwater just then. The water had probably stopped the smell from coming out. Hence, Feng Wu figured that she should probably stay in the moat until she stopped farting.

Thus, breathing through a reed in her mouth, Feng Wu sank back in, until her head was completely emerged.

The road next to the moat had always been a busy one. Now that Fairy Muyao and Feng Liu had made so much noise, many locals came out to see what it was about. Before long, a crowd had gathered around the spot.

It was their first time seeing two young ladies fight in the water.

Everyone cried out in surprise and found it a most remarkable scene.

“It has to be a very big grudge. That blow looks so painful!”

“Look, the girl in the yellow dress could have jumped out of the water, but the one in purple keeps pulling her back.”

“They’re tearing at each other’s hair! Holy crap, I thought those pretty noble young ladies were all graceful and elegant. I see they don’t fight any differently from shrews!”

“That’s worse than a peevish shrew! Gosh, this is so eye-opening!”

Even the fierce folk of Northern Border City couldn’t help but be amazed!

Right now, Fairy Muyao and Feng Liu were getting even with each other for hatred new and old.

Of course Feng Liu knew about Fairy Muyao’s fondness for Jun Linyuan.

Of course Fairy Muyao noticed that Feng Liu wanted to throw herself at the crown prince.

It was just that Feng Wu had attracted most of their hatred this whole time, and they had considered her their common enemy. Now that Feng Wu was gone, they turned on each other right away!

“Feng Liu! Don’t tell me that you don’t like the crown prince!” Grabbing Feng Liu’s hair, Fairy Muyao tried to throw her onto the bank.

Feng Liu punched Fairy Muyao in the eye with her fist. “His Royal Highness likes me! Stop flattering yourself!”

Fairy Muyao almost choked on her own spit!

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