Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 123 - Let Go of Me…

Chapter 123: Let Go of Me…

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Feng Wu let out a scream before she hit the water!

Feng Liu couldn’t swim at all. So, she panicked after she fell in and kept flailing her arms around.

Fairy Muyao was a little better and was able to stay afloat. However —

She happened to fall in right next to Feng Liu, and it was her unlucky day.

Instead of grabbing onto Feng Wu, Feng Liu grabbed hold of Fairy Muyao!

A drowning person would never let go of their life-saving straw. Hence, Feng Liu wouldn’t let go of Fairy Muyao no matter what!

Fairy Muyao tried her best to pry Feng Liu’s fingers open. “Let go of me! Now!”

However, Feng Liu feared that she would sink if she did. Instead of loosening her grip, she held on even tighter to Fairy Muyao and wrapped herself tightly around Fairy Muyao like an octopus. And that wasn’t all she did —

Feng Liu was choking Fairy Muyao with all her efforts!

Infuriated, Fairy Muyao almost had a stroke!

She tried her best to throw Feng Liu off!

But in such a life-threatening situation, Feng Liu was so frighteningly strong that Fairy Muyao couldn’t shake her off at all! She could hardly breathe!

” Cough… cough… let go of me… let go… I’ll get out first… and I’ll pull you up…” Fairy Muyao’s tongue was out and her eyes were rolling back in her head. If she didn’t do something now, she would be strangled by Feng Liu!

However, all that Feng Liu could focus on now was the water rushing into her mouth and nostrils… panic-stricken, she wouldn’t loosen her grip no matter what Fairy Muyao said!

Fairy Muyao was so frustrated!

How could she have agreed to work with such a stupid person?!

It wasn’t all that difficult for Fairy Muyao to jump out of the moat and bring another person with her, but the sad thing was that Feng Liu was on equal footing with her in terms of their capabilities. When Fairy Muyao wanted to jump up, Feng Liu canceled out all her efforts by pulling her down… hence, she was going nowhere!

Not only was Fairy Muyao being choked, her stomach was filling with water!

She would die if she didn’t do something!

Cherishing her life more than anything else, Fairy Muyao forgot all about her partnership with Feng Liu.

“Let go of me! Let go!” Fairy Muyao punched Feng Liu in the head with her fist!

Was Feng Liu’s reaction a mere result of her panic? Not really.

Feng Wu never gave up on revenge. When they were falling into the moat, Feng Wu had stuck a silver needle into one of Feng Liu’s acupoints to magnify her sense of fear. Since Feng Liu was afraid of water in the first place, one thing led to another… and Feng Wu had achieved her goal.

As soon as they fell in, Feng Liu tried to grab Feng Wu behind her as a life-saving straw.

However, Feng Wu would never let that happen.

She was an excellent swimmer. The moment they hit the water, she dove in and swam downward!

Deep down in the water, Feng Wu swam as swiftly as a fish. She paddled and stroked… before long, she was ten meters away from the duo.

Holding onto a piece of driftwood, Feng Wu smiled as she watched Feng Liu torture Fairy Muyao.

That was so much fun.

To struggle for her life, Fairy Muyao spared no effort. Her blow almost bashed Feng Liu’s head in!

But that was the best option for Fairy Muyao at the moment, for only by knocking Feng Liu out could she climb ashore and stay alive. Otherwise… she would die here in the water.

Fairy Muyao then remembered Feng Wu —

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