Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 50 - First Contact With the Imperial Court of the Cultivation World  

Chapter 50: First Contact With the Imperial Court of the Cultivation World

[Age 21, the Qin Family is busy building a permanent residence, while you are happily looking for a deserted island with abundant spiritual energy. Perhaps because of the sudden burst of luck, you actually found a strange place, which is located in the deep sea!]

Qin Jiao, who had activated the ‘Water Avoidance Art’, could breathe freely in the water, like a flexible fish.

At this moment, her eyes were wide open as she stared in front of her with a shocked expression.

She saw a giant bronze door standing on the dimly lit underwater rock mountain!

The ancient and imposing bronze door was embedded in the underwater rock mountain that was covered in corals and barnacles.

Occasionally, a few sea fishes would swim past the bronze door. There were some imprints on the giant bronze door, but they seemed to have been imprinted with mottled marks due to the passage of time.

All of these marks had been destroyed. It was difficult to see what was carved on the giant bronze door.

“Senior, what is this?!”

Qin Jiao was asking the old granny. Obviously, the giant door in front of her was firmly within her blind spot of knowledge!

The old granny’s tone was also filled with disbelief. She seemed to recognize the origins of the giant bronze door. However, there was a hint of uncertainty in her tone. “How is this possible… I have only seen similar records in some ancient books. I thought it was made up by the predecessors…”

“Little Child, you must not tell anyone about this giant door. Once others find out that there is such a thing here, there would be much more for you to worry about beyond the Clear Sun Sect you speak of.”

“Although the patterns on it are hard to see clearly, I’m sure that this is an item left behind from ancient times!”

“Behind this huge bronze door, it’s very likely a cave abode left behind by a mighty figure from the ancient times!”

Qin Jiao was flabbergasted when she heard this, but she did not know what to say. “The ancient times?”

“At least millions of years ago!” The old lady said in a deep voice.


Millions of years!

Qin jiao almost lost her composure. She could not imagine what kind of number this was.

In her life..

Oh God!

It should be said that in her life in the real world, the oldest Immortal cultivator she had ever seen was the Grand Supreme Elder of an Immortal cultivation sect.

She had once heard from her mother that the white-haired old cultivator was already more than 5,000 years old.

However… the difference between 5,000 years and millions of years too great.

The key was that Senior said it was at least millions of years!

Did that mean… It could be tens of millions of years?

An opportunity!

A great opportunity!

Qin Jiao’s breathing became rapid. Due to her excitement and excitement, her cheeks were even flushed red, as if she was drunk.

‘If these fish can touch this door, then it should not be a problem. Then should I give it a try and see… If I can go in?’

This thought came to her mind.

She could not stop it anymore.

Qin Jiao felt the excitement and greed in her heart, as if they were out of her control. She felt that she should not seek death, but she felt that it did not matter if she did.

“Hmm?” The old lady seemed to have sensed something as she shouted in Qin Jiao’s mind with an anxious tone, “Don’t go close to it!!”

[Qin Jiao has triggered the killing formation mechanism of the giant bronze gate.]

[Qin Jiao is dead!]

[Age: 21 years, 03 months, 12 days.]

[Qin Jiao has lived for 21 years, 03 months, and 12 days in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator. You have received the following rewards –]

[Reward 1: The Qin Family Dragon Scouting Hand (a lousy martial art that the disciples of the Qin clan must learn)]

[Reward 2: 50 low-grade spiritual stones (an Immortal cultivation currency recognized in the real world)]

[Reward 3: 2,000 taels of gold (Qin Jiao’s childhood lucky money)]

“Ah, this…”

Because Qin Jiao’s last settlement reward was extremely generous, Bai Yi was still looking forward to her performance this time.

In the end…

As expected, he still could not have too much hope for Qin Jiao. Her personality was not the kind of person who would stoop down.

Moreover, the huge bronze door at the end seemed to have some special attraction that interfered with Qin Jiao’s rationality.

To let her die in vain, to give it away directly!

This was also one of the main reasons.

Perhaps Qin Jiao’s death this time was child’s play, and the simulated Immortal cultivation life this time was not anything exciting, so even the settlement rewards did not look good.

Bai Yi ignored Reward 1.

The level of this cultivation technique was too low.

It was terrible.

It was not even an Immortal Cultivation Method. It only allowed some younger Qin Family disciples to have a little bit of martial arts to protect themselves.

Bai Yi was not interested in the gold in Reward 3. Compared to the 50 low-grade spirit stones, this little gold was too little.

“With the spirit stones, if there’s an opportunity in the future, I can make a deal with some immortal cultivators.”

“Reward 2!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Bai Yi quickly put the spirit stone into his storage bag, leaving only one spirit stone in his hand.

Looking at the pure spirit qi lingering around the spirit stone, Bai Yi could not help but sigh at the wonders of nature.

Spirit stones were more like solidified spirit Qi. Immortal cultivators could also use spirit stones to enrich the spirit Qi in their cultivation environment.

Spirit stones could also be used to refine pills, refine artifacts, to set up arrays…

They were almost omnipotent existences.

They were also the currency of Immortal cultivators.

Suddenly, at this moment, Bai Yi noticed a movement coming from outside the courtyard. It seemed to be a guest, but the other party did not harbor any ill intentions. He could not feel the slightest bit of hostility.

Moreover, Bai Yi could feel that there was actually some spiritual energy flowing on the other party’s body.

It was an Immortal cultivator, but it was not strong.

It was very weak.

This level of spiritual energy fluctuation was probably at the level of the first level of the Qi Refinement stage, the kind that had just stepped into the ranks of Immortal cultivators. Moreover, the spiritual energy fluctuation was not stable. This person must have just reached the Qi Refinement stage not long ago.

Then, Bai Yi heard a voice full of energy.

“Excuse me, does cultivator Bai live here? I am Constable He from the Qinghe County Office!”

County office?


Bai Yi suddenly realized that the people of the Imperial Court had come looking for him.

To be honest, Bai Yi had transmigrated to this world for so long, but he almost never interacted with the people of the County Office. Why would the other party suddenly come looking for him? Could it be that it was because of the Li Clan again?

From the way the other party addressed him, Bai Yi could tell that the people of the county office already knew that he was an Immortal cultivator.

Not long ago, he and the Li Clan had an open conflict.

It was normal to be suspected.

Bai Yi did not let Constable He wait long. He walked to the front door of the courtyard.

He opened the door and he saw a burly-looking middle-aged man wearing the clothes of the Imperial Court’s Constable, with a long saber at his waist.

This was clearly Constable He.

After seeing Bai Yi, Constable He could not help but feel a little surprised. Perhaps it was because he was surprised at Bai Yi’s youth, or perhaps it was because he could not see through Bai Yi’s cultivation.

Constable He cupped his hands. “Cultivator Bai!”

Bai Yi replied politely. “Constable He.”

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