Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 49 - Qin Jiao: If It Does Not Matter if You Die, Then Try Your Best to Die!  

Chapter 49: Qin Jiao: If It Does Not Matter if You Die, Then Try Your Best to Die!

[Age 162, Chen Qianxue felt that she could try to break through to the second level of the Foundation Establishment stage. If she could reach the second level of the Foundation Establishment realm before 200 years old, this simulated Immortal cultivation life would not be a waste of time. But to be on the safe side, she once again chose to suppress her cultivation stage.]

[Age 164, the frustration in her heart was getting more and more intense, and Chen Qianxue no longer had the mood to cultivate. She felt that if she broke through to the second level of the Foundation Establishment stage, she should be able to break through the mental barrier.]

[Chen Qianxue began to break through to the second level of the Foundation Establishment stage. Unfortunately, she failed to break through.]

[In the process of breaking through, Chen Qianxue gave rise to a Mental Demon, causing the failure of the breakthrough to suffer a severe backlash.]

[Chen Qianxue died!]

[Age: 164 years, 05 months, 16 days]

“The breakthrough failed.” Bai Yi was not too surprised. When he saw that Chen Qianxue’s condition was not right, he knew that the situation was not too good.

Now that he looked at it, it was as expected.

Under such circumstances, choosing to break through to the second level of the Foundation Establishment stage was completely a dead-end.

The restless thoughts in Chen Qianxue’s heart even turned into a Mental Demon.

The Mental Demon interfered with her cultivation breakthrough.

It caused her to suffer a severe backlash. She died on the spot!

[In this simulated immortal cultivation life, Chen Qianxue activated the ‘Bystander’ achievement and received an additional reward.]

[You receive the following reward –]

[Reward 1: Mental Demon (the mental demon that Chen Qianxue developed for some reason)]

[Reward 2C comprehension of the way of the sword (Chen Qianxue’s 164 years of painstaking cultivation of the way of the sword)]

[Reward 3: Portable Jade Pendant (replace the portable jade pendant before the birth talent)]

[Additional reward: Plague Avoidance Pill (a bottle of pills that the Holy Maiden accidentally obtained)]

The Holy Maiden activated an achievement?

Seeing the text prompt of the immortal cultivation simulator, Bai Yi could not help but be stunned for a moment.

It had been a long time since Chen Qianxue had activated her achievement. He had almost forgotten how long it had been since he had received an additional reward from Chen Qianxue.

This was a little out of his expectations.

“Reward 2!”

Chen Qianxue’s 164 years of Sword Dao comprehension allowed Bai Yi to have a deeper understanding of Sword Dao.

When he chose this reward, a large amount of information flooded into his mind.

All of it was related to the way of the sword.

The amount of information was so huge that it was jaw-dropping!


He did not know if the Immortal Cultivation Simulator was working, but in less than a few seconds, he had finished digesting the 164 years of sword comprehension. His temperament seemed to have undergone a slight change.

He was like an unsheathed sharp sword, filled with a dangerous aura!

However, Bai Yi was able to control this kind of temperament very well.

He restrained his sharp temperament, and his entire person became the same as before.

He was just like a normal itinerant cultivator, and there was nothing special about him.

“This is the Plague Avoidance Pill?” Bai Yi was currently holding a small porcelain bottle in his hand. He gently pulled open the cork of the porcelain bottle and smelled a strange medicinal pill smell.

When he received this additional reward, he immediately knew what this medicinal pill was used for.

It was used to prevent and cure the plague.

Generally speaking, an ordinary plague basically would not affect Immortal cultivators. A plague that could affect Immortal cultivators was definitely an unprecedented disaster.

This medicinal pill seemed to be used by ordinary people because its grade was not high.

“It’s useless.” Bai Yi shook his head and casually threw it into his storage bag. He calculated the rewards with Chen Qianxue this time.

Only his comprehension of the way of the sword felt pretty good.

As for the medicinal pill… It was not very useful!

At the same time.

Bai Yi noticed that the other Human Tool who was late also started today’s simulated Immortal cultivation life. This made him pay more attention to Qin Jiao.

[Age 0, Qin Jiao was born into an Immortal cultivation clan. She started cultivating right after she was born and was able to speak fluently, shocking everyone in the Qin Family. This made many people think that she was possessed by a monster. In the end, it was the main force of the Qin Family who overruled the public and saved Qin Jiao, who was too special.]

[Age 8, Qin jiao still saved that Demon Cultivator and obtained the token and some cultivation resources that he gave her.]

[Age 15, the old lady has awakened. She is shocked by Qin Jiao’s solid alchemy theory.]

[Age 18, Qin Jiao told her father directly that her mother’s corpse was special and would definitely attract the attention of others. The Head of the Qin Family did not know how his daughter knew about this, but he didn’t ignore what Qin Jiao said.]

[The Head of the Qin Family asked for Qin Jiao’s opinion. Qin Jiao said that she defected to the Demon Path and joined the Blood Demon Sect!]

[Qin Jiao has been locked up!]

[Age 20, after the careful teaching of the old lady, Qin Jiao’s alchemy skills have already achieved some achievements. Her influence in the Family is also getting greater and greater. She once again reminded her mother that the corpse would attract strong enemies.]

[The Head of the Qin Family hesitated for a few days. He ignored Qin Jiao’s suggestion of defecting to the Demonic Dao and led the Qin Family to relocate!]

[After a few months of long journey, the Qin Family moved to a deserted island overseas.]

[Coincidentally, they avoided the evil deeds of the Clear Sun Sect!]


‘This… is different from what I imagined! Didn’t my father and the Patriarch agree to defect to the Demonic Dao the last time? Why did they choose to ignore my suggestion this time?’

By the sea on the deserted island, Qin Jiao looked at the endless sea and had this question in her mind.

‘could it be… The last time I simulated Immortal cultivation, the Qin Family was in a life-and-death situation. There was no other way out? Therefore, they could only choose to enter the Demonic Dao and join the Blood Demon Sect to seek protection?’

‘And this time… because of her premature request, it caused her father’s vigilance to increase. In addition, the Qin Family was not forced into a desperate situation, so his father made this choice They moved to a deserted island and isolate themselves from the world?’


It seemed that she could indeed avoid being killed!

Moreover, she did not need to be hunted down by the Righteous path.

Unfortunately, she did not have the protection of the powerful Demon Sect, the Blood Demon Sect.

“Little child, why are you so depressed?” The voice of the old lady that accompanied her sounded in her mind. “The spiritual Qi on this deserted island is exceptionally dense. It is your Qin Family’s fortune to be able to find this place.”

“According to common sense, such a remote island overseas shouldn’t have such dense spiritual qi. This deserted island might be a little unusual.”

“Little Doll, you have to be careful.”

Hearing the old lady’s reminder, Qin Jiao said in surprise, “The abundant spiritual qi is also a kind of unusual? Do you mean that there might be danger lurking here?”

The old lady replied, “Don’t be careless when you encounter anything. I was careless back then, that’s why I ended up like this.”

“It could be a danger, or it could be an opportunity.” She continued, “We’ll know what it is once we explore it. Anyway, this deserted island is not very big.”

After hearing this, Qin Jiao was a little restless.

Danger? Opportunity?

She chose to ignore the word ‘Danger’. Anyway, it did not matter even if she died. So be it!

The opportunity was more important!

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