Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 433 - The Tenth Level of the Nascent Soul Stage! Just a Little Bit More (3)  

Chapter 433: The Tenth Level of the Nascent Soul Stage! Just a Little Bit More (3)

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It was as if the real world was the simulator, and the simulator was the real world…

The distracting thoughts in her mind had already messed up Qin Jiao’s own thoughts.

She shook her head. She threw away all the distracting thoughts in her mind.

“It’s useless to think so much. Besides, there’s no need to think so much. As long as I know that the current me has already surpassed Chen Qianxue, it’s enough! Hehe…”

Qin Jiao did not have the demeanor of a Nascent Soul stage expert at all. Instead, she revealed a very smug smile.

Although she knew that this happiness was only temporary, it was enough!

At least she was happy for a while, right?

Not long after Qin Jiao broke through, Fu Shuangni, who was in Qinghe County, also left the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

“Ninth level of the Nascent Soul stage…” Fu Shuangni let out a sigh of relief. “Compared to the previous Immortal cultivation simulation, this can be considered an improvement. Speaking of which, even at the last moment, I didn’t see any notification from Chen Qianxue. Does this mean that this simulation of Immortal cultivation, Chen Qianxue lived to the end again?”

She did not envy Chen Qianxue, nor did she have any jealousy, nor did she have any competitive mentality.

She just simply lamented that Chen Qianxue was very powerful.

“As expected, outstanding people are outstanding in every aspect. In reality, she was already the Holy Maiden of Spirit Sword Sect at a young age. Before she got the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, she was already an Immortal cultivator at the Foundation Establishment stage.”

“After getting the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, she took a leap and flew… as if there were no mountains in the world that could hinder her. Of course… These words are quite suitable for Qin Jiao and me.”

This was not Fu Shuangni bragging, because that was the truth.

“Right now, my cultivation is at the first level of the Nascent Soul stage… but when the rewards are given out, it shouldn’t just be at the first level of the Nascent Soul stage. After all, the Immortal cultivation simulation this time also broke through to the ninth level of the Nascent Soul stage in the simulation world.”

“Then, the rewards definitely include the cultivation reward, right? It can at least help me break through to the second level of the Nascent Soul stage, right?”

However, when she saw the reward clearly, Fu Shuangni felt that she had underestimated how generous the reward was.

She should think in a more exaggerated way.

[Reward: Fourth level of the Nascent Soul stage!]

“Fourth level Nascent Soul stage.” From the first level to the fourth level of the Nascent Soul stage, this was a leap of three levels. If she relied on hard work, she would have to cultivate for at least a thousand years, right?

“Phew… This is a little unexpected.” Fu Shuangni let out a heavy breath. There was still some joy on her face.

And this breakthrough…

She found a remote place and made a breakthrough as usual.

However, what Fu Shuangni did not expect was… She found this remote place and there was actually someone nearby! But she did not know that she was already making a breakthrough.

“Senior, there’s something strange over there!” The Spirit Sword Sect’s Deputy Sect Master noticed that there seemed to be something strange nearby, so he reminded the old woman next to him.

In fact, she did not need a reminder, because the old woman could also sense it. After all, the old woman was also a great cultivator of the Nascent Soul stage.

The old woman looked into the distance.

Although she was a bit far away, she still felt that the spiritual power fluctuations there were very unusual.

The old woman slightly frowned, but she suddenly reacted. “Someone is breaking through!”

“Breaking through?” The Spirit Sword Sect’s Deputy Sect Master suddenly came to a realization. “This kind of breaking through movement, could it be that a great cultivator of the Nascent Soul stage is breaking through? That’s not right…”

The Deputy Sect Master came back to his senses and said in astonishment, “In this area, besides our Spirit Sword Sect, how can there be any other Nascent Soul stage mighty figures?”

“You forgot about that mysterious Little Princess,” the old woman reminded him.

The Deputy Sect Master hesitated and said, “Then it’s absolutely impossible for that Little Princess to break through, right? At such a young age, becoming a first level Nascent Soul stage cultivator is already enough to be a dream. Senior, should we go over and take a look?”

The old woman muttered to herself, “If we rashly watch an unfamiliar Nascent Soul mighty figure break through, it’s very likely that it will cause misunderstandings among the other party, and it’s very likely that it will lead to unnecessary conflicts.”

“But…” The old woman’s tone changed, and she continued, “It’s the same for us to watch from here. This little distance is still barely visible for Nascent Soul cultivators.”

The Deputy Sect Master was dumbfounded. Such a long distance was also called this little distance?

Senior, you have many years of accomplishments in the Nascent Soul stage, so it’s normal for your strength to be stronger and your perception to be broader.

But the problem was that he, the Deputy Sect Master of the Spirit Sword Sect was not that strong!

This distance was also too far for him.

Other than being able to faintly sense some movements, he could not see anything else.

However, he also knew that the Supreme Elder was right.

Rashly approaching might cause a conflict. Who knew how powerful the other party was? What if the other party could single-handedly challenge their entire Spirit Sword Sect?

So it was better to be cautious, and not to casually approach.

At this time.

In order to be able to sense more clearly the movements of the breakthrough in the distance, the old woman had already stepped into the air and arrived ten thousand meters high in the sky. Her pair of naked eyes seemed to be able to see through the illusion as she looked straight into the distance.

At this moment, she sensed more things and saw more images.

It was also at this moment…

The last Supreme Elder of the Spirit Sword Sect was completely stunned on the spot.

The Spirit Sword Sect’s Deputy Sect Master, who had also arrived at a height of 10,000 meters, was quite surprised when he saw this and was curious and concerned. “Senior, what happened to you?! Senior?!”

The old woman was shocked by his concern, and her expression was full of shock.

She answered word by word, “I… know which Nascent Soul stage cultivator is breaking through.”

The Deputy Sect Master asked curiously, “Senior, do you know him?”

The old woman murmured, “This is the Little Princess of the Great Yan Dynasty! The Little Princess we met before!”

The Deputy Sect Master was stunned!


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