Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 432 - The Tenth Level of the Nascent Soul Stage! Just a Little Bit More (2

Chapter 432: The Tenth Level of the Nascent Soul Stage! Just a Little Bit More (2)

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As long as she could break through to the Soul Formation stage, even if he died on the spot, he could still get a huge settlement reward.

That huge reward was enough for him to surpass Chen Qianxue!

But… All these fantasies vanished into thin air along with the failure of the breakthrough.


Damn it!!

How could this be?!

How could she fail the breakthrough?! Was it because she did not have the experience of breaking through to the Soul Formation stage? However, could it be that other powerful experts in the Soul Formation stage had the experience of breaking through to the Soul Formation stage before they broke through?

“I’m so unwilling! So upset!” Qin Jiao’s face was full of shock. Then, she could nto help but gnash her teeth, wishing that she could grind them to pieces. “Moreover, this time, I’m the first to end the simulation of Immortal cultivation. Chen Qianxue is still in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator!”

“Can’t I break this curse? Can’t I be the last one to die? Sob, sob, sob…”

Just as her state of mind was about to explode a little, the settlement reward of the Immortal cultivation simulation came along.

It made Qin Jiao forcefully hold back a tear that she had held back with much difficulty. She widened her eyes and looked at her settlement reward, she couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air. “Hiss… It seems that this settlement reward is not unacceptable.”

Qin Jiao ignored the rest of the settlement rewards because no matter how many or how good the settlement rewards were, they would not be able to shake her.

There was only one settlement reward that she cared about the most, and that was cultivation!

[Reward: Third level Nascent Soul stage cultivation (able to allow you to directly break through to the third level of the Nascent Soul stage, and is only half a step away from the fourth level of the Nascent Soul Stage)]


“Third level of the Nascent Soul stage!”

“Half a step to the fourth level of the Nascent Soul stage!”


Qin Jiao’s eyes were already trying her best to open as wide as possible. She secretly swallowed a mouthful of saliva, feeling that her mouth and tongue were a little dry right now.

Nascent Soul!

The Nascent Soul that she had always dreamed of!

Although in the simulated Immortal cultivation world, she had almost broken through to the Soul Formation stage, that was only in the world of the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

In reality, she was only at the tenth layer of the Golden Core stage.

Now that she had accepted this settlement reward, she would be able to directly become a Soul Formation or Nascent Soul mighty figure, right?

Or even the third level of the Nascent Soul Stage!

She would have at least taken a detour of one to two thousand years!

The most important thing was… Chen Qianxue was at the second level of the Nascent Soul stage.

She was at the third level of the Nascent Soul stage.


Did she temporarily surpass Chen Qianxue? Yes! She definitely did!

However, Qin Jiao soon realized that this place did not seem to be a good place to break through. This was because this was the Shenghuo Sect, not some wild and desolate place. There were many Nascent Soul mighty figures here, and her breakthrough would definitely attract attention.

Moreover, her mother was here. If her mother asked her again, without Chen Qianxue’s help…

Qin Jiao felt that she could not explain it clearly.


Qin Jiao took out a token from her storage bag. This was a token given to her by the Shenghuo Sect. With this token, she could freely enter and leave the Shenghuo Sect without being stopped.

Qin Jiao flew as fast as she could and left the Shenghuo Sect for the time being. She found a hidden place outside to welcome her breakthrough!

She did not know if she was far enough from the Shenghuo Sect or if there were any old monsters hiding their aura around her. But at this time, she did not have time to think about so many things, because she could no longer suppress her restless cultivation base.

Qin Jiao, who was originally at the tenth level of the Golden Core stage, had broken through to the Nascent Soul stage in the blink of an eye!

It was simply inconceivable that she could break through so easily!

Qin Jiao’s entire aura had undergone an earth-shaking change. This change had also caused her life level to undergo an unprecedented change, allowing her to enter a brand new life level.

However, she knew that her breakthrough was not over yet. The monstrous spiritual energy was continuously influencing everything around her.

The commotion was not small.


Qin Jiao felt as if she had once again broken through an invisible barrier. Her entire aura had undergone a huge change once again. She had once again broken through another cultivation stage.

In less than the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, her cultivation had already broken through from the tenth layer of the golden core stage to the second layer of the Nascent Soul stage.

In other words, the current Qin Jiao was already comparable to Chen Qianxue in the real world.

And this… was not the end!

Because the cultivation reward was able to allow her to directly break through to the third layer of the Nascent Soul stage, and she was only half a step away from the fourth layer of the Nascent Soul stage!


After brewing for less than half an incense stick’s time, Qin Jiao broke through again. The process of breaking through was as smooth as usual and didn’t encounter any obstacles.

The third level of the Nascent Soul stage!

The speed of the breakthrough was shocking. Even if Qin Jiao knew the reason, she could not help but be speechless.

Because in the process of simulating Immortal cultivation, she had to cultivate very hard to reach this level of cultivation.

However, in reality, she only needed the simulator to give out some rewards and she could break through easily.

The contrast between the two was so great that she felt like she was in a dream.

She felt that what was happening was not real.

What was happening in the simulator was real.

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