Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 412 - Malicious Intent!

Chapter 412: Malicious Intent!

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Elder Yu’s expression became even more unsightly. If Junior Brother Tie’s corpse was really destroyed, then what was he looking for? The other party only needed to carefully clean up some traces, and it would be very difficult for him to find any more clues.

It would be very difficult to give the sect a proper explanation. Without a proper explanation, would it not mean that he indirectly caused the death of an elder with a special status in the sect.

In that case, although it would not cause too much damage to his identity as the Supreme Elder, it would cause damage to his reputation.

The position he was scheming for would not allow his reputation to suffer too much damage!

This was why Elder Yu had traveled thousands of miles to personally look for clues…

Then, he would give the sect a reasonable explanation.

‘Junior Brother Tie is here to look for Chen Qianxue… Could it be that his inexplicable death has something to do with Chen Qianxue?’

For some reason, such a thought suddenly appeared.

Elder Yu felt that he had thought of something!

What was Chen Qianxue’s cultivation? Foundation Establishment?

She was already at the Foundation Establishment stage at such a young age, she was definitely the most terrifyingly talented junior he had seen in his thousands of years of life… However, no matter how talented she was, it was only talent, not strength!

How could a mere Foundation Establishment stage cultivation have too much to do with Junior Brother Tie’s death?

There was at least a dozen levels between the two sides!

Even if she was a Proud Daughter of Heaven, it would still take hundreds of years or even longer for her to barely catch up.

“Wait! ” Elder Yu narrowed his eyes. “Junior Brother Tie was attacked because he stayed here for a period of time. If he kept flying and didn’t stop, with his life-saving trump cards, he might not be able to survive, but he would be able to hold on until he asked for help from the sect!”

“What is his purpose for staying here for a while?”

“Could it be…”

“Chen Qianxue is here?!”

Elder Yu felt as if he had pushed away a thin level of cloud in front of him. His spiritual sense immediately scanned the entire Qinghe county carefully. “But something is wrong. Why isn’t there any trace of Chen Qianxue’s aura? On the contrary…”

“How can there be so many Golden Core Immortal cultivators in this small Qinghe County?!”

Elder Yu was stunned.

Chen Qianxue had used a secret treasure to hide her aura in time, making it impossible for Elder Yu to detect her existence.

However, Fu Shuangni and Qin Jiao did not know what had happened and did not hide their aura.

Shu Zhihua, who was staying at Bai Yi’s place, also did not notice that a Nascent Soul mighty figure had arrived in the sky above Qinghe County.

This caused the existence of three Golden Core cultivators to be sensed by Elder Yu!

“One… fourth level Golden Core! Two sixth level Golden Core cultivators!”

Elder Yu was quite shocked. These three Golden Core cultivators, even if placed in the Spirit Sword Sect, were enough to serve as high-level members of the Spirit Sword Sect!

It was as if three flood dragons had suddenly emerged from a small quagmire!

It almost made him dumbstruck!

“But… It’s just as well!” Elder Yu muttered, “Golden Core Immortal cultivators are countless times stronger than mortals in their eyes. Perhaps they know what happened, so we can ask them.”

He did not consider whether the other party would answer honestly, and Elder Yu would not have such considerations.

Because in his understanding…

No matter what, he was still a mighty figure in the Nascent Soul stage, just three Golden Core stage experts. Could it be that they still dared to hide anything in front of him?

Elder Yu liked to be straightforward. Now, whatever he thought of, he would directly do.

Moreover, his strength also supported him to do so.

The target he chose… Was Qin Jiao!

In Qinghe County.

Although it had been a night, Qin Jiao was still very excited. Her excitement was still there.

What she wanted to do the most now was to find a place with no one and test how strong she was now.

Then, before she left the house, Qin Jiao felt a terrifying pressure enveloping her!

Her breathing froze! Her heart tightened!

The excited expression on her face froze.

She was dumbfounded!

In the world of the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, she felt that she had offended many people… But in the real world, in her impression, she did not seem to have offended any powerhouses, right?

Except for the demon cultivators of Sacred Heart Palace…


Could it be that the demon cultivators came looking for her? But it did not make sense. This kind of pressure did not seem like a demon!


There seemed to be a slight similarity with Chen Qianxue’s aura!

What was going on?

Qin Jiao knew that the other party was definitely not Chen Qianxue. The one who could give her this kind of pressure was definitely a Nascent Soul stage powerhouse.

How could Chen Qianxue reach the Nascent Soul stage so quickly?

Even if she was a candidate for the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, it was impossible!


Qin Jiao saw a person. It was an old man with white hair. There was nothing special about his appearance, and he looked no different from an ordinary person.

However, Qin Jiao was unable to ignore the terrifying aura from the other party.

She did not dare to let her guard down either!

She was already prepared to use the trump cards that she had obtained from the Immortal Cultivation Simulator at any time!

If this white-haired old man in front of her made any strange movements…

She would immediately make her move!

Qin Jiao was on guard.

Elder Yu, on the other hand, was shocked! He did not even have the time to ask Qin Jiao if there had been any big battles in Qinghe County recently, but he was already shocked by Qin Jiao’s age.

Although there were many people in the Immortal cultivation world who could keep their appearance unchanged.

But as a mighty figure among the Nascent Soul stage, he could still tell Qin Jiao’s age at a glance.

Less than 20!!

What a joke!

This was the Golden Core!

The sixth level of the Golden Core!

Elder Yu suddenly realized that the Holy Maiden of the Spirit Sword Sect, who he had always wanted to be his great-great-granddaughter-in-law’s dual cultivation partner, seemed to have become unattractive at this moment.

What was the concept of a Golden Core stage six cultivator who was not even 20 years old?

Elder Yu had never heard of it before! He had never seen it before!

If he could have someone like this girl as a dual cultivation partner with his junior, the Holy Son of the Spirit Sword Sect… Then, with the dual cultivation method that he had passed down to that junior…

His junior, who was the current Holy Son of the Spirit Sword Sect, could even break through to the Golden Core stage at the age of 200!

This meant that he could become one of the top existences among the younger generation in the Immortal cultivation world!

Elder Yu narrowed his eyes.

There were thousands of thoughts in his mind.

His seemingly calm gaze made Qin Jiao feel a deep sense of malice!

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