Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 411 - Elder Yu’s Arrival! Chen Qianxue’s Crisis!

Chapter 411: Elder Yu’s Arrival! Chen Qianxue’s Crisis!

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The next day.

Early morning.

Chen Qianxue could be said to have not slept at all last night because she was adapting to her suddenly increased strength. It was not until the morning of the second day that she finally felt that she was almost used to it.

Now, she was completely able to control the full strength of her seventh level Golden Core stage.

Just as she was about to meet Fu Shuangni and Qin Jiao…


Her divine sense was very sharp and could sense that something was rapidly approaching from the sky.

She turned her head and looked out of the window.

She saw that in the sky not far away, a stream of light appeared in front of her eyes. And that stream of light seemed to become clearer and clearer with the passage of time.

That stream of light was actually flying in the direction of Qinghe County.

Towards her own exaggerated range of divine sense, Chen Qianxue felt a little surprised.

She did not expect that… The range of the seventh level of Golden Core stage was so exaggerated.

She could keenly sense over such a long distance.

Chen Qianxue’s delicate eyebrows slowly knitted together.

Because… At the same time that the stream of light appeared in front of her, she realized that she had a bad feeling.

It was as if the stream of light was coming for her!

Chen Qianxue was on guard!

The feeling in her heart was very accurate.

And this time… She chose to believe the ominous premonitions that rose in her heart.

Without saying a word, Chen Qianxue immediately concealed her aura. She even did not hesitate to use a talisman that she had just obtained. This special talisman was very good at concealing the aura that she emitted.

Under her gaze, the flowing light had already stopped.

The other party was already ten thousand meters above Qinghe County.

Chen Qianxue keenly sensed that it was a living being! In other words… It was a person!

Moreover, she discovered that she, who was already at the seventh level of the Golden Core stage, actually could not see through that person!

That meant that the other party’s strength was stronger than hers!

Chen Qianxue’s heart could not help but slightly sink.

If the other party’s purpose in coming to Qinghe County was related to her, then it meant that the other party was very likely a member of the Spirit Sword Sect!

Thinking of this, Chen Qianxue cautiously sensed more fluctuations of the other party’s aura.

Then, she seemed to have suddenly discovered something!

Her face froze, her heart tightened!

The person who could make her nervous was obviously someone Chen Qianxue knew. Moreover, in Chen Qianxue’s eyes, the other party was an existence that belonged to the enemy!

“It’s him! Elder Yu!”

She just came out of the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, and she did not expect to meet the person she did not want to meet so soon — Elder Yu was the Supreme Elder of the Spirit Sword Sect and also the ancestor of the Holy Son of the Spirit Sword Sect.

Moreover, it was precisely because this Elder Yu wanted her to connect with the Holy Son of the Spirit Sword Sect that Chen Qianxue found an excuse to leave the Spirit Sword Sect.

She wanted to avoid encountering the powerful, experienced, and evil Elder Yu.

However, she did not expect that the other party would come directly to her door!

Chen Qianxue’s heart instantly sank to the bottom of the valley.

“Generally speaking, as the Supreme Elder, he wouldn’t come personally to look for a trifling Spirit Sword Sect’s Holy Maiden, right?” It seems that the Spirit Sword Sect has already found out about the death of ‘Elder Tie’. “Elder Yu should be investigating the cause of Elder Tie’s death.”

“After all, no matter what, Elder Tie was also sent by him… Now that Elder Tie’s death is related to him, he must investigate it clearly and give an explanation to the entire sect.”

“… But if he really investigated it clearly, then I’m in danger!”

It was unknown whether there was a will of Heaven against her.

Under all kinds of coincidences, Chen Qianxue vaguely found herself standing on the opposite side of her sect.

But all kinds of things had already happened, so it was useless to regret now. She could only take the situation as it came!

Elder Yu was a Nascent Soul stage mighty figure, one of the three Nascent Soul stage mighty figures in the Spirit Sword Sect. he was so powerful that in the entire Great Yan Dynasty, he also had a certain degree of fame.

But when she faced such a powerful enemy, could it be that she really did not have the slightest ability to resist?

That might not be the case!

The rewards that Chen Qianxue received in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator were not to be trifled with, especially the many one-time use rewards that she received. Those rewards… allowed her to not be too passive even when facing a Nascent Soul stage cultivator.

In fact, she could even occupy a certain amount of initiative within a short period of time!

Of course, the premise was that Elder Yu had found out about her. Otherwise, Chen Qianxue did not want to use up all of her important and powerful trump cards for no reason.

10,000 meters in the air —

Elder Yu’s expression was not particularly good. He had indeed asked Elder Tie to find Chen Qianxue’s whereabouts, but he did not expect that Elder Tie would actually lose his life.

When he received the news of Elder Tie’s death, Elder Yu could be said to be caught off guard.

In addition to Elder Tie’s identity, he was very special in the Spirit Sword Sect.

The other party was not only his Junior Brother.

Moreover, Elder Tie was only one step away from becoming the Supreme Elder of the Spirit Sword Sect.

Now, such an elder had died outside because of him, he had to give the sect an explanation.

Otherwise, no one in the sect would respect him from the bottom of their hearts. At most, they would fawn over him on the surface, but they did not know how to discuss him behind his back.

In addition, Elder Yu was not in an invincible position in the Spirit Sword Sect.

The Sect Master of the Spirit Sword Sect and the other Supreme Elder both asked him to give an explanation.

This made Elder Yu very unhappy.

“Hmm?” Suddenly, Elder Yu noticed something strange not far away, so he turned his head to look, he frowned, “That huge pit over there doesn’t seem to be formed naturally. Instead, it seems to be man-made. It even seems to have been created in the last few days.”

The direction he was looking at… was obviously the direction in which Elder Tie had fallen!

At that time, Elder Tie had crashed into the ground and created a huge pit.

This huge pit was still there.

“But… Junior Brother Tie’s aura doesn’t seem to be in the huge pit over there, but I feel that something is wrong.” Elder Yu frowned deeper and deeper as he flew towards that direction.

With his strength.

In the blink of an eye, he arrived at the huge pit.

He landed, and he stood at the edge of the huge pit.

“It seems to be caused by a single strike… A single strike that caused such a huge damage, it must have been done by someone at least in the Nascent Soul stage! And Junior Brother Tie is in the tenth level of the Golden Core stage, so the only one who can kill him is in the Nascent Soul stage!”

Elder Yu frowned and analyzed, “In other words, this huge pit is most likely the work of the person who killed Junior Brother Tie? The reason why I can’t sense Junior Brother Tie’s aura…”

“Is it because… someone intentionally concealed his aura?”

“In other words, the other party destroyed Junior Brother Tie’s corpse?”


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