Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 409 - Chen Qianxue’s Clearance! The Complete Version of the Heaven Devouring Demon Technique!

Chapter 409: Chen Qianxue’s Clearance! The Complete Version of the Heaven Devouring Demon Technique!

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Compared to Qin Jiao’s more intense reaction, Chen Qianxue’s reaction was much more calm.

It seemed that the notification that popped up in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator was nothing shocking to her.

There was only a small trace of surprise in her heart.

Of course, this trace of surprise quickly went away with the wind.

“Then what’s the reward for clearing the dungeon?” What Chen Qianxue cared about more was… What kind of reward could she get for this settlement?

Because the settlement reward meant that she could become stronger.

This point was especially important at this time!

After all…

A very senior elder in the Spirit Sword Sect had directly died in her hands. If this matter was leaked to others, it was very likely that she would be removed as the Holy Maiden by the Spirit Sword Sect. She would even be enmity and hunted down by the entire Spirit Sword Sect.

Even if she was lucky and the expected thing would not happen, the Supreme Elder of the Spirit Sword Sect who had been watching her would definitely not let her off.

No matter which of these two reasons was the reason… Becoming stronger was Chen Qianxue’s top priority!

However, the rewards that she had been looking forward to did not appear in front of her eyes immediately.

The first thing that appeared in front of her was the normal calculation reward of the simulator.

It was the same reward of choosing one out of three.

[Reward 1: Giant Bronze Door (a giant bronze door from ancient times, perhaps it can be an excellent giant shield)]

[Reward 2: Hundreds of years of alchemy experience (you will gain hundreds of years of practical experience in alchemy)]

[Reward 3: A large amount of spirit herbs (so many that ordinary storage bags can’t hold them all)]

Chen Qianxue looked at it and thought for a moment before choosing Reward 1.

The remaining two rewards were not bad for her.

However, obviously, they were not as good as Reward 1.

Chen Qianxue was very familiar with the special existence of the giant bronze door. She knew that the defensive power of this giant door was very exaggerated.

Even if a Nascent Soul stage Immortal cultivator attacked the giant bronze door with all his strength, he wouldn’t be able to leave any marks on this giant door.

Even a Soul Formation stage Immortal cultivator would not be able to gain any advantage.

Otherwise, why would Daoist Blood Lotus use this giant bronze door as the entrance to his Immortal’s cave?

Who would install a door that could be easily broken into their own home?

The uniqueness of the bronze door…

Goes without saying!

If used properly, it might even be able to block a fatal attack at a critical moment!

[Additional Reward: Cultivation base at the sixth level of the Golden Core stage (after the reward is given, you will immediately break through to the sixth level of Golden Core stage)]

[Additional Reward: A part of the inheritance of the Immortal Residence (you will receive a part of the inheritance left behind by the Immortal Residence)]

[Additional Reward: Five wisps of the power of National Fate (the power of National Fate will perfectly fuse with your spiritual power)]

[Additional Reward: A Reincarnation Card (once you die in reality, the item will take effect. You will be randomly reincarnated into an infant and inherit the memories of your previous life. Moreover, the Immortal Cultivation Simulator will not be separated from your soul and consciousness)]

[Additional Reward: A chance to make a breakthrough (you will have an additional chance to make a breakthrough. You can use it to make a breakthrough in your cultivation, or the grade of a certain pill, or the grade of a certain spirit tool, or the grade of a Cultivation Method other than the ‘Heaven Devouring Demon Technique’)]

There were five additional rewards for Chen qianxue, and the richness of each reward made her slightly surprised.

Her cultivation directly soared to the sixth level of the Golden Core stage, crossing countless small cultivation realms in one go.

The cultivation of the sixth level of the Golden Core stage allowed her to become a great cultivator in one fell swoop.

However, this was not the end!

Because the last additional reward was a chance to break through.

Chen Qianxue thought about it and used this chance to break through in her cultivation.

She made another breakthrough!

Seventh level of the Golden Core stage!

What was the concept of cultivation at the seventh level of the Golden Core stage? Chen Qianxue remembered that in the Spirit Sword Sect, the number of Immortal cultivators whose cultivation had reached or was higher than this level could be counted with one hand.

For example, the Holy Son of the Spirit Sword Sect who coveted her body. Now, she only needed a flick of her finger to kill dozens of Holy Sons.

This kind of exaggerated leap in power always gave people a feeling that it was not very real.


Chen Qianxue had long been used to this feeling.

“The inheritance of the Immortal Residence and five wisps of National Fate. These two extra rewards can be considered as relatively normal rewards and nothing worth paying attention to. But that Reincarnation Card…”

Chen Qianxue muttered in surprise, “There’s also a chance of reincarnation in the real world? Moreover, the Immortal Cultivation Simulator won’t leave me because of the use of the Reincarnation Card?”

Did this mean that she had an extra life?

This kind of power that could control life and death at will appeared in the real world.

The shock it gave people was always difficult to describe.

[Dungeon Clear Reward: The remaining portion of the ‘Heaven Devouring Demon Technique’ (you have already collected all the portion of the ‘Heaven Devouring Demon Technique’)]

Finally… The clear reward that Chen Qianxue paid the most attention to appeared.

When she saw the Dungeon Clear Reward that popped out from the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, even though she had always been very calm, at this moment, a ripple was stirred in her heart.

The emotions in her heart were even written on her face.

She was shocked.

Because she knew that it was very difficult to obtain the complete version of the ‘Heaven Devouring Demon Technique’. She had simulated Immortal cultivation so many times, but she had only gathered a few tenth of the space.

As a result, the rewards that came with the end of the simulated Immortal cultivation actually gathered all the final space of the Heaven Devouring Demon Technique.

At this time, an illusion even arose in Chen Qianxue’s heart — it did not matter even if she did not have the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

Because all these rewards added up.

All meant that her future achievements would definitely not be low.

The Golden Core stage might just be the starting point.

Nascent Soul stage might just be a little bit ahead of the starting line.

Of course, this kind of illusion, she could only think about it in her heart.

Immortal Cultivation Simulator…

It was absolutely impossible for her to abandon it.

After waiting for a few breaths of time, when she found that the Immortal Cultivation Simulator no longer popped out any other prompts, Chen Qianxue knew that the settlement rewards this time had all been distributed.

“Whew…” She slowly exhaled and muttered, “If I’m not wrong…”

“Fu Shuangni and Qin Jiao should have come out too.”

Because she felt that in Qinghe County, she was not the only one who was breaking through! There were also signs of a breakthrough in other places, and it was very big.

One look and it was obvious that a Golden Core stage Immortal cultivator was breaking through, and it was not just breaking through one level of cultivation.

Tonight, Qinghe County was destined to not be peaceful.

The breakthrough of the three Immortal Cultivation Simulators had long alarmed the people in Qinghe County.

Even the Heaven and Earth phenomenon that had occurred had not dissipated at this time.

The phenomenon was still lingering high in the sky.

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