Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 408 - Qin Jiao’s Settlement Reward! Let Ascension Become a Reality!

Chapter 408: Qin Jiao’s Settlement Reward! Let Ascension Become a Reality!

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“Huh? It’s over?!” On the other side, Qin Jiao could not help but pinch her other arm.

With her extraordinary strength, this pinch… Might be enough to crush a person’s flesh and blood into powder, but it would only bring her a slight pain that was difficult to notice.

However, it was this slight pain that made her expression freeze!

She knew very well what this meant. She was not dreaming now!

She had really cleared some so-called simulation dungeon!

Ah, this…


Qin Jiao could not help but suck in a breath of cold air. She did not quite understand the current situation. She remembered that she was still in the Imperial Palace of the Great Wei Dynasty, cultivating in seclusion diligently, she wanted to surpass Chen Qianxue in the simulator.

She felt that as long as she worked harder than Chen Qianxue, she would surpass her sooner or later. She even felt that the day when she surpassed Chen Qianxue was already very close.

In the end…

She returned to the real world inexplicably, and the simulator even told her that she had cleared the dungeon!

This completely destroyed Qin Jiao’s plan of ‘surpassing Chen Qianxue’.

“Damn it… The gap between me and her in the simulator is relatively small, and I still have a great chance to surpass her in terms of strength and cultivation. In the end, I came back? The gap between me and her in the real world is so big, doesn’t that mean that I have no chance to surpass her?”

Qin Jiao’s expression was as exciting as it could be, and countless thoughts floated in her mind. ‘Chen Qianxue and Fu Shuangni aren’t still in the simulator, right?’

When this thought popped up, Qin Jiao’s breathing became rapid. If that was really the case…

Then would she be left behind by Chen Qianxue?

Originally, there was still Fu Shuangni who could be at the bottom of the three of them.

Now, the person at the bottom was her, Qin Jiao?

At this moment…

The Immortal Cultivation Simulator’s notification came again, making Qin Jiao stop imagining things.

She glanced at the notification from the simulator and her eyes lit up.

The reward from the simulator… The final reward was here!

[Reward 1: 10 wisps of the power of National Fate (from the power of National Fate nurtured Great Yan City in Great Wei Dynasty)]

[Reward 2: Hundreds of years of Immortal cultivation experience (this experience will stack with your original Immortal cultivation experience)]

[Reward 3: 10,000 high-grade explosive talismans (art is explosion)]

The first reward of one of the three items appeared. Qin Jiao chose the Reward 1 without even thinking, because she knew that the Reward 1 was more important to her than the other two items added together.

Because the power of National Fate could really enhance her own strength!

In the past, the reward for the power of National Fate was usually only one wisp at a time. At most, it would be two wisps.

This time, it was actually ten wisps of the power of National Fate!

Qin Jiao felt that with so much power of National Fate, it was enough to turn one-tenth of the spirit energy in her body into the power of National Fate!

Spirit Energy and the power of National Fate were similar to the difference in energy levels.

However, the two could perfectly merge into one.

It was very magical.

[Additional reward: A part of the inheritance of the Immortal Residence (a part of the inheritance that the Immortal Residence has accumulated for millions of years)]

[Additional reward: Fifth level of the Golden Core stage (can let you immediately break through to the fifth level of the Golden Core Stage)]

[Additional Reward: A thousand high-quality flying swords (you are already qualified to call them swords)]

[Additional Reward: Two Epiphanies (can let you have two epiphanies on the spot, whether you can grasp the opportunity to break through cultivation depends on your own cultivation aptitude and luck)]

Qin Jiao’s additional reward was not as much as Fu Shuangni’s. It was one less than Fu Shuangni. This meant that she only had four achievements this time.

“One less than the previous achievement… But it seems to be more generous than the previous reward!”

Qin Jiao immediately threw her initial depressed mood out of the window.

A part of the inheritance of the Immortal Residence had already turned into a flood of memories flooding into her mind, causing a large part of the information to appear in her mind. That was a part of the inheritance of the Immortal Residence.

A part of the inheritance that had been accumulated for a million years was so large that Qin Jiao was speechless!

All the inheritances in the Zhengxin Palace that she was in added together…

Probably could not even compare to one-tenth of the inheritance of this Immortal Residence, right?

Looking at it this way, the Zhengxin Palace did not seem to be doing very well, right?

Qin Jiao’s expression was strange.

At the same time, her cultivation had broken through, and it was the kind that could not be stopped!

The successive breakthroughs caused quite a stir.

But Qin Jiao no longer paid attention to those side matters.

In comparison, the joy brought by breaking through to the fifth level of the Golden Core had long squeezed all her distracting thoughts into every corner.

“Fifth level of the Golden Core stage! Hiss! Doesn’t that mean that I have a chance to surpass Chen Qianxue in reality?”

Qin Jiao was very excited!

However, her breakthrough did not end because of this because when the last additional reward was given out… She immediately entered a wonderful state of Epiphany.

When she recovered from the state of Epiphany, she entered the state of Epiphany again before she had the time to calculate the gains from her Epiphany.

When she truly woke up again, Qin Jiao found that she could not control the momentum of her breakthrough!


This breakthrough once again caused quite a stir.

Qin Jiao directly broke through to the sixth level of the Golden Core stage, only five small stages away from the Nascent Soul stage.

The sixth level of the Golden Core stage before the age of 20…

What kind of concept was that?

Shu Zhihua, who lived in Bai Yi’s house, had only reached this level of cultivation after living for hundreds of years! Many of the sect elders in the Zhengxin Palace where Qin Jiao lived had only reached this level of cultivation!

There were even many veteran elders in the Zhengxin Palace, and their cultivation might not be as high as her current level.

“Sixth level of the Golden Core stage! Hahaha! This time, I can definitely surpass Chen Qianxue! Unless…”

The smile on Qin Jiao’s face did not last for even a second before it disappeared.

Because, she remembered…

Chen Qianxue was also a candidate for the Immortal Cultivation Simulator. When Chen Qianxue calculated the reward, the reward might not be worse than hers, but it might be even more generous than hers.

Ah, this…

She fell silent!

[Dungeon Clear Reward: Immortal Physique (Immortal Physique, with this physique, your future achievement will at least be transcending tribulation and Ascending! The premise is that you won’t did not die because of an accident midway.)]

Qin Jiao didn’t know how many times she had opened her eyes wide, so wide that she felt that her eyes were a little sore.

Her face was full of shock. “Your future achievements will at least be transcending tribulation and Ascending?”

“Then… then won’t I be like that Ancestral Master of Immortal Residence?”

“Am I about to become an Immortal?!”

Qin Jiao’s heart was burning with passion. She felt that she was full of motivation once again! This could be considered a kind of physique for Immortal cultivation, right? It might even be the most powerful physique in the Immortal cultivation world, right?

One had to know that in the Immortal cultivation world, Ascending to Immortality was just a concept.

No one in the entire Immortal cultivation world knew whether or not someone actually Ascended.

And this physique meant that…

She, Qin Jiao, could make the legend of ‘Ascending to Immortality’ become a real reality!

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