Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 29 - Human Tool No. 2  

Chapter 29: Human Tool No. 2

Perhaps it was because Bai Yi did not show any malice, or perhaps it was because the three of them were very confident in their own strength, or perhaps it was because Bai Yi was bragging about the Zhengxin Palace.

When he was conversing with the three of them, Bai Yi learned some information, most of which were things that he was not interested in.

However, he still managed to get some information about their Junior Sister.

Their Junior Sister’s surname was Qin and her name was Jiao.

She was two years younger than Chen Qianxue, which meant that she was only 17 years old.

However, he could not underestimate her because of her age.

She was the daughter of the Palace Master of Zhengxin Palace after all, and she had inherited the qualifications of the Palace Master of Zhengxin Palace.

She was already at the tenth level of the Qi refinement stage at such a young age!

According to the descriptions of these three people, their Junior Sister could even contend with Foundation Establishment realm cultivators with the help of some special Magic Tools and some precious Spirit Talismans that the Palace Master had given her.

It was because of this that she dared to sneak out of Zhengxin Palace and wanted to take this opportunity to find trouble with Chen Qianxue.

She wanted to get back at her.

Knowing her name, identity, cultivation base, and some short stories was enough for Bai Yi to use this basic information to invite Qin Jiao, the daughter of the Palace Master of the Zhengxin Palace, into the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

Of course, Bai Yi could not bring her in right now. The cooldown of the Immortal Cultivation Simulator had not ended yet. Even if he wanted to invite a second tool user, he had to wait for the cooldown to end.

“Fellow Daoist, it’s not easy either!” An Immortal cultivator from Zhengxin Palace reeked of alcohol, he sighed and said, “Without a master, without joining any Immortal cultivation sects, to step onto the path of Immortal cultivation by force, what kind of astonishing perseverance and determination is this?”

“If fellow Daoist can break through to the fifth level of the Qi refinement realm before the age of 30, we can introduce fellow Daoist to Zhengxin Palace.”

Bai Yi put on a grateful expression. “Thank you!”

As for whether he was grateful for the basic information about Qin Jiao that the three of them had revealed, or grateful that the three of them were willing to put in the effort to introduce him to the Zhengxin Palace…

Only Bai Yi himself knew.

Time passed.

The three Immortal cultivators from the Zhengxin Palace did not stay in the inn for long. They just came to satisfy their craving and recall the taste of the secular wine.

They did not forget the purpose of this trip. After bidding farewell to Bai Yi, the three of them left.

Bai Yi returned to his own home and used the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

He wanted to find out if Qin Jiao was within the range of the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

“Found her!”

Soon, Bai Yi received feedback from the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

Back then, he had invited Chen Qianxue in the same way.

The function of the Immortal Cultivation Simulator to invite others was like a radar, which able to explore the area within a radius of a few kilometers and find the person Bai Yi wanted to find.

Although it would not indicate the specific location of the other party, it could allow Bai Yi to have a special connection with the other party in their consciousness.

However, this special connection was accomplished with the help of the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

At the same time.

Outside the Chen Residence.

Round tables filled the entire street. The bustling crowd appeared to be extraordinarily lively. As far as the eye could see, this street alone was packed with thousands of people, not to mention the neighboring streets, which were also filled with round tables.

One could smell the rich aroma of meat and wine on the road. It was enough to show just how much effort and money the Chen Clan had spent in order to make this place grand.

The banquet lasted for nine days and nine nights. It would probably cost more than ten thousand silver.

“It’s really noisy… but it feels pretty good. Is this the mortal world?”

“It’s much livelier than the deserted Zhengxin Palace!”

“There are so many different kinds of people.”

In the crowd, a young girl raised her neck and looked left and right, as if she was very interested in everything here.

However, what was surprising was…

The girl’s appearance was very exquisite, but the people around her ignored her.

Moreover, when she walked straight through the crowd, the people around her always involuntarily made way for her.

It was as if they knew of her existence but they could not see her.

It was very strange.

Regarding this, the girl herself was not surprised, she only muttered to herself with some emotion, “The Concealment Talisman that big brother refined is really amazing. Fortunately, I secretly stole a few high-level Concealment Talismans from him some time ago. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even be able to slip out of the main gate of Zhengxin Palace.”

Zhengxin Palace was a famous sect in the Immortal cultivation world. It could be said that there were hidden dragons and crouching tigers, and there were as many experts as the clouds.

No matter how talented she was, no matter how heaven-defying her innate talent was, she was still limited by her age. Her cultivation was only at the tenth level of the Qi Refinement stage.

As a tenth layer qi refinement realm cultivator, her identity was somewhat sensitive and special.

It was indeed very difficult to sneak into a place like the Zhengxin Palace.

Unless… She was able to borrow some external things.

Now, she did the same thing. Without hesitation, she took a few of her big brother’s Spirit Talismans.

She used them to sneak out of the Zhengxin Palace to come to Qinghe County.

The purpose was very simple!

It was to find trouble with the Holy Maiden of Spirit Sword Sect! She gnashed her teeth in hatred!

“Three years! Does she know how I endured these three years? Three years ago, that girl actually shaved my hair flat with one sword strike during the sparring session, exposing a large part of my skin!”

The young girl gnashed her teeth. “I made a fool of myself because of her. I was laughed at by my eldest brother and second brother for a very long time. I was even reprimanded by my mother, who criticized me for not cultivating diligently and grounded me for a year.”

“Damn it!”


“This time, I finally got the chance. I, Qin Jiao, will definitely teach you a lesson!”

The young girl was the youngest daughter of the Zhengxin Palace Master.

Qin Jiao!

Suddenly, Qin Jiao’s indignant expression froze. Her expression changed several times, and her watery eyes were filled with disbelief. At the same time, she was alert and shocked. “What’s going on? Someone sneaked into my consciousness?”

She stopped in her tracks and was shocked.

She was caught off guard when she sneaked out of the main heart palace and encountered such a thing.

There was even a little bit of panic.

She could clearly ‘see’ a few lines of text appearing in her consciousness.

“Do you want to understand the true meaning of life? Do you want to truly live?”



“What do you mean?”

She repeated that sentence and could not help but swallow her saliva.

Could it be that her mother personally went down the mountain to capture her, but before she captured her back, she first made a prank as a lesson?

Or was someone plotting against her?

Was someone trying to lure her out of Zhengxin Palace and then make a move on her?


Qin Jiao sucked in a breath of cold air.

She regretted it…

No matter what the reason was, she felt that she had gotten herself into big trouble, especially since she did not have any experts to protect her.

Her cultivation of the tenth level of the Qi Refinement stage was indeed powerful, and not many people in Qinghe County could defeat her.

However, the strange situation she was experiencing at the moment had clearly surpassed the tenth level of the Qi Refinement stage, right?

How could this be something that a Qi Refinement stage cultivator could do?

The other party was able to invade her consciousness…

Foundation establishment?


Golden Core?

Nascent soul?

“No!” Qin Jiao gritted her teeth. At this time, she could only hope that the person did not come with killing intent.

She chose no.

In the next moment, her consciousness suddenly stopped, as if she could not think.

For a moment, she was gone!

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