Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 28 - Zhengxin Palace, the Second Candidate for the Human Tool

Chapter 28: Zhengxin Palace, the Second Candidate for the Human Tool

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“Waiter, why is it so quiet today?” Bai Yi still did not like to cook. He sat on a stool in the inn and asked the waiter beside him, “Isn’t the business of the inn usually very prosperous?”

The waiter placed a pot of tea on the wooden table and replied, “Young Master Bai, have you forgotten? Today is the birthday of the Old Master of the Chen Clan!”

The waiter paused for a moment and continued, “In order to make the banquet more lively, the Chen Clan has arranged for a large-scale banquet.”

“Inside the Chen Residence, the guests are all high officials and nobles.”

“Outside the Chen Residence, the guests are the citizens of Qinghe County. As long as anyone is hungry, they can go to the banquet to have a meal.”

“And it’s a banquet that lasts for nine days and nine nights!”

After listening, even Bai Yi, who was not really short of money, could not help but be amazed by the wealth of the Chen Clan. The clan background of his human tool was not simply amazing!

Throwing a large flowing water banquet to treat all the residents of the county to a free meal? How much money would that cost?

Although it was unlikely that all the people of Qinghe County would go to have a meal, there had to be at least tens of thousands of people, right?

Bai Yi was even thinking about whether or not he wanted to freeload a meal.


He thought of how the internal energy that he had received a few days ago from the simulator rewards could arouse Chen Qianxue’s suspicion. He temporarily dismissed this idea.

Especially now that he not only knew the ‘Sword Cultivation Technique’, but also possessed the innate talent of the ‘Sword’.

There was even the spirit sword, the Baiping Sword.

It was easy to expose, especially in front of the Holy Maiden.

Suddenly, a few extraordinary people walked into the inn. It could be seen from their temperament that they did not fit in with ordinary people.

They were all Immortal cultivators!

Three Immortal cultivators!

“I don’t know why Junior Sister is so persistent. The Palace Master has already told her not to provoke Chen Qianxue of the Spirit Sword Sect. In the end, she got the news from God knows where that Chen Qianxue’s Grandfather’s 90th birthday. At that time, Chen Qianxue will also appear.”

“Then, she sneaked out! She definitely wants to find trouble with that Chen Qianxue. After all, a few years ago, when the Zhengxin Palace was exchanging pointers with the Spirit Sword Sect, Chen Qianxue of the Spirit Sword Sect taught Junior Sister a lesson.”

One of the Immortal cultivators could not help but sigh and say with a sad face, “The Palace Master asked us to persuade her to come back. Even if we can’t persuade her, we have to tie her up and bring her back.”

“How could it be so easy to find her? It’s not that the Palace Master doesn’t know Junior Sister’s character. It’s been hard on the three of us!”

The other person patted his shoulder and said, “Junior Sister is the Palace Master’s youngest daughter after all. Her self-esteem is very strong. She is still brooding over that failure in the sparring.”

“Now that she knows that Chen Qianxue has left the mountain, she must be looking for an opportunity to get back at her. It shouldn’t be difficult to find her. She just needs to wait until nightfall and make a trip to the Chen Residence.”

“The difficult part is how to bring her back to the Zhengxin Palace…”

The last person nodded. “Indeed. Junior Sister snuck out when she was young. At that time, it was the three of us who went out of the palace to look for her. It took us more than two months to bring her back…”

At this point, the three of them looked at each other and sighed.

They lamented that they were extremely unlucky. They had actually received such a torturous mission twice.

Soon after, they found a table in the inn and sat down.

“Waiter, give us a few bottles of wine! Tsk, I haven’t drunk secular wine in a long time. Let’s first recall the taste of the past.”


Bai Yi, who was not far away from them, heard the conversation between the three of them very clearly. He roughly knew that he had met three unlucky fellows.

They were the Immortal cultivators of Zhengxin Palace, and Bai Yi could not sense their spirit energy fluctuations.

The only possibility was that they were all stronger than Bai Yi.

Their cultivation levels were not low.

He was not surprised…

After all, it was the youngest daughter of Zhengxin Palace Master who had sneaked away. The person who sent the palace to look for her must be very strong. If he was not strong, he probably did not have the ability to get her back.

Bai Yi had a slight understanding of Zhengxin Palace. They were an orthodox Immortal cultivation sect with a prominent reputation.

It belonged to an Immortal cultivation sect on the same level as the Spirit Sword Sect. It was said that it had a longer history than Spirit Sword Sect.

It was rumored that it had been passed down for tens of thousands of years.

The daughter of the Palace Master of Zhengxin Palace had sparred with Chen Qianxue before…

Bai Yi was deep in thought.

He did not forget that he was already a Qi Refinement stage Immortal cultivator. He could definitely invite two people to enter the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

He was not in a hurry to invite a second person because he had not found a suitable candidate.

There were quite a few Immortal cultivators in Qinghe County, but they were all unaffiliated cultivators with mediocre aptitudes.

Some sect disciples also had them, but their aptitudes were not very good either.

Chen Qianxue was an exception.

The candidate who was qualified to be his human tool was at least on the same level as Chen Qianxue. No matter what, it was still acceptable for this person to be slightly inferior to Chen Qianxue.

Unfortunately, this request seemed to be a little too difficult to meet. There was no such person in Qinghe County.



There was a slight change in the situation.

The daughter of the palace head of Zhengxin Palace had sparred with Chen Qianxue before. Now, she was looking for Chen Qianxue to regain her dignity…

These factors were sufficient to prove that the other party had fulfilled Bai Yi’s criteria to be a human tool.

The only thing that made him feel somewhat troubled was that he did not know much about the daughter of the Zhengxin Palace Master.

If he wanted to invite someone into the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, he needed to keep a distance from the other party.

Moreover, he also needed to learn some basic information about the other party.

The former was still fine.

At worst, he could just wander around the entire Qinghe County, and a thorough search would always be able to find the other party.

However, the latter…

Bai Yi did not know the other party’s basic information, and she was not very famous in Qinghe County.

She was not as famous as Chen Qianxue, so Bai Yi could not collect basic information.

His mind was working, and he suddenly stood up.

With a polite smile on his face, he walked toward the three Immortal cultivators from Zhengxin Palace.

“Fellow Daoists, are you actually Dao experts from the Zhengxin Palace? I’m an itinerant cultivator from Qinghe county. My name is Bai Yi. I’ve heard of the famous Zhengxin Palace since I was young.”

“Before I stepped onto the path of Immortal cultivation, I heard that… The strength of the Zhengxin Palace was even above that of the Spirit Sword Sect, so I had the idea of joining the Zhengxin Palace.”

“Unfortunately, my innate talent isn’t good enough, sigh!”

Under the astonished and suspicious gazes of the three people, Bai Yi seemed to be a natural friend.

He sat on an empty stool.

“Today, I actually met a fellow Daoist from the Zhengxin Palace. It’s my lucky day!”

He had to be flexible, and he had to say things that appealed to these cultivators.

Bai knew that if he wanted to talk to them, he must first make them feel good.

As expected, when he mentioned that Zhengxin Palace was stronger than the Spirit Sword Sect, the three of them had a slightly relieved look on their faces.

“We are indeed from the Zhengxin Palace. Fellow Daoist, you don’t have to be discouraged since you didn’t get into the Zhengxin Palace. Back then, I also spent a few years waiting for the opportunity to enter the Zhengxin Palace.”

A slightly younger Immortal cultivator from the Zhengxin Palace replied with a polite smile. “Fellow Daoist, the rumors you heard were biased. The Zhengxin Palace isn’t much stronger than the Spirit Sword Sect.”

“It’s just a bit more profound than the Spirit Sword Sect.”

“Let’s not create strife.”

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