Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 14 - First Try, Sword Control  

Chapter 14: First Try, Sword Control

If Bai Yi had been 10 years younger, he would have fought with the other party. He would have fought hard for a more comfortable life.

However, now…

Faced with Li Jinfu’s threat, he did not feel much emotion.

He did not know if it was because he could not replace his original body, or it was because he did not see them as a threat anymore.

Bai Yi only replied lightly, “Not for sale.”

When he said these three words, Bai Yi could clearly see that the ‘kind’ smile on Li Jinfu’s face stiffen slightly.

Li Jinfu then restrained his smile. His tone was cold as he said, “Go. The Li Clan has already settled with the authorities. The people living nearby have also been chased away temporarily. Turn the place upside down and take out all the land deeds.”

“We shall let Young Master Bai accompany his parents in Heaven!”

“Other than the dozens of land deeds, you can take anything valuable inside.”

“There’s no need to be polite with Young Master Bai.”

Obviously, Li Jinfu had completely shed all pretenses of cordiality, and his words could be said to be full of killing intent.

As his voice fell, the Cao Gang members, who were wearing short black coats and had rough and dark skin suddenly had savage smiles and excitement on their faces. Their arms, which were placed behind them, also slowly extended out, revealing sharp one-handed short knives.

The burly Cao Gang members had inner energy fluctuations in their bodies. They took a few large strides and rushed to the front.

A pair of eyes stared fixedly at Bai Yi. Their expression showed real killing intent.

Without saying a word, he raised his short knife and slashed down in an instant!

The blade went straight for Bai Yi!


Along with the sound of the sharp knife tearing through flesh and blood, a large head slid down a shoulder. Blood splashed everywhere, and when the head fell down, there was a rain of blood.

The burly and sturdy body twitched twice before collapsing to the ground.

The head rolled to the side of Li Jinfu’s feet.

The frozen expression still had a sinister smile on it, but it also revealed a trace of confusion.

Li Jinfu’s pupils constricted.

The group of Cao Gang members immediately stopped in their tracks, their faces filled with disbelief.

Their eyes turned to Bai Yi!

Only to see —

A blood-stained longsword quietly floated in front of Bai Yi, blood dripping down from the blade.

The longsword was somewhat unstable under Bai Yi’s control, appearing to be a little shaky.

However… it still gave the Li Clan and Cao Gang members a huge psychological shock!

Sword Control!

Immortal cultivator!

Bai Yi was actually an Immortal cultivator!

The shock and astonishment in his mind kept on interweaving. Even though Li Jinfu was a direct descendant of the Li Clan and was considered an outstanding existence among the direct descendants, at this moment, he still found it hard to believe what he was seeing.

In his eyes, Bai Yi was just a little lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

However, after a few breaths, the little lamb had become a great devil!

The long sword floating in the air told him– he had made a mistake!

“So what if he’s an immortal cultivator? He’s just…”

At this moment, a Cao Gang member who seemed to be reeking of alcohol had barely finished speaking when the long sword flashed past with a ‘whoosh’. The blade entered his heart, and his voice suddenly stopped.

His eyes widened.

He was extremely terrified!

Li Jinfu sucked in a breath of cold air. He knew that his misstep would very likely result in a heavy price!

Bai Yi, who had killed another person for the first time, did not feel any discomfort because he knew that the Li Clan’s purpose for coming here today was to take his life.

They had already come knocking on his door. The knife was almost at his neck.

Bai Yi had no reason to feel pity for them.

The price he had to pay for allowing him, who had yet to reach the first level of the Qi Refinement stage, to ride a sword to kill his enemies was the rapid depletion of his spiritual power. Bai Yi knew that if he continued to drag this out, the spiritual power in his body, which was already low, would most likely be exhausted.

The most important thing now was to get rid of this group of people as soon as possible.

Bai Yi gestured with his sword!

A thought flashed through his mind!

Without any hesitation, the sharp sword tip turned toward Li Jinfu, who had an ugly expression on his face.

Seeing this scene, Li Jinfu broke out in cold sweat, completely disregarding his so-called self-restraint.

He hurriedly shouted, “Young Master Bai! If you have something to say, say it properly!”

“It’s a misunderstanding!”

“This is a misunderstanding!”

Unfortunately, Bai Yi could not be bothered to listen to his explanation.

In the next instant.

A sword pierced through the heart!

The moment Li Jinfu wanted to order the people of the Cao Gang to charge in, Bai Yi had already killed him. The death of a direct descendant of the Li Clan would undoubtedly trigger a fight to the death between him and the the Li Clan.

However, the problem was that even if Bai Yi did not kill him, the two sides would still be in a fight to the death.

Since that was the case… it was better to strike first.

There was no mistake.

“Young, Young Master has been killed…” a servant of the Li Clan kneeled on the ground with a pale face. “Master… if Master finds out, we will definitely be buried with Young Master!”

These servants followed Li Jinfu like lackeys. Their purpose was to help Li Jinfu while also protecting his safety.

However, they could not protect Li Jinfu.

The gap between mortals and Immortal cultivators was not something they could make up for.

Looking at the ugly state these people were in… Bai Yi felt that becoming an Immortal cultivator was very important in this world.

Immortal cultivators killed a few ordinary people, but ordinary people did not dare to say a word.

Even if there were many martial artists among these people, they would still have no way to compare with Immortal cultivators.

Bai Yi did not kill all of these people. If he killed a dozen of them, he would not know what to do with the corpses on the ground.

“Take them away and wash the ground.”

Bai Yi’s words made these people find it hard to believe their ears.

Oh, God!

They… were fine?

Only when they saw Bai Yi turn around and close the door did they suddenly wake up.

They were really fine!

One by one, the Li Clan servants and Cao Gang members heaved a sigh of relief.

Only then did they realize that their backs had unknowingly been drenched in a cold sweat.

Their bodies were covered in the stench of sweat.

“Many, many thanks for not killing us! Many thanks for not killing us, Young Master Bai!”

“What are you lackeys of the Li Clan standing there for? Quickly move your Young Master’s body away! Are you leaving him here to make Young Master Bai unhappy?”

“The fifth-in-charge was killed by an Immortal cultivator. Our Cao Gang offended an Immortal cultivator. How are we going to explain this to the first-in-charge when we get back?”

“Damn it. We shouldn’t have done this for the Li Clan. We almost died.”

“What are you talking about? Hurry up and move!”

“Hurry up and move the fifth-in-charge’s head!”


After making a trip from the brink of death, all of them still had lingering fear in their hearts.

Right now, all they wanted to do was to quickly move the corpse away and wash the ground clean.

Then, they would leave this chaotic place!

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