Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 13 - People from the Li Clan, the Cao Gang   

Chapter 13: People from the Li Clan, the Cao Gang


Chen Residence.

Chen Qianxue’s expression was not very good. She originally thought that as long as she could continue cultivating normally and peacefully, she should be able to become a Foundation Establishment cultivator in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

Then, she could get abundant rewards when in the end.

Perhaps, it could allow her to break through to the second level of the Foundation Establishment stage in one fell swoop, and break through her current bottleneck.

She went to a deep mountain forest to focus on her cultivation. However, she did not expect to encounter such a danger.

She encountered a demonic beast that had transformed into a Demon!

She was even ambushed by the demonic beast!

Chen Qianxue gritted her teeth!

If it was a fair fight with that demonic beast, she would not be afraid at all. The problem was that the demonic beast took advantage of her defenseless state while she concentrated on cultivation to launch a sneak attack from behind. It heavily injured her in one strike!

In the end, even if she had already reacted, she still had to drag her heavily injured body and fight with it.

The end result was obvious!

She was gone!

[In the second simulation of an Immortal cultivator’s life, you survived for 8 years, 4 months, and 6 days. You are eligible to receive a reward! There are still 12 hours of cooldown time before the next simulation of an Immortal cultivator’s life.]

[You, Qianxue, have achieved the achievement of revenge in the second simulation of the Immortal cultivation life. You have received an additional reward!]

[You have received the following rewards –]

[Reward: Sword Cultivation Technique (incomplete)]

[Additional reward: 1 wisp of spiritual energy]

Chen Qianxue was stunned. Immediately, all the depressing feelings in her heart were swept away by the joy that surged up.

Sword Cultivation Technique!

She did not expect that she would actually receive this reward. After all, the first reward of the Immortal Cultivation Simulator was quite stingy. At that time, it only rewarded her with one year of inner strength and martial arts experience.

However, this time, it rewarded the Sword Cultivation Technique (incomplete)!

There was also an additional reward.

It rewarded her with a wisp of spiritual energy.

Chen Qianxue was very clear that this special Immortal cultivation manual was created by a Nascent Soul stage expert. Even if it was only one-third of the full version, it was still a very precious Immortal Cultivation Method.

If this Sword Cultivation Technique (incomplete) was placed in the Spirit Sword Sect’s Scripture Pagoda, it would definitely be able to enter the top level.

It definitely had the qualifications to be placed together with the Spirit Sword Sect’s top Cultivation Methods.

Now, she could use this Sword Cultivation Technique in the real world!

At the same time, Chen Qianxue felt an additional wisp of spiritual energy in her body. For someone who was stuck in a cultivation bottleneck, it was very rare for her to have an additional wisp of spiritual energy in her body.

If she had a few hundred more wisps, then she would have some confidence in breaking through to the second layer of the Foundation Establishment stage.

She could break through this bottleneck in her cultivation!

At this moment, Chen Qianxue’s mood was very good.

At the same time, Bai Yi was holding a Heart-cleansing Pill in his hand. For a moment, he was somewhat hesitant because he did not know if taking a Heart-cleansing Pill could increase the spiritual energy in his body.

To be honest, he did not know anything about this thing. He did not have any Immortal cultivation experience to speak of.

He remembered that Chen Qianxue said that the Heart-cleansing Pill had the effect of awakening the Divine Eyes and consolidating the vitality to protect the body.

This sounded very similar to the introduction of the ‘divine medicine’ by those old Mongolian doctors.

It sounded too good to be true.

Forget it.

Let’s just try it!

In any case, he had a total of three pills in his hand.

As the Holy Maiden of the Spirit Sword Sect, Chen Qianxue would not cheat him, right?

Bai Yi pinched the Heart-cleansing Pill and threw it into his mouth.

Soon, he knew what it meant when it melted in his mouth. The Heart-cleansing Pill turned into a ball of spiritual energy in his mouth and poured into his body just like that.

It began to enter his four limbs and bones. Then, it went into his meridians and Dantian!

The majestic spiritual energy ran wildly in Bai Yi’s meridians, but it also gave people a feeling that it was not very violent. At least, Bai Yi did not feel the slightest bit of discomfort.

Bai Yi immediately began to meditate according to the instructions described in the Sword Cultivation Technique.

Refining the majestic spiritual energy in his body.

Time passed by.

Soon, it was noon. Bai Yi had completely refined the spiritual energy brought by the Heart-cleansing Pill into spiritual energy that could be used.

This process could be said to be very difficult, because his bone structure was not good enough. The refining process was like squeezing toothpaste out bit by bit.

At this time, he seemed to have heard a sound and put away his cultivation position.

He frowned.

“It’s coming!” he murmured.

Bai Yi did not forget the threat from the Li Clan yesterday. Li Jinfu of the Li Clan had warned him yesterday that he would only be given one day to think about it. After one day, he would come over for a final talk, which was today.

Bai Yi felt that there was nothing to talk about between him and the Li Clan.

The death of his predecessor was definitely related to the Li Clan.

Under such circumstances, how was he supposed to talk about it?

Bai Yi suspected that the other party was probably thinking about how to kill him right now.

This way, he did not need to waste too much time and he could also obtain the land deed.

After Bai Yi slowly pushed open the door, the noises he could hear grew louder and louder. The noise made him feel uncomfortable. He preferred a quieter environment.

When he opened the door of the house, he saw a group of people outside. There were more people than yesterday.

Among them, he recognized someone.

It was Li Jinfu of the Li Clan!

His clothes were expensive at first glance. He had a ‘kind’ smile on his face.

When he saw Bai Yi open the door, Li Jinfu immediately went straight to the point. “Young Master Bai is really a man of leisure. He stays at home in broad daylight and doesn’t leave the house. I wonder if Young Master Bai has thought it through?”

“A day’s time has passed. Young Master Bai hasn’t thought it through yet, right?”

Bai Yi swept his gaze across this group of people. He realized that other than the Li Clan, there was another group of people who did not look like good people.

They wore tattered short coats and their skin was rougher and darker than ordinary people.

Each of them looked powerful.

This was…

Two words suddenly appeared in his mind.

Cao Gang!

His original body’s memory had an impression on this group of people. Among the ordinary people in the cultivation world, they practiced martial arts.

The Cao Gang controlled the river transport of the main river in Qinghe County and made an unknown amount of money from it.

At the same time, they were very overbearing.

Their reputation in Qinghe County was not very good.

Seeing that these Cao Gang members were being led by Li Jinfu, Bai Yi understood. These Cao Gang members were not hired by Li Jinfu with money. They were originally dogs raised by the Li Clan.

No wonder a gang was doing so well and the government did not cause any trouble.

It turned out that the Li Clan was protecting them.

Bai Yi could feel that there were quite a few people among them. There was an inner energy fluctuation in their Dantian. In the secular world, they could be considered experts.

The Li Clan was quite cautious…

They actually brought so many people to deal with a lone person like him.

“Young Master Bai, if you still don’t know what’s good for you, Don’t blame me for going in and getting it myself.”

Li Jinfu narrowed his eyes.

The threat in his tone was blatant!

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