God Rank Upgrade System

Chapter 793 - Start To Increase Experience  

Chapter 793: Start To Increase Experience

Lin Xiu looked at the flaming rats that rushed out and his eyes were full of surprise.

The reason he came here was to level up!

It would be best if he could raise his strength to the King Warrior level before arriving at Fengyun City.

I need to level up thrice… it’s a bit difficult…

Whoosh whoosh—

At this time, Lin Xiu didn’t think much about it. He held the Dark Edge spear in his hand and waved it frantically.

With the whooshing sound through the air, the spear swept across the bodies of these flaming rats.

bang bang bang-

The bodies of those flaming rats that rushed out of the ground were directly knocked out by Lin Xiu’s spear.

They hit the ground heavily.

But even so, Lin Xiu still found that his spear didn’t seem to pierce the skin of these flaming rats.


An ear-piercing sound came from their mouths.

In the next moment, the flaming rats who had just been knocked out got up again.

Then they opened their mouths wide and fiery red flames shot out!

The temperature of the flame was extremely high and the surrounding air seemed to be distorted.

Lin Xiu directly used his body skill to dodge.

boom boom boom —

These rank 10 flaming rats were gregarious evolved beasts. Now, as the battle begins, more and more flaming rats emerge from the ground.

After these flaming rats found that Lin Xiu could dodge their attacks, they opened their mouths directly, then frantically spurted flames out.

After the flames came out, they rushed towards Lin Xiu frantically.

Originally, the surrounding temperature was terribly high, but at this time, the surrounding temperature was even higher.

Even for a warrior like Lin Xiu, who has a strong resistance to high temperature. At this moment, he felt that his whole body was extremely hot.

Sweat dripped from his forehead constantly.

‘Awe of the phoenix’!

While Lin Xiu dodged the attacks of these flaming rats, he swung the Dark Edge spear in his hand and immediately bursts of flaming birds charged away.

Those flaming birds charged to the bodies of these flaming rats, but they did not cause much damage to those flaming rats.

They seem to have a very strong resistance to these flames.

Damn it!

Lin Xiu cursed inwardly. At this time, he became serious.

The source strength of his whole body gathered at this time and passed on to the Dark Edge spear in his hand.

And as the source strength gathered on the Dark Edge spear, the entire body of the Dark Edge spear instantly becomes like amethyst colored glass.

In this state, the entire Dark Edge spear seems to have become sharper and more powerful.

Lin Xiu looked at the flaming rats that were attacking him again, snorted coldly, unfolded the ‘Sphere’ directly and while blocking the spraying flames, he waved his spear and stabbed at them!


A flaming rat’s head was directly pierced by Lin Xiu’s spear!


“Congratulations to the master for killing the rank 10 flaming rat and gaining experience 44971…”

The system prompts came over instantly.

Kill! Keep killing!

Seeing that there were more and more rank 10 flaming rats, Lin Xiu became even more excited.

As if the spear and Lin Xiu were one, they attacked frantically.

After some time, a large number of flaming rat corpses laid on the ground.

And Lin Xiu also looked a little out of breath. He carefully looked at the experience progress bar and he was still about 20% away from leveling up.

He just killed so many rank 10 flaming rats, but in the end, he didn’t gain much experience at all.


Lin Xiu cursed secretly, it was getting more and more difficult to upgrade now.

But if he doesn’t upgrade quickly, the next time he encounter a warrior of Yan Yongxin’s level, it will be dangerous.

Thinking like this, Lin Xiu dug out the odd crystals from the corpse of the flaming rat.

Dozens or hundreds of rank 10 Odd crystals.

In addition to the ones obtained before, there were really about a hundred or so rank 10 Odd crystals.

He took these Odd crystals and placed them on his body, then sat down with his legs crossed.

After running the ‘Cultivation Technique’, he frantically absorbed the energy brought by these rank 10 Odd crystals.

At this time, the ‘Engulf’ skill was also combined with the ‘Cultivation Technique’, which made Lin Xiu absorb power faster.

Even if the speed was much faster than that of ordinary warriors, there were too many of these Odd crystals. After all, they were rank 10 Odd crystals and had a lot of energy which can’t be absorbed in a short period of time.

“Uncle Yan, have you found that kid?”

At the same time, in the Sun’s house in Cangqiong City, Sun Zi said to Yan Yongxin.

Thinking of the feeling of being controlled by Lin Xiu at that time, his face suddenly turned hideous.

“Well, that girl from the An family seems to have brought him back to the An family.”

Yan Yongxin nodded at this time.

“Brought to the An family?”

Sun Zi frowned. If he went to the An family, it would be too realistic to want to kill Lin Xiu directly.

After all, the An family is not a small family.


At this time, Sun Zi smashed the wall fiercely.

He really wanted to kill Lin Xiu too much.

“But it doesn’t matter, I have just sent someone to find out. He seems to have left Cangqiong City and went to the Divine Fire cave.”

Yan Yongxin continued to speak.


Hearing Yan Yongxin’s words, Sun Zi immediately went upstairs with a look of surprise.

If Lin Xiu really went to the Divine Fire cave, he would simply be courting his own death!

“The news shouldn’t be wrong.”

Yan Yongxin nodded.

“Hahaha, this foolish boy, he went to the Divine Fire Cave, he was simply seeking his own death!”

Sun Zi laughed wildly.

“I don’t think he would be so stupid to die.”

Yan Yongxin pondered for a while, then said aloud.

Judging from the flaming birds that Lin Xiu released at that time, Lin Xiu’s ability to control flames is not bad.

Although it was extremely hot there and ordinary warriors couldn’t get close, it shouldn’t be a big problem for him.

The grandson, who was originally laughing, suddenly snarled.

Yan Yongxin was right, An Qi should have also told Lin Xiu about the situation over there. If he still went there, he must be sure of his own strength.

“Uncle Yan, go and kill him.”

The grandson pondered for a while, then looked at Yan Yongxin and said aloud.


Yan Yongxin nodded and there was a killing intent in his eyes.

What happened yesterday still made him feel very ashamed.

After some time, when Lin Xiu opened his eyes again, he found that it was night.

“Phew, I’ve finally finished absorbing them.”

Opening his eyes, Lin Xiu realized that it was already night, but because of the blue fire, it didn’t appear to be pitch black.

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