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Chapter 792 - Divine Fire Cave  

Chapter 792: Divine Fire Cave

Sun Zi from the Sun family and the lightning king warrior, Yan Yongxin.

He would definitely have to find the chance to get rid of both of them.

As he recalled the scenario from before, there was a murderous look in Lin Xiu’s eyes.

“Oh, by the way, fatty…. where’s the most dangerous place around Cangqiong City?”

Lin Xiu turned around and asked Liu Pan.

After hearing what Lin Xiu said, Liu Pa was stunned.

However, he came back to his senses quickly and said, “Divine Fire Cave. They have the scariest, most terrifying flames in the entire world. According to rumours, even king warriors who accidentally touched those flames would be burnt into ashes.”

“There are also lots of evolved beasts around…”

As they talked about it, Liu Pan seemed to be reminded of something and was looking scared.

“How do I get there?”

Lin Xiu hesitated for a moment before asking.

In another week, he would have to leave for Fengyun City.

He couldn’t even defeat Yan Yongxin now by himself. Once he gets to Fengyun City, he would then meet even stronger warriors and it would be a bigger trouble for her.

The most important thing now would be to strengthen himself within the shortest period of time!

“F*ck! Brother Lin, are you thinking of going there?”

Liu Pan asked in an exaggerated manner.

“It’s too dangerous there. You shouldn’t.”

Liu Pan was shaking his head like a shaker.

“Master, where did you say you were heading to?”

An Qi and Qian Ling paused as well as they asked out of curiosity.

“The Divine Fire Cave.”

Lin Xiu answered subconsciously.

If there were really lots of strong evolved beasts there, it would be a great place for him to gain experiences and to level up!

“You can’t!”

When both of them heard Lin Xiu’s answer, they answered in unison.

“I don’t think it’s actually that dangerous.”

Lin Xiu noticed that they were overreacting and shrugged his shoulders.

“It is. They have the most dangerous flame in the entire Marqi Planet. There is hellfire there as well!”

“Plus, there are lots of peculiar evolved beasts around that area that are extremely strong. There are lots of warriors who end up dying in that region every year. Last year, even a couple of kind warriors died there as well.”

As An Qi was explaining it to Lin Xiu, she had a solemn look on her face.

“Don’t worry. Have you forgotten that the warrior skills that I used belonged to the fire element?”

Lin Xiu chuckled as he said to them.

Then, Lin Xiu reached out his hand and there was a small flame that looked like a lotus, sitting on top of his palm.

The Red Lotus Fire.

On the other hand, there was another flame that looked normal but in the middle of it, there was lightning seen inside the flame.

The Thunder Lotus Fire.

“It’s so hot…” With both the flames appearing at the same time, Liu Pan felt that the surrounding was heated up so badly that there were already droplets of sweat all over his forehead.

“Such a strong flame…”

An Qi and Qian Ling said at the same time.

“But, compared to the hellfire, this is nothing.”

An Qi was surprised but at the same time, she still disagreed with the idea.

“Are you saying that the flames there are much scarier than the ones that I have?”

After hearing what An Qi said, instead of feeling scared, Lin Xiu’s eyes lit up with excitement instead.

“En. The flames there are much scarier than anyone could have imagined.”

An Qi said with a serious tone.


Lin Xiu nodded his head.

“I’ll just take a look.”

Just when Liu Pan and the rest thought that Lin Xiu was giving up on the idea, he suddenly picked up his spear and was already walking through the door.

“Master, are you really going?”

An Qi’s eyes were widened in shock as she asked Lin Xiu.

“Danger and opportunity coexist.”

Lin Xiu smiled as he told them.

Soon, An Qi could no longer debate with Lin Xiu and decided to send him there with her car.

“This… is the Divine Fire Cave.”

Their car stopped in the middle of nowhere. An Qi and the rest got out of the car and she pointed at the distance telling them where the place was at.

In a place far away from there, there was a huge mountain that stood right before them.

The entire mountain peak was made of black rock and there were lots of fires burning wildly next to it.

These fires were dark blue in colour and it was looking odd.

“That’s hellfire?”

Lin Xiu was shocked and he asked subconsciously.

He has never thought that there was any fire that could be in this colour.

If it wasn’t because he was sure that he had good eyesight, he would have thought that it was hallucinating.

But, the fire on the other side did look horrifying and even when he was standing far away, he could still feel the heat coming from the fire.

“The rest of you can head back first. I’ll take a look over there”

Lin Xiu said to them.

“Master, be careful.”

An Qi and Qian Ling knew that they couldn’t change his mind and decided not to say anything else.

“Brother Lin, I’m waiting for you to return so that we can head to Fengyun City together.”

Liu Pan patted Lin Xiu’s shoulder.

“Don’t say it as if it’s the last time we’re seeing each other.”

Lin Xiu couldn’t help but laugh.

“Alright. Just wait for me to return.”

Lin Xiu waved his hand and started walking towards the Divine Fire Cave.

As he continued forward, he could clearly feel that the temperature around him was getting higher.

Before he reached the peak of the mountain, the temperature was already 50 degrees.

By this time, there were also many lesser plants and trees around him.

The plants that could survive here were definitely those who can withstand the heat and did not need much water to survive.

Soon, Lin Xiu continued moving forward and he could feel his shoes heating up.

If it was any other shoes, it would have melted right away.

“We’re here…”

When he got to the foot of the mountain and looked upwards, Lin Xiu couldn’t help but gasp.

There was nothing on the mountain except for multiple caves. There were also large dark blue flames that were coming out of these caves.

On the ground, there were also lots of skeletons.

At this moment, he has no idea what the temperature was.

Lin Xiu, who was already immune to heat, finally felt his entire body heating up.

There were large droplets of sweat rolling down Lin Xiu’s face.

This may be why there is no one here since the temperature here was too high. If it was any other warriors, they would have gotten a heatstroke.

Boom boom boom – –

Then, there was a peculiar noise heard.

What was that?!

Lin Xiu frowned and then, he noticed that the hard ground beneath his feet started shaking.

Soon, there were human-like figures that started coming out from the ground!

Lin Xiu narrowed his eyes and quickly activated his analytical eyes!

Name: Flaming Rats

Level: Rank 10

Specialty: Rats that could blow out flame. Huge physique and able to withstand heat. Likes living in areas with hot temperatures. Quick reflexes with sharp claws.

Rank 10 evolved beasts?!

Plus, there wasn’t only one! There was a large number of flaming rats that started coming out of the ground!

“They’re…giving me free EXP!!!”

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