God of Fishing

Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Hunted He Xiaoyu

Han Fei continued wandering on his own in delight. He had finished three groups in the same way. Five of the eight cabins on the boat had been full.

One of the inspects calculated the number in the meantime. He was stunned when the result was out. A thousand and twelve points? Someone’s score had surpassed a thousand points after only two hours?

In the fifth hour’s announcement, Tang Ge, who was the first place, had only 691 points. This person was obviously not Tang Ge, but he had more than a thousand points. If he could maintain his result, he would be among the top thousand without doing anything!

A moment later, the village leader announced again, “There are four hours to go until the end of the Fishing Trial. As of now, the first place has 1,431 points, the tenth place has 966 points, the hundredth place has 552 points, and the thousandth has 241 points. Please keep it up.”

Everybody grew anxious after the announcement. The scores were increasing faster and faster. The top ten places already had more than a thousand points.

At this moment, people who had teamed up looked for their target, and those who didn’t were either searching for allies or running to the edge of the trial ground.

Some even activated the signal device on the boat and forfeited the trial when they saw other boats coming at them. Actually, there were plenty of such people. They simply fished in a corner and ended the trial the moment other people attacked them.

According to what happened in the previous years, some of them could always make it to the top thousand.

Different from them, Han Fei wandered on his own with his inexhaustible spiritual energy and his high level.

Other people were different.

Wang Baiyu and Li Hu, for example, did not take any action, when many boats came and offered all their trophies to them.

The Wang family had more connections than the Tigers, so Wang Baiyu could roam about while enjoying the view.

Li Hu was different. While some boats offered points to him, they were mostly from the children of the members of the Tigers. He knew that he had to rob more people.

Han Fei waited for other people to rob him, but Li Hu robbed the groups provocatively. Not just robbing, Li Hu was also fond of killing. Few people who encountered Li Hu survived.

He Xiaoyu was rather anxious. Although she had a breakthrough before, there were too many enemies! Three boats just robbed her, but they underestimated He Xiaoyu and were defeated by her. Still, she ran out of her spiritual energy and had to take a Spirit Refilling Pill. She only had one Spirit Refilling Pill left.

At this moment, four boats surrounded her. He Xiaoyu was almost desperate. She just looted some points, but could she survive this one? The last Spirit Refilling Pill cannot be used in a fight.

He Xiaoyu was prepared to fight. She had two plans: to beat the four people, loot their points, and admit failure after using up the last Spirit Refilling Pill; or to run out right now. Hopefully, other people couldn’t catch up with her.

Right when the few boats were about to surround He Xiaoyu, a scary fish jumped out of the water, followed by a boat that was sailing at the highest speed.

It approached one of the boats quickly. Li Hu boarded on it and slashed his sabers. The young man on the boat tried to fight back, but his body was already stabbed through. As Li Hu drew his blades, blood gushed out of the young man.

He Xiaoyu was dumbfounded by the brutal slaughter. Her face turned pale.

Someone shouted on the other boat, “Run! It’s Li Hu from the Tigers! Run!”

Before he finished, a ferocious tiger-head fish had appeared behind him. He turned around as everybody exclaimed, only to see nothing but darkness, because his head had been bitten off.


He Xiaoyu screamed, terrified by the headless body where blood was springing.

Frowning, Li Hu yelled, “Shut up.”

He Xiaoyu grabbed the bamboo rod and was ready to run. She would’ve had a chance of escape if she did not pick up the bamboo rod, because there were still two other boats, but Li Hu saw the bamboo rod and knew that it was not something that everyone could afford. He shouted, “Tiger head, kill her!”

He Xiaoyu was already controlling the boat to run, but it was not nearly as fast as the tiger-head fish, which jumped and went at He Xiaoyu’s face.

He Xiaoyu waved the bamboo rod, and spiritual energy gathered on it.

Li Hu roared, “Tiger head, come back…”

But it was too late. An explosion burst out. He Xiaoyu was bumped into the deck and vomited blood. Of course, the tiger-head fish seemed to be hurt, too.

She dare not stop and fled on the boat in a hurry. Li Hu had already turned into a murderer.

“You think you can get away after hurting tiger head?”

Li Hu abandoned the two survivors and chased He Xiaoyu.

The two survives heaved a long sigh of relief, but before they were reassured, they were already surrounded by a couple of boats.

One of them shouted desperately, “Not good! They’re from the Tigers!”

He Xiaoyu ran fast. Fortunately, she did not fight the four invaders just now, or she couldn’t have survived after her spiritual energy was used up.

The two boats were only several hundred meters away from each other. He Xiaoyu shouted while running, “Li Hu, do you know that He Mingtang is my father?”

Li Hu roared, “Li Jue is my father! What can your father do even if I kill you?”

He Xiaoyu said, “You are a lunatic! I’ll withdraw from the trial if you chase on!”

Li Hu said, “It will be too late by the time the inspectors come for you.”

He Xiaoyu was rather angry. Did I wrong you? Why are you pursuing me? Why is someone chasing me when I’m already level seven?

Several minutes later, He Xiaoyu’s eyes glittered as she saw an expert from her campus.

“Qin Yi, help me!”

The guy named Qin Yi was only at the peak of level six. He ran immediately after he saw that Li Hu was chasing He Xiaoyu. He dare not pissing off the Tigers.

He Xiaoyu shouted, “Jerk!”

He Xiaoyu cried for help whenever she met someone else, but everyone avoided her as if she were a plague.

He Xiaoyu ran out of her spiritual energy. She swallowed the last Spirit Refilling Pill without any hesitation.

At this moment, she saw Hu Kun who was robbing other people. She shouted, “Hu Kun, help me!”

Hu Kun reached level seven yesterday, so he was bold enough to rob two boats on his own. He was rather surprised to see He Xiaoyu being hunted.

“Shoot. Li Hu?”

Hu Kun changed hi face and gave up the rest of the points. He sailed his boat off quickly.

He Xiaoyu was almost weeping. Who are these people? Is Li Hu really so terrifying?

Han Fei was enjoying the sunlight. Six of the eight cabins were already full. He only wished that he had more cabins!

However, he was not anxious. When his boat was full, he could rob other people of their boats!

He found it a loss that he couldn’t absorb the fish and planned to make barbecue with them later. The blade fish couldn’t taste too bad.


Han Fei shouted, “Hey, bro, don’t run! Let’s team up!”

It was the third boat that had slipped past Han Fei. He was rather speechless. Why were those people sailing so fast?

Suddenly, he saw two boats coming to him quickly. He was immediately refreshed. Were they new clients? Should he pretend?

Han Fei immediately pretended that he was wounded and accelerated the boat, as if he were also running.

They were close.

“Hey, isn’t it He Xiaoyu? Is she trying to rob me, too?”

When He Xiaoyu was several hundred meters away from Han Fei, she raised her hands and screamed, “Run, Han Fei, run!”

Han Fei: “???”

He Xiaoyu was lost for words. Other people are all running, and yet you’re on exactly on our way. While Han Fei is strong, that’s Li Hu!

When the two boats were close to each other, He Xiaoyu shouted, “Han Fei, run! Li Hu is here!”

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