God of Fishing

Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Brutal Trial

After bidding farewell to Wang Baiyu, Han Fei did not start robbing immediately but moved dozens of kilometers away. He dare not cheat again, because Li Hu and the inspectors must’ve been attracted by the waves of spiritual energy he caused.

Han Fei was certain that Fang Ze sensed it too although he was too lazy to check it out. Since it almost exposed him, he could not use the method anymore. The best solutions now were fishing and robbing.

In the fifth hour, because of the spiritual energy outburst just now, Han Fei’s score soared to 480 points.

The village leader announced, “The first place of the Fishing Trial now has 691 points, and the tenth place has 479 points. Please keep it up.”

Han Fei had finally made it to the top ten. He was probably the ninth place.

“Since the competition won’t start again until the last four hours, I’d better focus on fishing first!”

Han Fei continued fishing. Having no pressure now, he even took out the barbecue that Li Gang prepared for him and enjoyed it.

However, Han Fei still underestimated the trial-takers. In the latter half of the fifth hour, two boats went straight at him.

When the boats approached, a young man smiled, “Bro, bring them out!”

Another young man on the other boat declared, “You’d better submit your points if you want your life, or we’ll feed you to the fish.”

Holding a roasted lobster, Han Fei said to them in a stun, “You are good. You’ve struck an alliance?”

One of the young man frowned. Han Fei seemed rather confident. Was he a tricky person? But why was he fishing alone in this remote place if he was strong? Should he rob other people straightly?

The young man asked tentatively, “Why don’t you join our alliance? We’ll share the trophies later.”

The other young man objected, “Why? We should seek allies from our own campus! We’ve never seen this guy before.”

Han Fei smiled, “That’s right! You don’t need to ally with me, because… you are already eliminated!”

Then, Han Fei jumped and slashed a young man.

“You shameless scoundrel…”


The young man vomited blood and was flung away, unable to stand up again.

He was frightened. Whom did I just piss off? I’m a fisher at the peak of level six, but the rob just now as unstoppable as an adult iron-head fish!

The other young man was trying to help, but his ally had been knocked out before he took any action. He was stunned. His ally had fallen after one attack when he was stronger than himself?

Han Fei pointed the purple bamboo rod at the young man and said, “You’ll transfer the fish in your cabin to mine if you are smart. I won’t hurt you. It’s possible that you can still rob other people.”

The young man sweated. What’s going on? The very first person that they robbed turned out to be a great monster. Why were they so unlucky?

“I… I will.”

The young man was almost crying. Why did they drive the boats so close? There was no chance to escape at all!

Han Fei stopped fishing. He asked the young man, “Which campus are you from? What’s your name?”

The young man said, “…The northern campus. Song Jun.”

Han Fei asked, “Has robbing started out there?”

Song Jun said, “Y-Yes. People started attacking one another just now.”

Han Fei said, “Hey, toss the little white to me. Do not throw them into the fish cabin.”

Song Jun tossed the little white fish to Han Fei in fear. Han Fei touched them and threw them into the ocean casually.

Song Jun was shocked. Little white fish are points, too. Why are you abandoning them?

When Song Jun picked up a yellow fish, Han Fei said, “Hey, give the yellow fish to me, too.”

Song Jun: “???”

Then, Song Jun watched the yellow fish to be thrown into the ocean. He couldn’t be more regretful. What’s the meaning of this? Every yellow fish is three points!

Han Fei murmured, “You are too big for your points. I can’t let you fill my cabin.”

Song Jun: “…”

Soon, the fish cabins of Song Jun and the other young man were cleaned. They had ten blade fish and 24 green turtles in total.

Frowning, Han Fei said, “Why are there so few blade fish? Why did you catch so many green turtles? They’re filling my cabin. Fine, you can go on. I’ll leave.”

Song Jun couldn’t be happier to see him off. What a peculiar man. He even despised green turtles that equaled five points each.

Han Fei casually drove to where people were crowded with one foot on the head of the boat. He felt that he needed a cigarette, a hat and an eye patch.

“This feels good. No wonder the Somalia pirates like robbing. It’s fantastic.”

The ground for the Fishing Trial was not very large, but it was still rather spacious for the thousands of boats. At this moment, some of the boats were already teaming up, and the lone boats were obviously the best targets of robbing.

The inspectors withdrew from the ground.

The village leader sighed, “The annual killing starts again! I hope that they go easy on each other this time.”

Fang Ze, on the other hand, was not bother. Seated in Tang Ge’s boat, he said lazily, “This is a lesson about robbery. The worlds up above are much crueler than here. It’s all up to you whether you become a hunter or prey. Look at those young men. What they caught after all the hard work goes to other people in the blink of an eye because they are weak. As for the alliances, you’d better leave them alone, because those alliances will eventually fall out. All that matters is your own strength.”

Tang Ge was rather solemnly. He knew that it would happen, but he had never experienced it in person. Just now, the student on a boat not far away was slain ruthlessly and thrown into the ocean.

Cultivation was a road of thorns. He couldn’t save everybody. But where was Han Fei? He needed to find him.

Fang Ze did not stop him. He only said casually, “Alright, go now. You have to learn the important lesson.”

Then, Fang Ze disappeared, leaving Tang Ge alone on the ocean. There was not a second boat within thousands of meters.

At the periphery, Han Fei was surrounded again, because he was all alone.

Han Fei shouted in fear, “Hey, who are you?”

Everybody laughed at Han Fei’s cowardliness. One of the girls demanded, “Offer your fish to us, and we’ll spare you, or you can prepare to die!”

Han Fei said timidly, “You have four boats. Who am I giving the fish to? Why don’t you come to take them?”

They looked at each other and thought it did make sense. The down side of alliance was that they had to share everything evenly in every robbery.

So, they stepped on Han Fei’s boat. The moment they got on board, Han Fei grabbed his purple bamboo rod.

The girl changed his face. “You’re asking to be killed?”

“Hey, I always thought that girls are different from boys, but you seem to be the same! You think you are strong because you are in a team? Who gives you the courage?”

A guy shouted in fear, “Not good! His cabin is full of blade fish!”

All of them changed their faces. A cabin of blade fish meant that the man was extremely tough. He was definitely a Heavenly Talent since he was not hurt by the knives.

The girl roared, “Fight!”

The moment she roared, a rod fell from the sky, and the girl blocked it subconsciously. After a clang, her weapon was bent, and she fell on her knees under the brunt.

The other three guys attacked, but the purple bamboo rod swept at them and knocked two of them away easily. One of them fell into the ocean, and the other was blown back to his own boat.

Han Fei frowned. He did not expect the guy to be so weak. He reached the edge of the boat and planned to rescue him, but the guy was nowhere to be seen.

The last guy ran back to his boat, frightened. However, before he operated the boat, Han Fei had boarded on his boat.

Han Fei said, “I’m not a fan of killing. Move your blade fish and green turtles to my fish cabin, and you will be free to get out of here.”

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