God of Fishing

Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Beginning of the Trial

Thousands of boats were launched from the floating island simultaneously. Some of them were occupied by students, and some by their parents who were seeing them off.

Some of the parents were weeping. The Fishing Trial was a life-and-death test. For a better rank, all the students would be competing with their best.

As a result, the trial was highly dangerous. Casualties were unavoidable even though all the teachers and the supervisors were deployed.

The best record in history was that ten percent died, thirty percent were injured, and sixty percent survived. That was the highest percentage of survival.

All the twelve-year-old kids were gathered on the boats. The village leader spoke to them from a floating boat, “Same as before, the score system will be adopted in this trial. Your score will be calculated according to the level of the fish you catch. The top thousand places will be qualified to awaken your spirit. However, remember not to aim too high. Just do your best.”

Everybody listened carefully. Nobody was impatient.

The students’ parents were shouting far away. “Son, life first! Listen to the village leader! Don’t act tough!”

“Daughter, it doesn’t matter even if you can’t pass the trial. There’s still a chance of natural awakening!”

“Just give up if your opponents are too strong in a competition!”

“You must be wary of other boats!”

He Xiaoyu searched for Tang Ge, but there were simply too many boats. He Xiaoyu, on the other hand, was cheering him up not far away.

The villager leader said, “Attention, everyone! The trial will last for twelve hours. Those who are rescued by the inspectors will automatically fail. The trial will start in a quarter.”

The wind was not huge on the ocean, and the morning sun dyed its surface gold. Several dark spots appeared on the blue sky.

When they were close, people finally recognized that they were boats.

Someone exclaimed, “Hey! That’s the unique boat of the Tigers! Li Hu hasn’t been around lately. I’m told that he was striving for level eight. I wonder if he has succeeded.”

Someone pointed at the other direction. “Look! It’s the Wang family’s boat! Wang Baiyu is the only one taking the trial this year. He’s said to be a future Armorist!”

Many people did not know what an Armorist was, but it sounded like something impressive.

“Look over there! It’s Xia Wushuang, the only person with a Spiritual Heritage of Level Four, Low-quality in Heavenly Water Village this year!”

“That’s Xiang Nan from the north campus. I was told that he is already a level-eight fisher.”

Han Fei was lost for words. Why do we have to gather in school and come together, while those people can show themselves off in front of everyone?

However, everybody’s eyes were soon fixed on the east, where two people seemed to be walking out of the sun. They were radiating gold.

Everybody fell silent. The monster had arrived.

They were none other than Fang Ze and Tang Ge who had been away for days. Nobody would say that it was unfair. A Level Seven Spiritual Heritage was already beyond unfair. Everyone had subconsciously agreed that Tang Ge was the first place of the Fishing Trial. Who else was more qualified than him?

Fang Ze was as indifferent as before. He waved his hand, and a white luxurious boat emerged out of nowhere. It was a major contrast to the other boats.

Fang Ze said, “Don’t care too much about the Fishing Trial. The first place is already yours anyway. You will probably say goodbye to this place after the awakening.”

Tang Ge searched the crowd and saw Han Fei waving at him. He grinned and waved back.

Fang Ze squinted. He saw through Han Fei’s strength easily. A level-seven fisher was something here, but it was not worth mentioning in the city. Most children in the city were already fishing masters at such an age. However, since Han Fei was Tang Ge’s brother, he thought that it might not be a bad idea to show him some kindness.

The village leader came to Fang Ze and asked respectfully, “Master, when do you think we should start?”

Fang Ze said, “Hasn’t it been scheduled? Just do it accordingly.”

Fang Ze glanced at the crowd and said casually, “The top three places in this trial will be given Spirit Concentration Art. Everybody, keep it up!”


Everybody clamored. They did not know what Spirit Concentration Art was, but it was an award from the angel! It must be good stuff!

Many people beamed with interest after Fang Ze said that.

Wang Baiyu was excited. The Wang family had been famous for their Armorists. If he obtained Spirit Concentration Art, it was possible that he could become an influential person even in the town.

Li Hu thought hard. The Tigers had been dwarfed by the Wang family exactly because they did not have a top expert. If he got Spirit Concentration Art, it was possible that he could become a Spirit Concentrator. He wouldn’t need to fear the Wang family at all then.

Han Fei felt nothing, but he did remember the awesome Armorist from the Wang family he saw in the market the other day. Since he was now much stronger, he certainly could join the competition for Spirit Concentrator.

The village leader was delighted. If a Spirit Concentrator emerged in the village, it was possible that Heavenly Water Village would rise to higher places.

He shouted with a red face, “Attention, everyone! The trial now begins!”

Under the villager leader’s command, the boats dispersed and chose their own destination of fishing. Some people were so eager that they cast the hook without moving the boat at all.

Since it was a trial, everybody had their own boat, and it depended on their capabilities what their score would be.

Han Fei was not in a hurry. He drove his boat to Tang Ge.

Tang Ge, on the other hand, also drove his boat to Han Fei.

Tang Ge laughed, “Han Fei, did you make another breakthrough?”

Han Fei grinned and said, “Yes, I’m making progress fast. The Fishing Trial is not a problem at all.”

Tang Ge said, “That’s good. That’s good. About the things I left for you…”

Han Fei said solemnly, “Do not practice the Mystic Body Technique. I sensed great flaws in it.”

Tang Ge was stunned. “Huh?”

Han Fei said, “Don’t ask me how I knew it. Just leave the technique alone.”

Tang Ge said, “I didn’t practice it. What about you?”

Han Fei said, “Me either. Let’s meet after the Fishing Trial. I need to tell you something.”

Tang Ge said, “Alright! Let’s choose a place and start fishing!”

Fang Ze appeared and looked at Han Fei casually. Then, he said to Tang Ge, “Don’t go together. If you go with him, with your strength and the noises you make while fishing, he might not catch any fish at all.”

Tang Ge looked at Han Fei in embarrassment.

Han Fei said, “You go first! Your destination is the sea of stars. Keep it up!”

Fang Ze was stunned. He thought that Han Fei would beg Tang Ge to help him, but Han Fei did not ask for anything. The sea of stars, on the other hand, was not a bad expression.

Tang Ge hesitated, “What about you?”

Han Fei smiled, “Rest assured. I’ll catch up to you soon. My journey lies in the infinite ocean.”

Han Fei left on his boat quickly.

Fang Ze shook his head. That was a rather confident kid. Infinite ocean? Do you know where infinite ocean is? It’s true that the ignorant are fearless. However, with the boy’s talent, it’s possible that he can grow into a grand fishing master later.

Han Fei was not in a hurry to start fishing. He knew that there were too many resources in the ocean. He did not want to be too close to other people in case they noticed his terrifying fishing abilities.

Han Fei drove five hundred kilometers away and did not stop until only few boats were around. He took out the fishing pole and put the bait on unhurriedly.

The points of the fish were calculated according to their level, so Han Fei’s target was never the fish with fewer than five points.

For example, little white fish were one point, yellow fish were three points, green turtles were five points, blade fish were seven points, tentacle lobsters were eight points, and Snakebelts were nine points.

Some of the fish were special. One meat tortoise was worth twenty points, the rare spirit-swallowing jellyfish was thirty points, and the young iron-head fish was twelve points.

Other than the regular fish, it was said that the fishing masters had driven certain unaggressive fish from the level-one fishery. However, few people were expected to catch them. It was only meant to increase the difficulty of the trial.

Han Fei’s lips curled as he sank his hook five meters deep. To make it to the top three, he’d better start from the deeper water!

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