God of Fishing

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Forge the Universe

Li Gang said, “Boss, the Fishing Trial will be held tomorrow. Do you really not need to train?”

Han Fei was playing with a little white fish. He nodded and said, “You’re right. I probably should.”

Li Gang: “…”

Ever since Han Fei became a public figure, his enemies had abandoned the thought of getting rid of him.

In the cave, Han Fei practiced the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Conditioning again. Even though Han Fei’s body qualities had been significantly improved, he still sweated profusely after he completed all 108 movements.

For Han Fei, there was not any obstacle to level seven as long as he had enough spiritual energy.

Training with the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Conditioning cannot increase the capacity of my spiritual energy anymore. I’d better make the advancement now!

Han Fei checked his own data.

Owner: Han Fei

Level: Six (Intermediate Fisher)

Spiritual Energy: 48,201 (249)

Spiritual Heritage: Level Two, Low Quality (Upgradeable)

Weapon: Purple Bamboo Rod

Main Art: Void Fishing, Chapter 1: Hook Kiss (Mortal Level, Divine Quality)

Han Fei almost couldn’t stop grinning. If his barbecue business were more affordable for ordinary people, he would’ve had even more storage room for spiritual energy.

Han Fei sat cross-legged and took a deep breath.


Han Fei’s body glowed, and spiritual energy appeared on the surface of his body out of nowhere. However, the calabash did not swallow any of it, maybe because the spiritual energy was too ordinary for it.

Han Fei felt that his body was expanding and his bones were shivering. Tremendous spiritual energy was surging through his body.


Han Fei became a level-seven fisher, but he did not stop there. Other level-seven fishers needed to absorb spiritual energy and nurture themselves, but Han Fei had plenty of spiritual energy!

The spiritual energy he stored was still surging and brushing Han Fei’s bones, flesh, and organs. It was not until the heat became unbearable again that Han Fei finally stopped his cultivation session.


He opened his eyes and rose.

Hearing the cracking sounds of his bones, Han Fei felt that he was never in a better state. He could’ve knocked Li Gang out with one casual attack now.

Owner: Han Fei

Level: Seven (Advanced Fisher)

Spiritual Energy: 36,008 (279)

Spiritual Heritage: Level Two, Low Quality (Upgradeable)

Weapon: Purple Bamboo Rod

Main Art: Void Fishing, Chapter 1: Hook Kiss (Mortal Level, Divine Quality)

Han Fei clicked his tongue after seeing that his storage was reduced by more than 12,000 points. Did other people need so much spiritual energy for a breakthrough? Wouldn’t that have drained them?

Han Fei never realized that one had to train himself day and night from the beginning of a level to the peak of it, so that enough spiritual energy could be prepared. It was not the same as his breakthrough at all.

It was still late at night. Han Fei considered if he should upgrade his Spiritual Heritage. After all, it only cost ten thousand points of spiritual energy. But he gave it up on the idea. He had already caught enough attention, and it would be a problem if his Spiritual Heritage was further improved to Level Three. On the other hand, he was finally able to see what Forge the Universe was now.

Han Fei opened his hands, and the calabash appeared in his palm.

Five thousand points of spiritual energy were nothing for him now.


Stunned, Han Fei felt that the world was swirling and darkening. When it was bright again, he found himself in a round space about three meters in diameter.

Below him was damp mud.

Around him was infinite, pure darkness where nothing could be seen.

Han Fei was astounded. What the heck? Where was he?

He touched the dark boundary carefully, only to be blocked by a marvelous power that felt like an invisible wall.

He couldn’t help but speculate that Forge the Universe was inside the calabash.

In that case, wouldn’t his calabash equal to a space ring?

I need to test it with Li Gang and see if I could get him in. Huh… What if it kills him? I’d better try yellow fish first. However, this space is too small. Can it be larger?

The moment the idea occurred to him, Han Fei saw spiritual energy surging in and the darkness backing off. The area was now larger than before.

Huh! Spiritual Energy can be used to expand the coverage of this place. I shouldn’t expand it too much in case it consumes a lot of spiritual energy. How can I get out of here?

Han Fei tried to think, and he appeared where he’d been the next second.

Han Fei checked his data. His spiritual energy lowered to 30,008 points, which meant that six thousand points were spent just now. Other than the five thousand points for the activation of Forge the Universe, the remaining thousand points must’ve been used for the expansion.

He tried bringing items in. As expected, they could be taken in when he thought to do so.

He inserted a lot of things into Forge the Universe, but when he tried the clam, he discovered that there was some obscure resistance.

Is it because the clam is alive? But I did put it in eventually!

Han Fei did not know the limits of Forge the Universe. He naturally dared not try it with a person, which would expose him.

Han Fei did not stop experimenting until it was almost dawn.

Today was the Fishing Trial which thousands of students would take part in. Han Fei was quite confident. He was already a level-seven fisher. If he hadn’t intended to keep a low profile, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to reach level eight.

Everybody arrived at the school early. Some were nervous, and some were talking and laughing. Han Fei knew that all of them were anxious except that the latter pretended they were not.

He Xiaoyu grimaced at Han Fei.

Han Fei felt something different when he saw He Xiaoyu. He asked, shocked, “You made a breakthrough?”

He Xiaoyu said in surprise, “How did you know?”

Han Fei said, “I can see that you are in high spirits, so I assumed that you made a breakthrough.”

He Xiaoyu said excitedly, “Haha! I made a breakthrough after I was grounded for two days! I’m determined to make it to the top hundred in the test.”

Han Fei said, “Then you should work harder.”

He Xiaoyu said, “What about you? My father said that you started a barbecue business. It’s indeed delicious. Can you give me a discount?”

Seeing that He Xiaoyu was almost drooling, Han Fei knew that she had been thinking about it.

Han Fei said, “Of course, you can pay however much you want.”

He Xiaoyu asked, “How about ten sea coins for a clam?”

Shocked, Han Fei looked at He Xiaoyu and said, “Try buying a raw clam on the street with ten sea coins. That’s far from enough.”

He Xiaoyu argued, “You said I could pay however much I wanted.”

Han Fei decided to let her go. After all, He Xiaoyu was his only friend in this place besides Tang Ge. He simply waved his hand and said, “Forget it. If you want them, you can take them for free. But don’t waste them.”


He Xiaoyu jumped in delight. Her head had been filled with barbecue since her father brought it for her the other day. She thought that even the Crimson Sea Fruit might not be as delicious as barbecue.

“Attention, everyone!”

At this moment, the headmaster bellowed to the playground.

“You all know what the Fishing Trial means, but don’t feel too much pressure. As long as you try your best, you will be fine. Remember, your life matters more than anything else.”

“Let’s go.”

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