God of Fishing

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: A Crisis Caused by a Smash

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Brother Gang walked back, ready to go home.

He mumbled, “Brat, you’d better not let me see you, or I will surely kill you.”

“Who are you going to kill?”

Han Fei appeared, a piece of black cloth covering his face. He had a feeling that he was no longer useless.

Brother Gang, taken aback, turned around and looked at Han Fei fearfully. “W-Where have you been hiding?”

Brother Gang quickly set off a firecracker signal. Then, he demanded nervously with his iron rod, “Boy, you’d better run immediately, or you won’t be able to when my level-eight expert arrives.”

Han Fei asked, “You can recognize me on such a late night?”

Brother Gang rolled his eyes. You think I’m blind? What kid would appear in this place so late at night?

Taking a deep breath, Brother Gang said, “It’s unwise to fight me… Ouch…”

Before he finished, Brother Gang saw that Han Fei had jumped at him and smashed his purple bamboo rod down, not giving him any time to react.

Brother Gang hurried to raise his iron rod to block it.


Brother Gang was flung away. Blood spurted out of his mouth, and his arms were instantly broken. His iron rod was also deformed.

“Ah… Spare me!”

Brother Gang peed his pants. The boy was too horrifying! He had knocked him out with only one hit. At that moment, Brother Gang felt that an adult iron-head fish crashed into him. He could not feel his arms anymore, and his internal organs were shivering. He felt like he was dying.

At this life-and-death moment, Brother Gang quickly dropped his pride and begged for mercy. Street fights were forbidden on the floating island, not to mention killing.

Han Fei did not intend to kill him, either. He simply pointed his purple bamboo rod at Brother Gang. “Give me your money.”

Brother Gang was confused. You’re still in the mood for robbery?

Brother Gang said, “M-Master, my hands are broken!”

Han Fei said, “I’ll take it on my own.”

Han Fei groped for a while and found a wallet, which contained a dozen low-quality pearls, and a bag of sunflower seeds, which were very cheap.

Han Fei declared meanly, “You are truly poor. Do not let me see you again, or I will beat you up once more.”

He ran off immediately, because he saw someone coming toward them from far away.

After a minute, Brother Gang’s lackeys arrived.

One of the lackeys asked, “Brother Gang, what’s up? Are you all right?”

Brother Gang cursed, “My hands are broken! Don’t touch me! Ouch, inform Brother Dong now!”

Brother Gang made up his mind not to come to this place again. A twelve-year-old boy had knocked him down with one hit? Was he in level seven? But even so, the boy was still unreasonably strong!

After about an hour, a middle-aged man in black came.

Brother Gang wailed the moment he saw the man. “Brother Gang, help me, Brother Gang! My hands are broken! I’ve suffered severe internal injuries!”

Li Dong was in a foul mood after being woken up in the middle of the night. He frowned at Brother Gang. “What happened?”

Brother Gang wept. “Brother Dong, it was the boy you asked us to watch. He appeared out of nowhere and knocked me down with one hit! Brother Dong, you must settle the score for me!”

Li Dong was slightly surprised. He had little respect for Li Gang, but the guy was a level-seven fisher after all. If his enemy had crushed Li Gang like this and even bent an iron rod, his enemy’s combat ability was at least in level eight. In that case, even Li Dong couldn’t finish him easily.

Li Dong asked, “Are you sure it was him?”

Brother Gang said, “Absolutely. Although the boy covered his face, I could recognize a twelve-year-old boy.”

Li Dong furrowed his eyebrow. Was there a twelve-year-old level-eight fisher in Heavenly Water Village? If so, wasn’t he a genius?

Li Dong summoned one of his subordinates. “Bring the manager of this area to me. I remember it’s Zhang Han.”

Zhang Han arrived a moment later in untidy clothes.

Zhang Han was rather angry that his good sleep was interrupted. If it weren’t for them being from the Tigers, he would’ve thrown them off the island.

However, when Zhang Han saw Li Dong, he greeted respectfully, “Brother Dong, what’s happened here?”

Then, Zhang Han looked at Brother Gang in surprise. “Hey, it’s you, A-Gang? Did someone beat you up?”

Brother Gang had shown little respect to Zhang Han with the Tigers at his back. He did not feel good about Zhang Han’s teasing, but he dared not argue.

Li Dong asked, “Who’s living in that house? A twelve-year-old boy? What’s his strength and background?”

Seeing that Li Dong was pointing at Han Fei’s house, Zhang Han chuckled. “Brother Dong, don’t you see how ragged the house is? A useless guy named Han Fei lives there. He’s only a level-two fisher.”

Zhang Han secretly laughed. It was true that the boy was useless, but he had a tough brother who had been recruited by the angel as a disciple. Even Zhang Han dared not make trouble for Han Fei anymore.

Li Dong sniffed at Zhang Han’s casualness. “Zhang Han, are the Tigers not worth any respect now? Stop messing with me.”

Zhang Han said, “Of course you are! I have always respected the Tigers. However, I don’t think you should piss off the people living in this house. Han Fei is useless, but his brother is the angel’s disciple. Do you understand?”

“The angel’s disciple?”

Li Dong immediately changed his face. The angel, as an expert from the city, could destroy the Tigers single-handedly.

Zhang Han secretly chuckled and continued, “Brother Gang, Han Fei couldn’t have hurt A-Gang, but Tang Ge is probably a level-eight fisher now. A-Gang should be grateful that he’s still alive. If Tang Ge intended to kill him, he would’ve been dead. Would anyone demand the angel for an explanation?”

Zhang Han thought that it was definitely done by Tang Ge. Only Tang Ge was capable of crippling the fatty with one hit.

Li Dong gasped hard and realized that he was in serious trouble. Everybody in Heavenly Water Village knew Tang Ge now. Pissing off Tang Ge meant pissing off the angel, and pissing off the angel meant suicide.

Brother Gang was also dumbfounded. Tang Ge? Tang Ge had been living in this sh*thole?

He trembled hard. He thought he was screwed. Was the masked man not the boy he knew but his brother? But it didn’t make sense! He could tell that it was Han Fei’s voice!

The Tigers were busy for the rest of the night. Li Gang was tied up at the gate of the headquarters of the Tigers as a gesture of apology. Li Jue, the leader of the Tigers, tried to pull his strings and apologize to the angel. He even came to the village leader, only to be refused without thinking because the village leader did not want to get involved.

The Wang family gloated. A lot of people thought that the Tigers were doomed, including Li Jue himself. He even asked his subordinates to escort Li Hu to the ocean to wait out the crisis. As for himself, he couldn’t leave, or the Tigers would be doomed if the angel came to ask for trouble.

As a matter of fact, Fang Ze did not know about the incident at all, and neither did Tang Ge. The culprit behind the whole thing was having shrimp dumplings in a stand before the school and complaining about how awful they tasted.

The school gate was rather lively in the morning. Many students were coming for classes.

“Hey, Han Fei!”

Suddenly, a delightful voice carried over.

Han Fei raised his head. It was He Xiaoyu.

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