God of Fishing

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Breakthrough

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In the day, Han Fei practiced the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing.

At night, Han Fei practiced Void Fishing and drew natural spiritual energy into his body.

After only one day, Han Fei felt that he could advance to level six. He sensed an obstacle that he could jump over easily.

But Han Fei didn’t. According to He Xiaoyu, one could go deeper into every phrase. Some talented people could defeat enemies above their level exactly because of their solid foundation. Since he only had Level One Spiritual Heritage, if his foundation was not good enough, his future development would definitely be affected.

Han Fei ran out of the Fish Head Body Polishing Fluid on the second day. He sipped the Iron Fish Body Polishing Fluid and immediately blushed. It was much stronger than the Fish Head Body Polishing Fluid. Han Fei felt like that his body was about to explode.

Han Fei immediately practiced the 108 stances.

After he practiced them three times in a row, the redness on Han Fei’s face was finally gone.

Han Fei looked at the Demon Purification Pot.

Owner: Han Fei

Level: Five (Intermediate Fisher)

Spiritual Energy: 506 (189)

Spiritual Heritage: Level One, High Quality

Weapon: Purple Bamboo Rod

Main Art: Void Fishing, Chapter 1: Hook Kiss (Mortal Level, Divine Quality)


Han Fei grinned. This art that cost 2,200 points of spiritual energy was definitely worth it. He had achieved more in three days than other people could in three months.

He had a feeling that he could crush Brother Gang with only three hits right now.

Not only had Han Fei’s capacity for spiritual energy increased, but his body was also strengthened every time he completed the cycle of 108 stances. Some impurities had even been discharged.

Han Fei even sensed that if he practiced it longer, it could even boost the growth of his Spiritual Heritage and save the upgrade cost of 1,000 points.

Although the impurities discharged were not as many as last time, they were still a lot. After they were eliminated, Han Fei looked much healthier.

After practicing the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Conditioning again, Han Fei realized that it could not improve the upper bound of his spiritual energy anymore.

Suddenly, Han Fei’s expression changed.

Not good, I can’t hold back now.

Han Fei had such a strong thirst for spiritual energy that he felt like a dry desert that was in need of rain.

He immediately sat cross-legged and activated Void Fishing with the Spirit Refilling Pill laid before him.

Night gradually fell.

A fatty approached Han Fei’s house.

“Brother Gang, you’re here?”

Brother Gang asked, “Is the boy still not back?”

His lackey shook his head. “No! He seems to have disappeared. Right… A level-six little girl just dropped by. She left since the door was not answered.”


Brother Gang slapped his lackey’s head. “Are you an idiot? Why didn’t you catch the girl? She must be the boy’s friend!”

Feeling wronged, his lackey said, “Brother Gang, we tried to, but we couldn’t! The girl had a bamboo rod. She smashed Er Gou to the ground when he approached her. She’s not a simple girl at all.”

“A bamboo rod? She smashed Er Gou to the ground?”

Brother Gang changed his face. “She’s impressive for her age. A bamboo rod… Does she have a fishing master parent?”

Suddenly, Brother Gang asked confusedly, “Hey, do you feel that the spiritual energy here seems more intense than before?”

His lackey said, “Hasn’t it always been this?”


Brother Gang slapped his head again. “You’re both stupid and insensitive. However, the change of spiritual energy is indeed not very significant. It’s probably because the natural spiritual energy is particularly intense tonight.”

Whilei Brother Gang and his lackey were chit-chatting, Han Fei was having the “sugar bean.”

The five hundred points of spiritual energy that he gathered naturally had been used up during his breakthrough. Incessant spiritual energy was entering his body, and he had a Spirit Refilling Pill in his mouth, but to Han Fei’s surprise, his spiritual energy was used up again after only a minute.

Han Fei was dumbfounded. What’s going on? Why does the breakthrough to level six require so much spiritual energy? Didn’t they say that the breakthrough to level seven was the real challenge?

It was truly easy to break the obstacle to level six. The only unbearable part for him was that the spiritual energy required for the breakthrough was too enormous.

After taking three Spirit Refilling Pills in a row, Han Fei finally realized that it couldn’t help. Also, it was a waste to use Spirit Refilling Pill in a breakthrough. They could save his life in a crisis. What could he do if he used them up right now?

Han Fei turned to the iron box. Did he have to take it?

“Let’s do it!”

Han Fei made a decision after only brief hesitation. Judging from the speed of consumption, even the ten Spirit Refilling Pills wouldn’t be enough.

Han Fei swallowed the fragrant fruit and immediately trembled. The spiritual energy from the fruit passed through his body.

With enough supply of spiritual energy, Han Fei reached level six within ten seconds. The calabash on his wrist flashed as if it were breathing.

Same as last time, Han Fei’s body was soon burning up. Since he was not in water this time, sweat was pouring out. Had it not been for the Demon Purification Pot that was absorbing the spiritual energy of the fruit, he would’ve exploded.

However, Han Fei could sense that his power was rising. His bones were itching, and his bone marrow was flowing. He speculated that the fruit was improving his body hardware, but the itchy feeling did not last. The fruit did not seem good enough.

The process lasted about five minutes, before he digested the rarely-seen fruit.

Han Fei did not feel sorry at all. He was a level-six now, and one of the better level-sixes.

He immediately looked at the Demon Purification Pot.

Owner: Han Fei

Level: Six (Intermediate Fisher)

Spiritual Energy: 2308 (219)

Spiritual Heritage: Level Two, Low Quality (Upgradeable)

Weapon: Purple Bamboo Rod

Main Art: Void Fishing, Chapter 1: Hook Kiss (Mortal Level, Divine Quality)

Han Fei immediately gasped. The capacity for his spiritual energy had increased by thirty points. Could a level-eight fisher have so much spiritual energy?

Han Fei suspected that his capacity for spiritual energy was beyond comprehension.

More importantly, his Spiritual Heritage had changed from Level One, High Quality to Level Two, Low Quality. It was a leap across levels thanks to the two fruits he had. Han Fei even sensed that his Spiritual Heritage could further improve if he had more such fruits.

However, after checking the upgrade requirement for his Spiritual Heritage, he discovered that the 1,000 points of spiritual energy had turned into 10,000 points.

Are you kidding me? Why is it 10,000 now?

Han Fei was lost for words. However, on second thought, he realized that when he met the current requirement, his Spiritual Heritage would probably rise to level three.

Han Fei stood up, feeling that he was filled with power. He was certain that he could beat Brother Gang to the ground with one hit right now.

Hu! Level six is already so good, what about level seven? Can I kill Brother Gang with a slap when I am in level seven?

Han Fei thought for a moment. Was Brother Gang not strong?

He certainly was.

How could a level-seven fisher who had absorbed the power of a demonic fish be weak? Three days ago, Han Fei only defeated the enemy with his storage of spiritual energy.

Han Fei cleaned the environment. He put away the seven Spirit Refilling Pills and left the two books of battle techniques there.

It was a pity that the Demon Purification Pot did not change greatly this time, but the requirement for the function of Forge the Universe had changed from 10,000 points to 5,000 points. Han Fei concluded that the fruit contained almost ten thousand points of spiritual energy. It was truly impressive.

Not far away from Han Fei’s house, Brother Gang asked, “Do you smell anything? It’s rather fragrant.”

His lackey said, “Ah! No, I don’t think so, Brother Gang!”


Brother Gang said, “Can you agree with me just once? Stay here!”

Han Fei stood in a dark corner, grinning coldly.

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