God of Fishing

Chapter 2836 - 2836 Victory on the Front Line (4)

2836 Victory on the Front Line (4)

Duan Qingsi said, “It’s not easy to make such a decision. Those who make the decision will probably be subject to criticism. But it can’t be helped. The human race grows too fast, but speed alone is useless. They need corresponding training. And where else can temper people best besides the battlefield?”

Xing Yu nodded. “That’s true. These people are quite fierce and fearless. Are the combat skills of the human race so good? According to this crazy fighting style, I’m afraid this battle will be over in three days at most.”

Duan Qingsi shook her head slightly. “Two days at most. If the human race maintains this high-intensity and crazy fighting method, the people of the City of Origin will be routed and flee in a day at most. Besides, the number of human cultivators is greater. They can easily take out 37 million people. Even if there is a realm gap between the two sides, they can’t withstand numerical suppression!”

Half a day after the battle began.

The people of the City of Origin who were fighting had obvious dislocations in their array battle techniques. This was because at some point, someone had attacked from their rear, causing some of the cultivators in the City of Origin to return to reinforce them. Then, these cultivators never returned, leading to the disarray of the front line.

Another half a day passed.

Chu Lingyu and Wen Ruqing had returned, and almost both of them were covered in blood. Obviously, they had killed too many people.

Chu Lingyu said, “Commander, Master Human Emperor, the headquarters of the City of Origin has been destroyed. We killed a total of 39 Sky Openers and three Sea Establishment Realm armies, a total of 60,000 people.”

Luo Xiaobai nodded slightly. “Well done.”

After all, this was the first battle of many human cultivators. Luo Xiaobai didn’t want to see the casualties of the human race soar to 30-40%.

After all, more than three million people would die in this battle if the casualty rate was 10%. If thirty or even forty percent died, it meant that nearly ten million people would die on this battlefield.

Therefore, Luo Xiaobai’s decapitation plan was to help the people in the war create some mental disruption, such as messing with the enemy’s heart or raising their own morale.

Luo Xiaobai suddenly spoke, her voice resounding in all directions, “Humans, the headquarters of the City of Origin has been destroyed by our strong masters, and their peak-level combatants in the rear are all killed. Now, please show us all your means and survive this battle.”

In a head-on battle, all methods were the manifestation of strength. Some were smart and good at killing enemies; some had strong physiques and unparalleled bravery; some had strong souls and often took enemies by surprise in battle; some developed in a balanced manner and had many methods… But in either case, those who could survive in a head-on battle couldn’t be weak. This was because the pure weak had no chance of survival on the battlefield.

For a moment, the human army was greatly shocked. On the other hand, the confidence of the strong masters in the City of Origin was shaken because no one came out to refute the rumors.

Besides, why did these humans have so many spiritual fruits to eat when they were tired?

What they didn’t know was that there was a large supply of spiritual fruits in the human front line command center. The spiritual fruits could be exchanged with battlefield points, and some were brought from the cities and kept until now by the cultivators themselves.

For example, someone lost too much blood and was dispirited. He took out a spiritual fruit and stuffed it into his mouth. In the next moment, his Qi and blood began to fill up.

It was not that the people in the City of Origin didn’t have such things, but there were relatively few of them. They mostly used pills.

Finally, after the 18th hour of the head-on battle, the City of Origin finally showed signs of widespread rout. This sign marked the human race’s final victory in the war between them and the City of Origin.

But these escapees didn’t know that their escape route had long been blocked. Luo Xiaobai had already blocked all their escape routes at the beginning of the battle.

Luo Xiaobai said, “Let’s go! The only significance of victory on the front line battlefield is sacrifice, to awaken the fighting spirit in the bones of the human race. But the sacrifice of the human race will not be in vain. Let’s go. I need you to accompany me to the City of Origin.”

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