God of Fishing

Chapter 2835 - 2835 Victory on the Front Line (3)

2835 Victory on the Front Line (3)

At this moment, this person was already covered in wounds. There were no less than a thousand wounds on his body.


He finally couldn’t hold on anymore. He supported himself on one knee with one hand and his other hand was badly mutilated. In many places of this hand, his bones were exposed.

“Puff ~”

At this moment, the cultivator from the An family had already cut open half of his body and severed his other arm. In such a situation, he already couldn’t be revived. The other party wouldn’t give him a chance to be reborn with blood.

However, this person suddenly raised his head, and a blood arrow spurted out of his mouth, pouring all his vitality into his sword.

The An family cultivator wanted to retreat, but he found that this person had clamped his long sword with his flesh and blood. After only an instant of hesitation, this blood arrow struck his face. The An family cultivator’s entire body exploded. Before he died, the only thought in his heart was that I am clearly stronger than him, but why…


The human cultivator vomited a mouthful of blood, dragged his heavy body, and cursed, “Son of a b*tch, you can hurt me a million times, but if I catch you once, you’ll be doomed.”

Of course, there were people who could see this scene, but they couldn’t help, because they couldn’t even protect themselves.

It was different from when they were fighting the Ten Thousand Scale Race. At that time, the Ten Thousand Scale Race’s morale had collapsed, and the Heavenly Dao cracks representing their Monarchs’ death stimulated their hearts. They thought that they were going to die. And in that battle, the human race had much more people than the Ten Thousand Scale Race, so the human race had an absolute victory.

However, today’s battle was different. This time, although the human race’s soldiers might be millions more than that of the City of Origin, the human race’s strength was only improved after they entered the Sea Realm. Although they had Han Fei’s various great arts and techniques, they were still a little powerless in the face of the strong masters of the City of Origin.

For example, a Venerable-level Heavenly Talent from a City of Origin had already killed 17 humans in a row. He shouted, “Come on, you slaves. How dare you plot against our City of Origin? Dream on. Let’s see who can stop me from killing a hundred humans today.”

“F*ck you! Who are you calling a slave?”

“F*ck, I’m gonna kill you!”


The Heavenly Talent of the City of Origin activated a soul technique, and a soul sword tore through the air. Accompanied by the sound of a cicada, two humans who rushed over instantly bled from their seven orifices. In an instant, they were killed on the spot.

“Damn it! Old Black… I’ll avenge you.”

Someone still wanted to rush up, but his shoulder was suddenly pressed down by a palm.

The man looked back and saw a “sturdy” girl. His first reaction was that the girl’s face didn’t match her body.

“Leave him to me.”

The girl was holding a war hammer in her hand. There was no telling how heavy it was, but the backhand hammer seemed to be super light in her hand.

The girl pointed at the Heavenly Talent from the City of Origin and said indifferently, “I’ve already hammered 48 people from the City of Origin to death. You will be the 49th.”

“Heh! Where is this big woman from? Are all human women so ugly?”


As he spoke, he condensed sound waves into a sword and activated the Heavenly Cicada Chant. The young man grinned ferociously. In his realm, there were less than ten people who could block his Heavenly Cicada Chant. How could a mere human girl resist it?


But in the next moment, the burly girl roared, and a hundred beasts rampaged in the field, kicking the void. A raging bull bore the brunt of the attack and bumped into the soul sword.

Crack, Bam…

In the next moment, the Heavenly Cicada Chant was shattered by a single blow. As the hundred beasts roared, the young man from the City of Origin vomited blood.


The young man’s expression changed drastically. He really didn’t expect this person’s soul power to be so strong when her body was so burly. However, this person couldn’t be without shortcomings. With a strong physique and soul, her speed might be very slow.

The Heavenly Cicada Wings were activated, and the person disappeared in the blink of an eye.

At this time, electric arcs flashed on the hammer in the burly girl’s hand. She suddenly jumped up, and within a radius of a hundred miles, electric arcs flashed, and thunder rumbled in the sky.

“Treasure Image Lightning Hammer.”


A figure in the void trembled under the electric arcs that filled the sky, and his wings were broken. In the next moment, a lightning hammer fell from the sky.


The young man didn’t have time to cry for help before he was hit by the hammer. He instantly turned into a mist of blood. The blood mist was enveloped by the lightning and evaporated in an instant.

The human cultivators nearby and even the cultivators from the City of Origin were all dumbfounded. Is this woman really a human?

The burly girl’s gaze swept across the battlefield. “The Heavenly Talents of the City of Origin can’t withstand a single blow.”

In the distance, Luo Xiaobai, who was watching the battle, said, “Xiaoxiao is a bit like you. She seems to be growing very fast.”

Han Fei said, “Xiaoxiao’s bloodline has atavism. She was born with great strength and talent. So far, Xiaoxiao is the most talented child I’ve met in this generation of humans. It must be because Senior Brother Dashuai’s bloodline has already had a bit atavism, so Xiaoxiao has extraordinary talent since she was born.”

In fact, it was not just Han Fei and the others who were watching the battle. In the City of Wanderers, a large number of strong masters were also watching the battle.

For example, Xing Yu and Duan Qingsi were among them.

Xing Yu said, “These people are too fierce. They’re really risking their lives! Even if the human race wins this battle, I’m afraid their casualties will reach nearly 30%.”


This is the end of Part One, an

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