God of Fishing

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Undersea Shock

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Han Fei only said it innocently. He thought that it was just a tortoise, and that they should respect the uncle who had obtained it through all the trouble.

Li Hu’s eyes beamed with coldness. Before he spoke, one of his subordinates scolded, “Boy, who allowed you to talk?”

Han Fei was lost for words. Are you suggesting that I can’t talk?

Wang Baiyu, however, chuckled. “Have the Tigers forbidden everyone from talking? If you dare to touch him, I’ll cut your hands.”

Li Hu sneered, “His suggestion is not bad. I’ll have the shell. You can have the meat.”

Wang Baiyu scorned with good manners, “What are you thinking? Can you make use of the shell? In the whole Heavenly Water Village, only the Wang family has an Armorist. If you can find a second one, I’ll give the shell to you.”

Li Hu seemed to have lost interest in debating. He sniffed and said, “Beat them. Whatever is in the Tigers’ territory belongs to the Tigers.”

Two people behind Li Hu unleashed magnificent auras and glowed with spiritual energy, indicating that they were at least level-six fishermen.

The two of them charged out like arrows, but halfway through, two swords that were also enshrouded in spiritual energy darted at them.

Han Fei stepped back in a hurry. For a moment, he sensed a power that could rip him apart easily.


A cold light flashed, and the two swords stabbed into the ground, with two hands next to them.


Li Hu was appalled. He looked at the crowd, only to see a brawny, middle-aged man walking toward him with an enormous box.

“Third Young Master.”

The man approached Wang Baiyu and greeted him respectfully, before he stepped aside.

Li Hu said, “Good! Is the Wang family declaring war on the Tigers?”

Before Wang Baiyu could say anything, the middle-aged man replied indifferently, “Declaring war on the Tigers? Ask your father to make the remark again.”

The folly ended as fast as it started.

Wang Baiyu chuckled and said, “Right, Li Hu, I’ll have someone send the meat to your house later.”

All the onlookers were too scared to say anything.

The middle-aged man who carried the giant meat tortoise dare not argue. Someone took it away from him and gave him his reward.

Li Hu sniffed and walked back coldly.

Han Fei stayed where he was, still recovering from the shock. After a flash, two arms fell on the ground. What if the swords were shot at their heads?

Han Fei looked at the man who carried the box in astonishment. Armorist? What’s that? He did not know anything about it.

He speculated that he would have the answer when he became a fishing master. He was not hasty.

The street was occupied by noise again after the fight, but Han Fei did not want to stay anymore. There were too many secrets in this world waiting to be unveiled, and in order to do that, he had to become a fishing master.

In the departure port, it was still the same receptionist.

Han Fei said, “Sister Xiao Qin, just for me alone.”

Xiao Qin asked in surprise, “For yourself? Can you afford the tax?”

Although she questioned Han Fei suspiciously, she had already begun to register for him.

Few people rented boats for themselves, so Han Fei’s boat came fast.

He rented an eight-person boat because it had eight fish cabins. If another fish tide took place, he would be in for a treat.

Han Fei got on the boat and flew somewhat far away in the general fishery.

The general fishery was said to have a length and width of a thousand kilometers, but few people ever made it five hundred kilometers away, because there wasn’t enough spiritual energy for them to control the boat. Even the best fishermen could only reach seven hundred kilometers away.

As for Han Fei, he did not intend to go so far away. He planned to go two hundred meters away. If he got too far, he might not be able to return.

However, after a dozen minutes, Han Fei discovered, to his shock, that the boat flew further and further beyond his control.

“Damn, are you kidding me?”

Back in the headquarters of the Tigers in Heavenly Water Village…

“Young master, I guarantee that guy will never return.”

Li Hu said, “All right, got it.”

Han Fei did not know that somebody had set him up.


After an explosion, Han Fei discovered that the controller was broken. His eyes almost popped out. I can accept that you malfunctioned, but how could you explode?

Han Fei was grim. He did not know how far he had flown, but he could not see another boat on the ocean.

Also, after the controller exploded, the boat lost momentum and couldn’t float anymore. Shaking, it dropped quickly.

“Damn! I’m going to be killed!”

The boat was falling from hundreds of meters high in the sky. Han Fei believed that he was doomed. The boat would definitely smash itself into a pile of wood!

Han Fei clutched the edge of the boat in the raging wind. Right before it hit the water, he sprang from the boat and dived into the ocean.

He couldn’t be more nervous. The fish in the ocean could be horrifying. If he encountered a blade fish or a Snakebelt, he could be killed any minute.

Thankfully, no shoals were around. Even if there had been any, they had been scared off by his sudden dive.

The first thing Han Fei did in the ocean was open his eyes and search for the boat. The fall was slower than he had expected. If the boat was of reasonable quality, it shouldn’t be damaged.

But an accident did take place. Han Fei saw an enormous green turtle far away that was attracted to him and swimming in his direction. It was twice the size of regular green turtles.


The creature was only five meters away from him, but it suddenly turned around, as if it had lost interest in him.

Han Fei took a breath in relief and hurried to swim upward. However, he immediately saw a few shiny knives.

Han Fei felt like crying. He had met multiple blade fish. He dared not move at all, hoping that they would not take him for food, which he did not look like at all.

As he expected, the blade fish circled Han Fei and left. One of them even stared at Han Fei for quite a while, as if wondering why it had never seen such a thing before.

Han Fei reached for the knife on his waist. Who knew if the blade fish would come and cut him?

Seeing no reaction from the blade fish, Han Fei waved his limbs, ready to ascend to the surface of the ocean.

When Han Fei swam, he realized that his vision was surprisingly good in the water. Also, his movement in the ocean couldn’t be easier. Were the people in this world naturally born with swimming skills?

However, before Han Fei reached the surface, he saw a snake-shaped creature slithering at him fast.

Damn! A Snakebelt?

Han Fei couldn’t be more unlucky. Green turtles and blade fish were fine. They wouldn’t attack until they were in danger.

However, the Snakebelt was different. It liked warm things best. What could be warmer than Han Fei right now? It wanted to pierce his body!

Thinking about that, Han Fei dived down. If he were to reach the surface of the ocean, the Snakebelt would strike him easily when he couldn’t see it.

Holding his dagger, Han Fei faced the Snakebelt warily.

The Snakebelt was circling, and the dense sharp teeth on its head were opening and closing. It seemed to have grown interested in Han Fei.

Han Fei’s heart pounded. He tried to calm himself down while he confronted the Snakebelt with his dagger.

Suddenly, Han Fei sensed that a shadow was darting at him from the left near his feet.

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