God of Fishing

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: A War Caused by a Tortoise

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Wang Jie was suspicious about Han Fei’s ability to absorb spiritual energy. He had never seen anyone who could absorb it as fast. Was it a talent? But if so, why had Han Fei never revealed it until today?

Wang Jie said, “Attack me.”

Han Fei hesitated, “Master, I don’t want to waste my spiritual energy on my teacher.”

Wang Jie said, “You will do what I ask you to. Enough talking.”

Han Fei said gloomily, “Master, I don’t have a rod. I borrowed He Xiaoyu’s.”

Wang Jie thought for a moment and said, “Wait a moment.”

Several minutes later, Wang Jie returned and tossed an iron rod to Han Fei. “Hit me.”

Han Fei knew that he couldn’t squirrel his way out of this. All he could do was waste some of his spiritual energy, striking heavily with an explosive sound.


Wang Jie blocked with his fishing pole, at ease. Han Fei’s smashing, sweeping, and piercing couldn’t hurt Wang Jie at all.

Han Fei was greatly shocked. How strong would grand fishing masters and Hidden Fishers be if a fishing master was already so strong?

Pondering for a moment, Wang Jie said, “Your body is as good as that of a level-six fisher. Is it a naturally endowed talent?”

But he quickly shook his head. Han Fei’s Spiritual Heritage was Level One, High Quality after all. Such a talent couldn’t be of much help. Besides, it remained to be seen whether or not it was Han Fei’s talent.

Wang Jie said, “You’d better stop asking for your classmates’ trouble. Since you’re good at fighting, you can spend more time in the general fishery. Try releasing your hook more than five meters deep, but make sure it’s no more than eight meters deep.”

Han Fei asked, “Master, shouldn’t I learn battle techniques right now?”

Wang Jie was amused. “Battle techniques? You want to learn more battle techniques when you haven’t grasped Sweeping Stick yet? Come to me when your soul awakens or when you reach level seven!”

Han Fei had temporarily dropped the idea of learning battle techniques. After all the duels, he indeed realized that everybody practiced stick arts.

Also, the stick arts were quite brutal battle techniques themselves. Han Fei was quite satisfied with it.

Tang Ge did not return. He did not send any messages after Fang Ze took him away.

Having devoured almost forty bowls of Swallowed Spirit Soup, Han Fei was almost overflowing with spiritual energy, but it was only an illusion.

The data in the Demon Purification Pot had soared.

Owner: Han Fei

Level: Four (Intermediate Fisher)

Spiritual Energy: 1488 (139)

Spiritual Heritage: Level One, High Quality (Upgradeable)

Main Art: Void Fishing, Chapter 1: Hook Kiss (Mortal Level, Divine Quality)

Han Fei was excited at the storage of his spiritual energy. He wanted to infer another awesome technique, but his level was too low for him to practice any other battle techniques yet.

In the morning, Han Fei left for the port with his fishing pole.

The port was as lively as ever.

There were three main roads to the port, and all were jam-packed with people. There were also five more ports that were as prosperous as this one.

He passed by a stand that sold fragrant snails. It was surprisingly popular.

Han Fei clicked his tongue. He didn’t know there were so many rich people.

Fragrant snails were snails that lived at the bottom of the ocean. Some fish fed on them, and most fishermen got them by capturing those fish.

Of course, some of the more adventurous fishermen would dive into the water and dig them from the bottom of the ocean, even though the bottom of the ocean was full of dangers, such as Snakebelts or poisonous sea snakes.

However, returns were the best motivation.

Han Fei was in no rush today, so he observed a bit longer. Then he realized that most food here was steamed or boiled without any seasoning. Would he make a fortune if he opened a barbecue shop?

Before Han Fei was able to consider the idea, the crowd clamored far away on the main road.

Dozens of people came to Han Fei with a middle-aged man at the center.

When they were closer, Han Fei saw a giant meat tortoise on the man’s shoulder. He glanced at it and the data popped up.

<Name> Giant Meat Tortoise

<Level> Nine

<Quality> Regular

<Spiritual Energy> 188 points

<Effect> Increases health; broadens veins.

<Collectible> Lousy shell


Han Fei was surprised. It was the creature of the highest level that he had seen. The spiritual energy it contained was enormous.


A lot of people gasped loudly.

Someone exclaimed, “Heavens! A giant meat tortoise! How did you get it?”

Someone approached the middle-aged man and said, “Brother, five mid-quality pearls is a fair price. Why don’t you sell it to me?”

The middle-aged man shook his head stubbornly. “This tortoise is for my son’s cultivation. I won’t sell it.”

The man next to him, who was obviously a merchant, suggested, “Brother, what’s your son’s level? Does he need a weapon or a battle technique? We can trade!”

Right then, the crowd was divided.

A handsome young man in white clothes came over with a bunch of servants.

Seeing them, someone immediately shouted, “The Wang family! A family of five fishing masters!”

Someone said in a low voice, “I’m told that the leader of the Wang family is already a grand fishing master.”

“This giant meat tortoise will definitely go to the Wang family.”

The young man smiled at the middle-aged man. “Uncle, why don’t you sell the tortoise to me? I’ll offer you eight mid-quality pearls and a bottle of Fish Head Body Polishing Fluid.”

The man was astounded by the offer.

Before the middle-aged man said anything, another bunch of people approached from the other end.

The dealers beside Han Fei hurried to clear the way. “It’s Li Hu, the young master of the Tigers! Get out of the way!”

The Tigers were an infamous gang in Heavenly Water Village. The leader of the gang had a rarely-seen spiritual beast that protected him in the level-one fishery. On the ocean, even the grand fishing masters had to show him some respect.

Li Hu glared at the young man from the Wang family. “Wang Baiyu, is the Wang family invading the territory of the Tigers?”

Wang Baiyu was not angry at all but simply chuckled at him. “Are the Tigers allowed to disrupt fair deals at the port? Or do the Tigers think that nobody in Heavenly Water Village can suppress them?”

Li Hu said, “Why don’t you ask him if he dares to sell it to you?”

The middle-aged man immediately dropped the idea. He couldn’t afford pissing off the Tigers.

Wang Baiyu said, “Why don’t you buy it? I can rob you of it afterward. It will save me a lot of money.”

He couldn’t have looked calmer, but his declaration was most ruthless.

Li Hu grinned. “Try robbing me.”

The middle-aged man was quite pitiful. He could crush the two brats easily, but he dared not touch them at all because of their family background.

“You can divide the tortoise evenly!”

While the two parties were at odds, somebody suddenly suggested this.

Instantly, everybody looked at the source of the voice.

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