God of Fishing

Chapter 176 - Realm • Weapon • Combat Skill

Chapter 176 Realm • Weapon • Combat Skill

Old Bai raised a finger and took two steps forward. “The first question, have you ever studied your spiritual beasts carefully?”

Han Fei and the others were all surprised. What kind of problem is this? Of course, we’ve studied them!

Old White man sneered. “What you did cannot be considered studying. For example, Xia Xiaochan didn’t know what her Giant Arowana was capable of, and Le Renkuang doesn’t know how to make use of his spiritual beast, Spiritual Clam. How can you be called geniuses if you can’t even master your spiritual beasts?”

Without giving them the opportunity to refute, Old Bai continued, “As you’re getting increasingly stronger, the demonic fish in the sea will also become smarter and smarter. Guess whether or not you can still catch fish then? If it’s getting more and more difficult to fish, what kind of path will fishers take?”

Hearing his words, everyone pondered. None of them had considered this issue before. In their opinion, fish are so silly. Just fish for them with bait!

Luo Xiaobai questioned, “In addition to fishing, is there any other way?”

“Hoho! You are fishing with your hands, and most of what you catch is only ordinary demonic fish. But some people don’t need bait. They can easily get to the purple gold mine a hundred miles away merely by casually waving their fishing hooks! How do you think they manage to do it?”

Han Fei and the others were shocked. Can a mine be fished?! How? It’s not even a living creature.

Old Bai added, “I said this just to make you think about it…”

Old Bai continued, “The third question, have you ever wondered, which is counted as the starting point of cultivation for a great fishing master or Dangling Fisher?”

Zhang Xuanyu questioned, “Isn’t a fishing master the starting point of cultivation?”

Le Renkuang added, “Yes! A fishing master can practice combat skills, higher techniques, and even secret skills!”

Old Bai stroked his long beard and sneered, “A fishing master is nothing. Ms. Wenren, explain it to them.”

Wenren Yu stood up and smiled. “Do you know why you didn’t even know other realms above great fishing masters and Dangling Fisher before? Maybe you have heard of Hanging Fisher, Hidden Fisher, or something like that. But it was just hearsay. That’s because your knowledge determines your vision.”

Wenren Yu’s face suddenly turned serious. “Fishermen and fishing masters are at the bottom of this world. In their lives, they don’t need to know anything but living and fishing. Above fishing masters, there are great fishing masters, Dangling Fisher, Hanging Fisher, Hidden Fisher, Law Enforcer. and Explorers, etc., above which, there are also Venerable-level masters.”

“Why are they graded this way?” Luo Xiaobai asked.

“Great fishing masters are only a transitional stage, and cannot be counted as a real cultivator. Only when you become a Dangling Fisher can you really embark on the path of cultivation. And fishers won’t just catch demonic fishes. By the time you’re strong enough, you will know this naturally. As for Dangling Fishers, as the name indicates, some of them can stand in mid-air, for example, the angels who once visited your village. They have wings on their backs, and some of them are Hanging Fishers and some are Hidden Fishers…”

After hearing what Wenren Yu had said, Han Fei concluded:

Fishing masters and great fishing masters, they are at the bottom of the cultivation world and mainly responsible for teaching ordinary students and fishermen in the villages.

A Dangling Fisher, they’ve just discovered the true meaning of fishing.

A Hanging Fisher, they already have the ability to fly in the air and dive under the ocean, but not strong enough to transcend fishing itself.

A Hidden Fisher, they have mastered superhuman skills. As the main force to explore the known sea area, they are able to explore the remains, dig up treasures, and look for mysterious resources from the ocean.

A Law Enforcer, they are very strong and usually serve as leaders. Wenren Yu didn’t tell them exactly what kinds of leaders they served as, nor did anyone know.

An Explorer, they are the most mysterious. The known sea can no longer satisfy them. They will explore the unknown ocean, where it is full of adventures and dangers. Everything in the unknown sea is mysterious. Only when you become an Explorer will you be eligible to move on.

As for the Venerable-level masters, Wenren Yu didn’t say much about them. Obviously, they were a bit too far away from her.

So, after hearing what she said, what they were thinking of was not those unreachable realms, but instead she asked, “What kind of a cultivation path is fishing?”

A kit was thrown to them. They opened it and found three messages.

First, explore how to make use of spiritual beasts in actual combat.

Second, understand the true meaning of fishing.

And then they were stunned to find that the third message was empty.

But Wenren Yu pointed to the kit in the hands of Xiao Zhan. “You’ll know the answer when you get the sixth kit. If you can’t get it, then just graduate from school! There is no need for you to know so much. Even if you get to know it, it won’t do you any good but make you expendable among fishing cultivators.”

At this moment, everyone was a bit excited. Nobody told them about these things before. Even their village leaders didn’t know this. Whom else could they ask?

Now learning the secrets about different realms, they were very excited. In their eyes, every realm that Old Bai mentioned could not be easily achieved. Only after becoming a Dangling Fisher could they know the first secret of this world, which was only the first one.

Han Fei suddenly asked, “Teacher, can you tell us about weapons? I heard that there are magic weapons and spiritual weapons in the Linglong Tower, but why don’t I see anyone using them?”

Wenren Yu sneered, “Can you afford them?”

Han Fei muttered, “Well, I can only afford a few.”


Both Wenren Yu and Xiao Zhan turned green. What?

Wenren Yu asked again, “Do you know that a high-quality spiritual weapon will cost millions of mid-quality pearls? Can you afford that?”

“At least we should know about them if we meet them in the future!” Han Fei shot back.

Wenren Yu shook her head helplessly. “The magic weapons are much stronger than ordinary ones. High-quality and ultra-quality magic weapons are very powerful. For example, a great fishing master with the same level as you may break your defense if he uses a magic weapon. If he is an advanced or peak-level great fishing master, he should be barely able to pierce your body if he uses a magic weapon.”


Everyone gasped. Pierced Han Fei’s body? Seriously?

Xia Xiaochan’s eyes suddenly lit up. “How can I get a magic weapon? Han Fei, lend me some money. I want to buy two magic daggers.”

Han Fei rolled his eyes. You wish! Then you can stab me with them, right? Don’t even think about it.

“No money.”


Han Fei asked further, “What about Spiritual weapons?”

Wenren Yu looked at Han Fei up and down. “Spiritual weapons can easily pierce your body. Moreover, they have awareness. They will recognize a master. The master can sense his own spiritual weapon thousands of miles away, unless the connection between the spiritual weapon and its master is cut off, for example, when the spiritual weapon is put in a small space such as Sea Swallowing Seashell.”

“What about above spiritual weapons?”

Wenren Yu said impatiently, “Are you through? Above spiritual weapons are legendary or treasure weapons. There are few people who have seen them.”

Han Fei smiled and scratched his already deflated belly. I’ve got three magic weapons in my hand! But that’s not enough. I have to find a way to get a spiritual weapon as my ace in the hole.

Wenren Yu continued, “Usually, if you are still fishers, you won’t be able to get any combat skills or weapons. When you become fishing masters, generally you’ll only get some low-level combat skills. And when you become great fishing masters, as you see, there are countless combat skills in our academy. The highest-level one is even heaven-level, which is beyond the reach of the other three academies.”

Wenren Yu’s face turned serious. “And, what I must tell you is to not rely too much on combat skills. Combat skills are just a means of combat. When you are fighting, the situation changes rapidly, and sometimes low-level combat skills may even be more effective than the heaven-level ones.”

Everyone was shocked. But who doesn’t want higher-level combat skills?!

Luo Xiaobai muttered, “Mortal-level, mystic-level, spirit-level, demon-level, heaven-level… And even higher?”

“Higher? It’s okay to tell you. Maybe you will have some special chances in the future. Above the heaven-level, it is the venerable-level, but those are very rare. Even in the city, ordinary heavenly-talents can only get heaven-level combat skills and very few of them can get venerable-level combat skills. Normally, there won’t be anyone who owns a venerable-level combat skill even in an entire city.”

Han Fei swallowed. Are venerable-level combat skills so few? Han Fei suddenly realized that Indestructible Body is at the venerable-level! Just deducing it requires 100 million points of spiritual energy. Then what will I get after I deduce it?

Han Fei asked, “Teacher, is there any difference in quality at each level?”

Wenren Yu nodded. “Sure, there are low-quality, mid-quality, high-quality, as well as ultra-quality.”

Han Fei asked hastily, “Is ultra-quality the highest quality?”

Wenren Yu was about to nod when Old Bai said, “No, it’s said that there is still divine quality above it, but at least we haven’t seen any combat skills of that quality. Theoretically, no one in the city has seen this. Even if there are some people who have, there are only very few of them.”

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