God of Fishing

Chapter 175 - The Second Brocade Sache

Chapter 175 The Second Brocade Sache

Everyone looked at Han Fei with strange eyes and then at Xia Xiaochan’s treehouse, swallowing saliva from time to time.

Luo Xiaobai frowned slightly. “Are they in love? Isn’t it too early?!”

Suddenly, he saw Xia Xiaochan pop out, wearing a white and red traditional-style costume. Her upper body was dressed in white with red flower patterns on the cuffs, collar, and buttons, and her lower body was wearing a small red mini-skirt, revealing her slender white legs.

Zhang Xuanyu gasped. “Wow…”

Staring at Xia Xiaochan, Zhang Xuanyu patted Han Fei’s arm. “Feifei, let’s open a clothing store! We can definitely be better than the Linglong Tower. We can sell the clothes for 5000 mid-quality pearls each…”

Han Fei scoffed. “Get lost.”

Zhang Xuanyu clicked his tongue. “Xia Xiaochan, why is your hair down loose? What is that thing on your head?”

Han Fei was helpless. This is a crested hairpin with pearl embellishments, purple gold, and gems by me! How could she just put it straight on the top of her head?! Don’t you have an eye for beauty?

Xia Xiaochan hummed. “I don’t know how to wear it. Do I need to explain it to you? Han Fei, come and help me fix my hair.”

Everyone’s eyes became strange again.

Zhang Xuanyu muttered, “This must not be the first time.”

Le Renkuang nodded. “Definitely not.”

Luo Xiaobai: “…”

Zhang Xuanyu rubbed his hands. “Xiaobai, do you need me to help you fix your hair?”

He Xiaoyu shot him with a cold glare. “Get lost.”

Han Fei climbed into Xia Xiaochan’s treehouse, asking, “Don’t you usually fix your hair well?”

“No, I don’t know how to deal with this stuff…”

Xia Xiaochan fiddled with the crested hairpin, holding a bunch of red tassels in her hand.

Han Fei sighed. “This is not for this suit. Look what I do. I will only teach you once.”

After a while, Han Fei made Xia Xiaochan’s long hair braided on both sides.

“Have you got it?”

Xia Xiaochan blinked. “… Yes!”

“Okay, Now I’ll undo your braids. Hang the red tassels above your left ear and tie the two pompoms on the end of your braids. You see, this is how you make braids.”

Han Fei continued, “OK, finished. Have you got it?”

Xia Xiaochan was stunned. “Ahh… Yes!”

Then Xia Xiaochan grabbed her earlobes and said, “I haven’t pierced my ears.”

Han Fei said with a smile, “Then pierce them.”

Xia Xiaochan shook her head. “No, that will hurt. I can’t do it.”

Han Fei was helpless. “You will hurt too even if I do it for you!”

After a moment.

Xia Xiaochan’s treehouse.

Xia Xiaochan cried, “Puch… Han Hanfei, you’re hurting me. I’m gonna kill you.”

“Don’t move. This is your first time, and of course, you’ll bleed, but not again.”

Xia Xiaochan whined, “Can’t you be gentle?”

“I’m already being very gentle. If I do it more gently, I won’t be able to get it in.”

Under the tree.

The three of them widened their eyes and looked up, blinking.

Zhang Xuanyu swallowed. “Should we leave them alone?”

Le Renkuang looked confused. “I don’t quite get it. What are they talking about?”

Luo Xiaobai also looked perplexed. “Why is she bleeding just fixing her hair?”

Zhang Xuanyu was speechless. These two idiots! They simply know nothing!

After a moment.

Han Fei ran out and complained, “I’ll never ever pierce ears for girls in the future. They just keep nagging, nagging…”


Zhang Xuanyu was shocked. Just ear piercings?! Then why did you… Speak that way?!

Within half a minute, Xia Xiaochan jumped out of the treehouse and everyone widened their eyes. She had two braids, on the end of which hung two fluffy pompoms. There was a strand of red tassels next to her left ear which went well with her red earrings. She was wearing a white top with wide sleeves and a red fringed pleated skirt. What a pretty little girl! When she jumped down, jingling sounds were heard from her wrist and head.

Zhang Xuanyu glanced at Luo Xiaobai. “Hey! Han Fei, why do you treat the two girls so differently?”

Luo Xiaobai didn’t hear what Zhang Xuanyu said and stepped forward curiously. “Xiaochan, what are you wearing on your hand?”

Xia Xiaochan grinned. “A bracelet, a little bell bracelet.”

“Were the red earrings also made by Han Fei?”

“Yes! Didn’t he make some for you? Huh? Xiaobai, your white clothes look really beautiful!”

But Luo Xiaobai turned to Han Fei and extended her hand. “A small bell bracelet please.”

Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei was helpless. “You two have different temperaments. That bracelet doesn’t suit you. It doesn’t go with your cold, aloof temperament… Don’t point your finger at me. Do you want an anklet?”


Han Fei took out a delicate anklet. This was prepared for Xia Xiaochan, but since Xia Xiaochan was an ADHD patient, she would probably break the anklet in minutes.

But this wouldn’t happen to Luo Xiaobai, so he fastened the anklet to one of her feet. As soon as she walked, the anklet jingled.

Xia Xiaochan was now pouting too. “Where is mine?”

“You don’t need it. You’d break it in a minute!”

Zhang Xuanyu and Le Renkuang exchanged a sad glance with each other. Can’t we have bells?

In order to go with these guys, Han Fei also put on a traditional-style set of clothes. When the five of them stood together in their new clothes, they were sure to turn heads.


Three figures appeared in the sky and landed.

Xiao Zhan held a brocade sachet in his hand but stared at the five of them, stunned.

Wenren Yu rushed forward. “Where did you buy these clothes, Xiaochan and Xiaobai? How much are they? Which famous designer made them?”

Luo Xiaobai said flatly, “Han Fei made them.”

Xia Xiaochan asked, “Ms. Wenren, what do you think of my clothes?”

Xia Xiaochan jingled the bracelet she just got in front of Wenren Yu.

Wenren Yu pushed her hand aside and walked straight to Han Fei. “Can you make clothes? And jewelry?”

Han Fei had a bad hunch as he responded nervously, “Haha, a little, just a little.”

Wenren Yu raised her eyebrows. “What kind of clothes do you think suit me? Do you think black suits me? But it can’t be pure black, it’s too serious. How about mixing some red?…”

“Cough, cough… Ms. Wenren, what are you doing?” Old Bai cut her off.

Wenren Yu finally remembered why she came here. She gave Han Fei a deep look before standing back.

Xiao Zhan smiled. He had never seen such maverick students before. Interesting.

Xiao Zhan gave them a proud look. “Given that you have accomplished a one-hundred game winning streak in the Blue Sea Arena, now you are eligible to get the second brocade sachet. However, you still have many shortcomings. For example, Xia Xiaochan, in the last game, since you’ve summoned your Giant Arowana, why did you still have to fight the other side in the close quarters? As a result, you got poisoned and almost fell down the stage. Isn’t that disgraceful? And you, Zhang Xuanyu, you even tied with a spirit gatherer. I really feel ashamed for you…”

Zhang Xuanyu shot back, “He was also a soul warrior! And, he is an advanced fishing master, okay?”

Xiao Zhan scoffed. “How dare you talk back? Why don’t you ask yourself why you are so weak?”

Xiao Zhan turned back to them all. “This time, your performance can only be considered average! Only one of the top ten students from the three academies came. What if the other team was all made up of the top students? Then what would your chance of winning be? It’ll be 50% at most. How can you sweep the 36 towns with such strength? Blah, blah…”

Xiao Zhan kept on saying that he was tired, so he looked at Old Bai and asked, “Say something to them?”

Old Bai nodded and said, “Since you won, you won. It’s not f*cking worth mentioning! Now I will ask you a few questions.”

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