God of Fishing

Chapter 160 - A Ten-Game Winning Streak

Chapter 160: A Ten-Game Winning Streak

As soon as Luo Xiaobai said so, two knives darted at Han Fei from behind. Then an astonishing scene appeared. Han Fei didn’t move but pulled out his fishing rod. With a wave of his rod, the fishhook, like a wandering snake, shot out in an instant.

“Instant Hook…”

At the moment Han Fei’s fish hook shot out, hundreds of vines on the right of Luo Xiaobai suddenly jumped up.

“Spirit absorbing.”

“Spiral Strike.”

Han Fei jumped backwards. Everyone saw this fatty stepping through the air as his his rod rotated like a spiral.


A figure was sent flying, vomiting blood and then he fell to the ground, tied tightly.

On the other side, the vines were shattered, but the hunter was completely exposed to everyone’s sight. Even though the vines were chopped madly, this person was still pulled to Han Fei.

“Slingshot! Go!”

The hunter was not given a chance to escape at all and was taken to his knees.

On the other side, the hunter that Zhang Xuanyu faced was the most unlucky one. Before he realized what had happened, Zhang Xuanyu’s rod had smashed at him. Being hit by the rod seven times in a row, he passed out.

Le Renkuang’s opponent was slightly better. Hunters excelled in explosiveness and speed. Although he was cut all over his body, he managed to run away.

But just after he ran away, the captain Lin Lang fell from the sky and layed on the ground groaning.

The host was dumbfounded. How shall I commentate on the game? They are all invisible!

The audience was silent.

The students of the three academies who came to watch the game were shocked. Is this the Fourth Academy that they used to look down upon? Is this the strength of the perfect combination?

In the VIP room.

Xia Wushuang swallowed. “Wow, they’re strong!”

Xiang Nan widened his eyes. “They’re not strong but super strong! The hunters have no power to fight back at all under their attacks!”

Chen Qing took a breath. “That beautiful girl defeated the captain of the Deep Sea Wild Wolves in half a minute? I haven’t seen her appear. The moment she appeared, she had already won…”

He Xiaoyu patted her chest and took a deep breath. This battle had been beyond her understanding.

In the stands.

A student of the First Academy exclaimed, “Very strong, whether it’s their cooperation or individual combat power! It was not that the Deep Sea Wild Wolves were weak, but that their position was exposed as soon as they moved. The captain of the Thug Legend is a manipulator and her perception ability is extremely strong. So they have nowhere to hide.”

A student of the Second Academy added, “No, we’ve gotta tell this matter to the leaders of our school. We can’t just sit by. Otherwise, the Fourth Academy will become the number one in the Blue Sea Town in less than three days.”

Ye Nanfei from the Third Academy also came to watch the battle. He said calmly to the students around him, “Did you see that? This is the advantage of the perfect combination. Before the spirit gatherer shows up, the manipulator has already controlled the whole battlefield.”

Hearing his words, the student swallowed. Those who had fought Han Fei took a deep breath. The flexibility and power of this manipulator really opened their eyes.

The five members of the Three Swordsmanship Leagues were also watching. A big man touched his own head and said, “Haha, that’s good! I thought this team would last longer but they were defeated soon too. Their result is no better than ours.”

The female captain slapped him on the head. “What are you happy about?! Is it something to be proud of to be crushed by a group of kids?”

The host shouted, “They won again! The Thug Legend team continues to present us with a legendary battle. It only took them one and a half minutes to win! My dear friends, what an amazing number it is! Let’s cheer for the Thug Legend. Applaud…”

“Thug Legend… Thug Legend…”

The arena accommodating more than 50,000 people was boiling. The Deep Sea Wild Wolves were defeated in the blink of an eye, which proved the strength of the Fourth Academy.

They gathered around Luo Xiaobai but didn’t go back to rest. Luo Xiaobai looked at the host. “Can we start the next game now?”

The host was shocked. “Are you sure you don’t need to rest?”


Someone in the stands shouted, “They don’t need to rest! They crushed their opponents so quickly that they aren’t tired at all! Come on, get the next game started.”

“The next game… The next game…”

With the surging hubbubs of the audience, the host stood up and stepped on the table with one foot. “Let’s invite the second team. They once won ten games in a row. Among them are a manipulator, a spirit gatherer, and three soul warriors. How will the Thug Legend win in the face of such a team? Let’s wait and see… Now let’s welcome the Armor Torrent Team.”

Han Fei laughed. “Kuangkuang, let’s solve them alone!”

Le Ren wondered. “Huh? Now?”

Han Fei said indifferently, “Our goal is a hundred-game winning streak. Let’s fight a quick battle.”

Le Renkuang sighed. “Okay! I feel that after achieving the goal, I can lose at least 50 pounds!”

Han Fei sighed. “Yes! We’ll be more handsome than Zhang Xuanyu!”

The host shouted, “The game begins!”


Then everyone saw Han Fei and Le Renkuang run to opposite sides like fools.

“Huh? What are they going to do?”

“Do they want to fight two on five?”

The eyes of the manipulator from the other team lit up. Do the two want to fight the five of us?”

The eyes of the three soul warriors also lit up. Are you serious? Do you guys think we are weaklings?


Han Fei and Le Renkuang suddenly rushed forward as fast as hunters.

“Scar of War Shadows.”

“Violent War Body.”

These two fatties, like savage behemoths, pounced at their opponents head-on, but it was a pity that there was no armorist here. But even if there was one, so what? The duty of soul warriors was to stand on the front line and block all enemies.


As dust rose, two figures shot out like arrows from a string.

A soul warrior was startled and shouted, “Quick, control the two fatties.”

Zhang Xuanyu chuckled. “Hey, you should be careful of me, Seven-Layered Waves in Furious Sea.”

Xia Xiaochan suddenly appeared beside the other party’s spirit gatherer. “Who said I would fight the manipulator?”

At the next moment, the 3 members of the other team lost their combat powers. As for the remaining two, one was fighting Zhang Xuanyu hard, and the manipulator was dumbfounded. I haven’t used my combat skills but the three of my teammates are already defeated?! So I have to face the two fatties and a hunter alone?!

In the end, the manipulator wrapped himself up, however, in less than a second, Xiao Xiaochan shattered his protective cover just like what she did to the Three Swordsmanship League.

The remaining soul warrior surrendered. “OK, OK, you won.”

The host: “???”

The host felt he was about to lose his job. The Thug Legend ended each game so quickly! He didn’t even have the time to comment!

“Thug Legend… Thug Legend…”

The audience cheered one wave after another. Although the battle seemed simple, the Thug Legend had two landslide victories in a row. Their opponents had no power to fight back at all.

Luo Xiaobai looked at the host. “Next game.”


One game…

Two games…

Five games…

In the ensuing battles, only a team with double armorists held up for four minutes, all other teams were defeated within three minutes.

Outside the Blue Sea Arena.

The staff had been shouting, “Betting has stopped for today. Betting has stopped for today.”

Someone said angrily, “Why stop? It’s said that the Thug Legend team has low odds!”

The staff thought to himself, Shit, the odds are low, but we’re still losing money! These thugs are so f*cking strong. We’ve found them ten opponents, none of which survived.

In the tenth game.

Han Fei made a spirit gathering circle underfoot and infused spiritual energy directly into his four teammates’ bodies. Soon, they were full of energy again.

Luo Xiaobai shouted, “Next game.”

A member of the other party came out, however, said to the host. “We admit defeat!” Then, he turned around and left.

Le Renkuang cheered, “We’ve won ten games!”

The others: “???”

Outside the arena, Bao Jin said helplessly to his men, “Change all their opponents to intermediate fishing master teams. Junior ones are no match for them at all.”

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