God of Fishing

Chapter 159 - The Thugs Deserve Their Reputations Indeed

Chapter 159: The Thugs Deserve Their Reputations Indeed

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The next day.

When Han Fei and his teammates arrived at the Bihai Arena, they found that it was already overcrowded. Countless people held tickets as they rushed inside.

Han Fei scratched his belly. “Wow, running an arena must be damn profitable…”

Xia Xiaochan was helpless. “We can’t afford opening one!”

Le Renkuang clicked his tongue. “Isn’t the hot pot restaurant of The Fish Dragons going to open soon? It will also make a lot of money.”

Everyone despised him in their hearts. Are you thinking of making money? You just want to eat for free!

“Han Fei, Han Fei…”

Han Fei suddenly heard a familiar voice. Looking around, he saw He Xiaoyu, Wang Baiyu, Xia Wushuang, and the others.

Han Fei was surprised. “Huh? Why are you guys here?”

He Xiaoyu ran over and looked at Han Fei up and down. “Did you really enter the Fourth Academy? When Xiang Nan told me that, I didn’t believe it. Wow, you are famous now.”


He Xiaoyu said excitedly, “Yes! Do you know that these people all came to watch your team fight?”


Wang Baiyu smiled and said, “I heard that you are all great fishing masters?”

Wang Baiyu’s eyes flickered. As he expected, Han Fei did have secrets. He had been suspecting why Han Fei’s strength improved so fast. Now, he was still an intermediate fishing master, but Han Fei was already a great fishing master.

Han Fei smiled awkwardly and scratched his belly. “Well, by a fluke…”

At this time, Xia Xiaochan popped up from behind Han Fei and asked curiously, “Is this your friend?”

Zhang Xuanyu smiled. “Girl, I have something for you.”

He Xiaoyu gave Zhang Xuanyu a stunned look, her face slightly reddish. This man is so handsome!

“Huh? What is it?”

Zhang Xuanyu said with a smile, “Open your hand.”

He Xiaoyu opened her hand foolishly, but Zhang Xuanyu held her hand. “Me, do you want me?”

He Xiaoyu’s little face immediately flushed. She was stunned for a while until Zhang Xuanyu was kicked away by Han Fei.

Zhang Xuanyu said angrily, “Feifei! You’re too much!”

Han Fei smiled. “Zhang Xuanyu, is your skin itchy?”

Zhang Xuanyu hid behind Le Renkuang. “You don’t understand! There is a feeling called love at first sight.”

Xia Xiaochan looked at Han Fei suspiciously. “Haha! Han Fei, is this your little girlfriend?”

He Xiaoyu stared angrily. “What kind of classmates do you have?!”

Han Fei sighed. “My fault. I shouldn’t have made these friends… Are you guys coming in with us?”

He Xiaoyu’s eyes flickered. “Can we?”

Han Fei smiled. “Sure.”

The Thug Legend had a VIP room in the arena.

Through the window, they watched the arena where all seats were occupied and everyone was a bit shocked. Did all these people come to watch the Thug Legend team fight?

Soon, Bao Jin came into the VIP room and said to Han Fei with a smile, “Kids, according to your requirements, we have arranged the games you’ll attend in the next ten days. Today, we’ve invited two teams composed of great fishing masters. You will fight them respectively in the morning and afternoon… Of course, if you feel it’s too much, I can move the game in the afternoon to tomorrow.”

Luo Xiaobai said coldly, “Too few.”

Bao Jin: “???”

Bao Jin was stunned. Too few?

Le Renkuang said, “Two games are too few. Just invite as many teams as you can! We are in a hurry.”

Bao Jin:”???”

Everyone: “???”

Xia Xiaochan continued, “We mean, at least 10 games a day. Two games are too few. It’s a waste of our time.”

Bao Jin gasped. These kids are really arrogant! 10 games a day? As the head of the arena, what he wanted was to make the best of the resources. If the Thug Legend came here every day, the arena would have so many audiences every day.

Luo Xiaobai said indifferently, “We will not go until we win a hundred games. So, you can arrange as many games as you can.”

Bao Jin gaped. A hundred-game winning streak? Is this their goal? Yes, in the history of the Blue Sea Town, only two teams won this glory! And one of them was from the Fourth Academy.

Do they want to make a comeback now? But why are they so confident? They are only junior great fishing masters, aren’t they?

He Xiaoyu and the others were stunned. What the hell? A hundred-game winning streak?! But this place was full of strong masters! How could it be possible?

Bao Jin said seriously, “No problem. You can count on me. If you won’t leave until you win a hundred games, then I can guarantee that you can attend at least dozens of games every day.”

Bao Jin left excitedly. When he went out of the door, he clenched his fists excitedly. A hundred-game winning streak! The Blue Sea Arena rose to fame because of the two hundred-game winning streaks. If it appeared again, the Blue Sea Arena would come to a new height.

Bao Jin said to one of his men, “Come on, now, summon all the teams available. And inform the entire Blue Sea Town that we invite all the great fishing master teams to participate in the games with a payment of a thousand mid-quality pearls. If any team wins against the Thug Legend, they will win 10,000 mid-quality pearls.”

The waiter was stunned and Bao Jin growled, “Go!”

In the VIP room, Xiang Nan exclaimed, “Is your goal? A one hundred game winning streak?”

Wang Baiyu looked unconvinced. “This has only happened twice in history, and the last one was more than 30 years ago.”

Luo Xiaobai calmly said, “Records are bound to be broken. Let’s go. The game is about to begin.”

Han Fei shrugged. “She is the captain. She has the final say.”

Watching Han Fei and his teammates leave, He Xiaoyu and the others gaped.

Xia Wushuang looked at Wang Baiyu. “Do you think they can achieve their goal?”

Wang Baiyu frowned. “In theory, it’s almost impossible. But let’s wait and see!”

Chen Qing asked He Xiaoyu, “He Xiaoyu, did you find that the little girl beside Han Fei is gorgeous?”

Xiang Nan nodded. “Yes.”

Jia Tong looked at the others. “Me too.”

Wang Baiyu smiled. “Yes, He Xiaoyu, you have a competitor.”

He Xiaoyu scoffed. “Gee, what are you talking about? Watch the game…”

With that, she turned her head away. That girl is really beautiful! Even I felt attracted to her. Is Han Fei in love with her?

He Xiaoyu shook her head. No, Han Fei is so fat. No girl will fall in love with him.

In the arena.

The host was roaring, “Today, from your cheers, I can see your enthusiasm for today’s game. Yesterday, the Thug Legend team beat the Three Swordsmanship League within a minute. Today, will the legend continue? Now let’s welcome the first team today, Deep Sea Wild Wolves. It is worth mentioning that the captain of the Deep Sea Wild Wolves owns a powerful Deep Sea Wolf Fish. They used to dominate the level-two fishery and they once won seven battles in a row…”


“Come on, Deep Sea Wild Wolves!”

“You must hold on for one minute.”

“Brothers, if you don’t want to die, play your trump card as soon as the game begins.”

The members of the Deep Sea Wild Wolves were stunned. What are you shouting? Is it certain that we’ll be defeated? We are completely different from the kind of garbage teams like the Three Swordsmanship League!

On the other side, Luo Xiaobai was analyzing the competition. “Their captain Lin Lang is a hunter and has a Deep Sea Wolf Fish. The team members are all hunters, all…”

Xia Xiaochan interrupted her, “Leave Lin Lang to me.”

“OK, Lin Lang is yours. Han Fei, Le Renkuang, Zhang Xuanyu, stay by my side. I’ll tell you where they are. Let’s defeat them in one blow.”

On the field, when the Thug Legend team walked out, the audience burst into a loud cheer.

The host continued his announcements, “…Thug Legend, let’s look forward to their performance today… The game starts…”

In the spectator seats, at least hundreds of people from the three academies were watching. At the moment, they didn’t speak. They needed to watch at least one game before they judged the strength of the Thug Legend.


Both sides shouted “Fuse” and only Han Fei shouted, “Attach.” However, his voice was drowned in the wave of cheers and no one heard it.

All five members on the opposite side disappeared from the field.

So did Xia Xiaochan.

With Luo Xiaobai as the center, thousands of vines wriggled on the ground. In a minute, the 100-meter range was covered by dense vines.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Somewhere on the field, Xia Xiaochan seemed to be fighting with Lin Lang. There were only glints of knives in the air and no figures could be seen.

Suddenly, Luo Xiaobai said, “18 meters to the left.”

Le Renkuang immediately patted his armor box and the flow of weapons poured out like a long dragon.

“16 meters ahead, left, in the air.”

Zhang Xuanyu grinned. “Spirit Strike… Seven-Layered Waves in Furious Sea…”

Luo Xiaobai continued, “Han Fei, 12 meters on the right and 8 meters behind.”

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