God Emperor

Chapter 90

Chapter 90: The Fourth One?

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Huang Yanchen, a beautiful woman with an unapproachable expression on her face, said, “To tell you the truth, it doesn’t matter. I assume you’ve heard of the three she-devils of Western Campus?”

Zhang Ruochen nodded and said, “A little.”

Huang Yanchen continued, “Did you know that one of them is a descendant of Luo Xu?”

Surprised by her words, Zhang Ruochen asked, “A descendant of Luo Xu?”

Zhang Ruochen had a lot of admiration for Luo Xu because he was difficult to defeat in the same realm. It wouldn’t have been possible at all had he not practiced the Ultimate Realm of the Yellow Realm.

When she saw the expression on his face, she said with a faint smile, “One she-devil is called Luo Shuihan. She is the seventh generation down from Luo Xu. She sees him as a role model and is determined to become a strong Martial Arts warrior as great as her predecessor. I wonder whether she would kill you if she knew you’ve defeated her predecessor in the same realm.”

“It’s hard to say!” he responded.

According to Zhang Ruochen, women were unintelligent and difficult to understand. Princess Chi Yao in his previous life for example, and Lin Ningshan in the present.

He still couldn’t figure out why they wanted to kill him.

“Do you know what the two most intolerable things are for Luo Shuihan?” Huang Yanchen asked.

“What?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

“According to her, first, nobody is a better warrior than Luo Xu; second, no one was superior to her.”

“She only got through to the second obstacle of the third floor the first time she went into the Wu Tower. You, however, got to the third obstacle of the same floor. If she ever finds out she will surely challenge you to a duel. But your present cultivation is far from hers. One attack from her could kill you 10 times over.”

Although what Huang Yanchen said seemed to be true, Zhang Ruochen was not at all afraid. “I hardly think she would dare to kill me in the Martial Market’s School,” he said.

“Well!” She smiled, blinked her eyes and said, “Ninth Prince, do you think that ‘devil’ is just a random title? Luo Shuihan’s has the power to kill you without anyone noticing. Even the presbyters of the Martial Market’s School would not be able to find your body.”

“You have spent a lot of time persuading me to give up, but neither of you have answered my question. You don’t even know me. Why do you care so much about my life? Or do you want to stop me from breaking into the fourth floor of the Wu Tower?” He replied.

Both Huang Yanchen and Duanmu Xingling felt awkward. It was their first time talking to such a tactless freshman of Western Campus.

If only they weren’t in the Wu Tower. Then they would break his legs to show him how powerful devils really were.

The expressions on their faces showed Zhang Ruochen that he had guessed correctly. They did want to stop him from breaking into the fourth floor of Wu Tower. Both of them were Division Profound warriors who were very powerful on Western Campus. Even if they weren’t devils, their power was almost equal to that of the three devils.

It was not easy for Zhang Ruochen to take control over of the situation due to the fact that their cultivation was much more powerful than his.

“Actually, I might fail to pass through to the fourth floor,” Zhang Ruochen said.

Huang Yanchen nodded slightly and smiled, implying that Zhang Ruochen was very perceptive.

“But you have to meet my demands!” Zhang Ruochen added suddenly.

The smile on Huang Yanchen’s face disappeared instantly.

How dare this freshman negotiate with her! It seemed that the only means of teaching him the meaning of the word “devil” was to punch him very hard.

Although he sensed that something was wrong, Zhang Ruochen remained confident and said, “Please allow me to continue to the fourth floor if you have no intention of meeting my demands.”

Duanmu Xingling whispered, “Sister Chen, we cannot break the law of the School in the Wu Tower. We can teach him a lesson when we get out of here. Let’s hear him out. If it is a reasonable demand, why not give it to him?”

Huang Yanchen withdrew her power with a sneer and said, “Go ahead! What’s your demand?”

Zhang Ruochen seemed to predict their compromise and said, “It is well known that I am the Ninth Prince of Yunwu Commandery, which has always been the rival of Square Commandery. The power of Square Commandery in the School of the Martial Market is relatively strong. Their warriors will attempt to attack me considering my status. Thus, my demand is that you two save me if I’m in danger.”

Duanmu Xingling giggled and said, “You’re so cute! Although the power of Square Commandery is indeed strong in Western Campus, they still need to take us seriously. Rest assured, Ninth Prince! From now on, you just need to say my name, and no one will dare attack you!”

“So you accept my demand?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

“It’s a piece of cake,” Huang Yanchen said in a cold voice.

“If others besides warriors of the Square decide to cause me trouble?” Zhang Ruochen continued.

Duanmu Xingling laughed and said, “Anyone who wants to trouble you in Western Campus will be driven away by us.”

Zhang Ruochen let out a slight sigh of relief when they agreed.

He wasn’t so much worried about the Square Commandery’s warriors, but he did need to defend himself against killers from the Hades Department.

Since Zi Qian had failed to kill him, more terrible killers from the Hades Department would be sent to assassinate him. With his present cultivation, his recklessness was likely get himself killed.

Now that Huang Yanchen and Duanmu Xingling had promised to protect him, he felt much safer from the assassination attempts of the Hades Department.

Zhang Ruochen hadn’t intended to get to the fourth floor of the Wu Tower anyway. Now he had the bonus of getting a promise from two Division Profound warriors.

Zhang Ruochen had another question. “When I was on the first floor of the Wu Tower, I defeated Luo Xu at the Mid Stage of the Black Realm. Doing so meant that I would become the guard instead of Luo Xu, testing warriors in that Realm’s Stage. Once I become the guard, the devil Luo Shuihan will know I have defeated her ancestor. What should I do when she finds out?”

Huang Yanchen answered, “The Wu Tower is a Genuine Martial Arm without wisdom. If you want to be the guard and test warriors in the Mid Stage of the Black Realm, you must draw inscriptions of your power, speed, and martial technique. Only then can your Spiritual Body be formed in the Wu Tower.”

“How many people know that I have defeated Luo Xu in the same realm?”

“Only the three of us.” Huang Yanchen replied.

“That means that if you don’t tell the presbyter I have defeated Luo Xu, he will still be the guard of the Wu Tower?” he asked.

“That’s right,” Huang Yanchen answered.

Zhang Ruochen murmured, “The presbyter would let two students guard the tower on such an important reception day? He seems unreliable!”

Huang Yanchen heard what he said and sneered. “The presbyter of the Wu Tower is a normal person, who wants to spend more time practicing and trying to break through to a higher realm. He is delighted to have someone else guard the Wu Tower. Besides, the Wu Tower is able to record each warrior so it doesn’t matter if there is a guard here or not.”

That explains that.

“Can you tell me your name?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

“Huang Yanchen.” she responded indifferently.

He remembered the names of Huang Yanchen and Duanmu Xingling. Then he leisurely walked towards the exit of the Wu Tower.

Duanmu Xingling let out a long sigh of relief after he left and said, “It was very difficult dealing with him!”

Huang Yanchen gave a sweet smile and said, “Let’s give him a lesson in Dragon Martial Temple later. A freshman dares to negotiate with me? Let’s see how strong he really is.”

Nine presbyters and many young warriors had been waiting for a long time outside the Wu Tower. They did not however, see Zhang Ruochen come out.

“Why is he still in the tower? Could he have gotten through the first barrier of the third floor?”

“How? Maybe he died in the tower!” A Square Commandery warrior sneered.

Prince Huo Xing smiled and said, “The Wu Tower is indeed full of dangers. I wouldn’t be surprised if he died in there.”

Zi Qian, Elder Xie, and the Yunwu Commandery warriors were starting to get anxious. They thought maybe he had had an accident.


Zhang Ruochen suddenly walked out of the Wu Tower. He was not only alive but wasn’t injured at all.

A smile appeared on Elder Xie’s face. He immediately walked to him and asked, “How many levels have you broken through, Zhang Ruochen?”

“The second obstacle of the third floor.” he responded.

“It doesn’t matter. After all, you have only just reached the Mid Stage of the Black Realm… Wait a second! What did you say? You got passed the second barrier on the third floor?” Elder Xie was stunned. He had bloodshot eyes and goosebumps all over his body.

The other eight presbyters were all stunned as well.

In the history of Western Campus, only three people had successfully passed the second obstacle of the third floor on their first attempt in the Wu Tower.

Could Zhang Ruochen be the fourth?

Elder Situ was annoyed and said in a muffled voice, “Zhang Ruochen, you should never lie to the nine presbyters. Do you know the consequences of lying?”

Zhang Ruochen didn’t care. “I don’t understand why getting passed the second obstacle of the third floor is such a big deal.”

Elder Situ was really angry. A junior in the Mid Stage of the Black Realm told him that getting passed the second obstacle was not such a big deal? Doesn’t he realize that he is making everyone uncomfortable?

It was well known that Elder Situ had passed the second obstacle of the third floor on his first attempt.

Elder Situ still didn’t believe it and said, “I need to take a look at the record of Zhang Ruochen’s grades in the Wu Tower. I propose to open the mirror of the Spiritual Qi in the third floor of the Wu Tower.”

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