God Emperor

Chapter 89

Chapter 89: The Suppressing of the Freshmen

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After walking out of the Martial arts field, Zhang Ruochen came to the second pass of the third floor in the Wu Tower.

“It seems that none of the other young warriors were able to complete the second pass on the third floor this year. It must be more difficult than the one on the second floor.”

Zhang Ruochen looked at the rules for breaking through blockades on the wall.

“Easy job.”

Zhang Ruochen nodded and opened the door to the second pass on the third floor.

It was a 30-meter-long enclosed corridor that was only three meters wide. There were nine bronze metal statues on both sides of the corridor.

There were 18 bronze statues in total.

According to the rules, every bronze statue was refined by a weapon refiner and weighed around 1,000 pounds. There was an inscription and a Spiritual Crystal embedded in their body, as hard as the Genuine Martial Arms.

The weapon refiner named them the refining warriors.

The power and speed of each refining warrior were equal to a warrior at the peak of the Advanced Stage in the Black Realm.

Be mindful, the refining warrior’s body was as hard as iron and its strength was mighty, without any bug. When it came to a real fight, a refining warrior could defeat a warrior of the Dawn State in the Black Realm.

That’s to say, Zhang Ruochen was facing 18 refining warriors who were equal to the warriors in the Black Realm’s Dawn State, in such a narrow corridor.

It’s nearly impossible for a warrior in the Mid Stage of the Black Realm to pass this corridor.

“Zi Qian, Prince Huo Xing, and Yao Qingtong, whose cultivation are in the Dawn State of the Black Realm, must have been defeated by these 18 refining warriors of the Final State of the Black Realm. This pass is exceptionally freaky!”

Zhang Ruochen retracted his Flash Shinning Sword, because weapons were not allowed in this pass.

“Let’s fight!”

Zhang Ruochen rolled up his sleeves. With a determined look, he stepped into the corridor.

At the head of the corridor stood two refining warriors. They moved their bodies slightly, with gleaming fire in their eyes.

The sound of metal hitting metal echoed, as the two refining warriors woke up.


The two refining warriors attacked at the same time.

The refining warrior on the left punched at Zhang Ruochen’s face. His fist puffed fire like the Flaming Fist and exploded the horrible power towards Zhang Ruochen.

The refining warrior on the right reached out one leg with the icing cold power and swept towards Zhang Ruochen’s lower body.

Their speed was so fast that Zhang Ruochen couldn’t avoid their attacks in such a narrow space.

Zhang Ruochen leaned back and dodged the metal fist while quickly punched the refining warrior’s chest.


Zhang Ruochen’s powerful palm slapped down the refining warrior and its whole body was knocked against the wall, making the wall shake slightly.

But, the refining warrior wasn’t hurt and quickly fought back.

“An immortal?” Zhang Ruochen thought.

His speed was faster than that of the two refining warriors. He walked three steps forward to avoid their continued attack.

However, there was a bigger crisis.

Zhang Ruochen had woken up another two of the refining warriors as he walked forward.

Zhang Ruochen was surrounded by the four refining warriors and they were attacking at the same time.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Four refining warriors, eight metal arms, and eight legs all attacked towards Zhang Ruochen simultaneously.

He was surrounded by palms and foot shadows.

Zhang Ruochen quickly ran his Genuine Qi, moving his legs to attack and sweep, while his palms waved to attack and defend.

“Elephant Galloping!”

Zhang Ruochen unleashed four palms at a fast speed.


The four refining warriors were knocked hard, and they landed far away from Zhang Ruochen. Some hit the wall, while the others fell to the ground.

Zhang Ruochen continued ahead. Two more refining warriors struck him, together, the former four refining warriors again caught up with him.

An idea flashed through his mind. “I have to end the battle quickly. If I’m surrounded by 18 refining warriors, there’s no doubt that I’ll lose.”


While squatting, Zhang Ruochen waved his arms to slap down the refining warrior on his left, which knocked down the four refining warriors who were chasing after him.

He quickened his pace and rushed forward.

“Dragon and Elephant Returning to Earth!”

“Dragon in the Sky!”

“Elephant Galloping!”

“Bang Bang!”

Zhang Ruochen went through the long corridor extremely quickly.

Once he had made it through the long corridor, the 18 refining warriors returned back to their position and stood still.

Looking at his bruised arm, Zhang Ruochen sighed. “It’s wasn’t wise to fight against the refining warriors with my fleshy body. However, I made it.”

Zhang Ruochen kept walking towards the third pass, on the third floor.

“The freak! He just passed the second pass without being wounded. Perhaps he’ll make it through the third pass with his abilities.” Duanmu Xingling crossed her arms tightly, stared at the mirror, and felt unpleasant.

It was known that she didn’t pass the second pass on the third floor when she first entered the Wu Tower.

According to the Western Yard’s history, only three people have gotten through the second pass on the third floor for their first time entering the Wu Tower.

Zhang Ruochen was now the fourth one.

Duanmu Xingling asked, “Sister Chen, do you think that he can pass the third pass on the third floor?”

After thinking for a second, Huang Yanchen said, “In the history of the Western Campus, only one freshman has passed the third pass. That’s Luo Xu, the warrior who currently guards the pass. Since Zhang Ruochen has defeated Luo Xu, in the same Realm, he might break through the third pass.

“Moreover, if he passes the third pass on the third floor, he doesn’t need to pass the first pass on the fourth floor, because he had already passed it when he made it through the first pass on the second floor.”

The first pass on the fourth floor was to catch the nine fists of Luo Xu.

Zhang Ruochen had made it through that on the first pass on the second floor.

Duanmu Xingling blinked lightly as if she was thinking and said, “If he passes the first pass on the fourth floor, he must cover our limelight and become the spotlight of the School of the Martial Market. I guess he’ll also shock the Internal of the School.”

Huang Yanchen asked, “What do you mean?”

Duanmu Xingling smiled and said, “If he passes the third pass on the third floor, we’ll keep him from entering the fourth floor.”

Huang Yanchen nodded and said, “Right. Since the male students of Western Campus called us the devil, we should do what a devil would do. For example, to suppress the freshmen.”

“Instead of suppressing him, we are saving him. It’s not a good thing for him to show such an incredible performance.” Duanmu Xingling convinced herself, nodded slightly and said to herself, “Everything I do is good for him.”

But, the evil smile on her face betrayed her.

She looked like a devil, rather than a little girl around the age of 13 or 14.

The second pass on the third floor was just like the third pass on the second floor. There was another pool, nine square meters, and what the warriors had to do was count ripples.

The difference was that two silver coins fell into the pool at the same time, forming two sets of ripples.

A warrior must focus his mind on the two ripples without any negligence.

When the two silver coins fell into the water at the same time, it would interfere the progress of counting and increase the difficulty.

If a warrior wanted to keep his mind focused on two things at the same time, his Spiritual Power must have reached level 20.

If he wanted to clearly count the number of ripples, his Spiritual Power must reach level 25 since level 20 isn’t good enough.

It was known that except for the weapon refiner, the alchemist, and the animal trainer, whose major is practicing Spiritual Power, none of the warriors would waste their time on Spiritual Power.

If a warrior didn’t practice their Spiritual Power purposely, their Spiritual Power would only reach level 20 to level 25, even if he was a warrior of the Heaven Realm.

It was impossible for a young warrior to pass this pass.

Of course, it wouldn’t be difficult for Zhang Ruochen, whose Spiritual Power had reached level 30.

When the surface of the water was completely calm, Zhang Ruochen wrote down the number of ripples on the jade tablet. As expected, he passed it easily.

Zhang Ruochen thought. “The most outstanding freshman only passed the first pass on the third floor. Now, I’ve passed the third pass on the third floor. Surely I’ll be the number one freshman this year. In this case, I don’t think passing the fourth floor is a good idea.”

He was not a person who liked to show off. Since he wouldn’t be gotten more prizes for passing the fourth floor in the Wu Tower, he decided to leave.

When he was about to leave, two beauties walked out from the golden gate and blocked his way.

“Zhang Ruochen, you’re not supposed to go to the fourth floor.”

Huang Yanchen stood upright, lifted her chin, and looked at Zhang Ruochen arrogantly with her hands behind her back.

She was about 1.75 meters tall. She stood on a step which made her look even more slender with her long legs. Her figure was perfect.

Zhang Ruochen looked at her beautiful face and said, “Why can’t I go to the fourth floor since I’ve broken through the third pass on the third floor?”

He didn’t plan to go to the fourth floor. But, he didn’t want to be blocked by others.

“What did they want?”

Zhang Ruochen had heard about them. They were both masters of the Profound Board. They had a powerful cultivation and were absolutely flawless. Even the seniors were afraid of them.

However, this meant nothing to Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen wasn’t afraid. He was in the Wu Tower and he didn’t need to have the worry that they would kill him.

Huang Yanchen said seriously, “We are saving you, rather than hurting you. If you perform too well, of course, you will get a great number of resources and become a key person which will be trained by the school. But, if you go too far, you’ll suffer a fatal disaster.”

“That sounds like a little bit of truth.”

Zhang Ruochen nodded and said, “But, we’re neither relative nor friend. Why are you concerned about me? Why are you being unreasonable? What exactly do you want? Just spit it out.”

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