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Chapter 317 - Six Red Spider Vessels

Chapter 317: Six Red Spider Vessels

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The beast soul was the soul of the Silverlight Shark.

Both human beings and savage beasts would die if their soul broke.

Generally, a savage beast’s soul could only survive inside its body. However, when the soul became a martial soul, it could be separated.

The Silverlight Shark was offering to give its beast soul to Zhang Ruochen in order to survive.

After some contemplation, Zhang Ruochen decided to accept the Silverlight Shark’s beast soul.

The Silverlight Shark had strong power and it was a water dominator. It would be good for him to control a savage beast like this. He might even be able to make use of the Silverlight Shark to deal with masters from the Black Market.

“OK! In that case, you can put your beast soul into this scroll.”

Zhang Ruochen’s glabella flared. A scroll flew out and landed on his hand.

The scroll spread out. In the painting, a Sacred Prime Tree was sending out a strong momentum. This frightened the Silverlight Shark even more. He had a sense that the man in front of him was unfathomable.

It was the Yin Yang Wooden Graph, which had once sealed Blackie.

Only the power of the Yin Yang Wooden Graph could suppress the Silverlight Shark’s beast soul. There was no need for Zhang Ruochen to be wary of it.

After putting the Silverlight Shark’s beast soul into the Yin Yang Wooden Graph, Zhang Ruochen rolled up the painting and retracted his Qi Sea.

Since he could now control Silverlight Shark’s beast soul, there was no need for him to stay inside its belly.

He flew out through its mouth and landed on its back.

The Silverlight Shark surged out from the water with Zhang Ruochen on its back.

It was nearly dark. The moon was floating in the sky.

Sunset glowed as red as fire.

It was about to sink below the horizon.

Zhang Ruochen took out a Fourth Class Pill, the Muscle Growing Pill. He threw it to the Silverlight Shark and motioned for the shark to take it to heal.

“Master, thank you very much.” The Silverlight Shark said respectfully.

Given that Zhang Rouchen now controlled its soul, the Silverlight Shark must respect him. It dared not resist against him.

The fourth-level savage beast was highly intelligent. It had the ability to learn human languages quickly.

It was only a fourth-level savage beast. It was said that a seventh-level savage beast could even practice into a human shape.

Looking at the sun setting in the sky, Zhang Ruochen said, “You are familiar with the Death river, do you know where the Four-winged Earth Dragon’s Underwater Dragon Palace is?”

“Master, you want to go the Underwater Dragon Palace?” The Silverlight Shark was surprised.

Zhang Ruochen said, “Don’t tell me that you don’t know where it is.”

“Of course not. It’s just… just the Underwater Dragon Palace is located in the depth of the death river. What’s more, it is the Three-clawed Flood Dragon’s place. A human could die trying to break into it.”

Zhang Ruochen asked, “Is the Three-clawed Flood Dragon powerful?”

The Silverlight Shark answered, “500 years ago, a human army caused a massacre, killing all the powerful savage beasts. Even the overlord, the Four-winged Earth Dragon was killed. But a son of the Four-winged Earth Dragon survived, it was the Three-clawed Flood Dragon.”

“I once visited Three-clawed Flood Dragon; it was a horrible Dominator, its breathing alone was enough to make me too scared to move. Don’t go to the Underwater Dragon Palace, Master. If you disturb it, we will die.”

Zhang Rouchen had to go to the Underwater Dragon Palace.

The Buddha Sarira was extremely important to him.

Zhang Ruochen touched his lower jaw and pondered. Finally, he asked, “Silverlight Shark, you call me master. Are you willing to obey my order, no matter what the order is?”

“Of course.” The Shark answered.

Zhang Ruochen said, “Okay! Go see the Three-clawed Flood Dragon and tell it that a massive group of humans are going to the Death river. They want to break into the Underwater Dragon Palace and steal the treasure left by the Four-winged Earth Dragon.”

“Master, who wants to break into the Underwater Dragon Palace?” Silverlight Shark asked.

“You’d better not ask questions that you shouldn’t ask.” Zhang Ruochen said.

The Silverlight Shark stopped asking questions at once and went to inform the Three-clawed Flood Dragon.

Before leaving, it told Zhang Ruochen where the Underwater Dragon Palace was located.

“When I go to the Underwater Dragon Palace, I can test my speed and see if I have a faster burst rate.”

He stood on the surface of the water as steady as if he was standing on the ground. He took a deep breath and leapt into the air.

As time went on, Zhang Ruochen went faster and faster. He quickly broke a speed of 300 meters per second, followed by 310 per second, then 320, 330, 331, 332…

As his speed got closer to the speed velocity, the resistance of the air became stronger and stronger.


Zhang Ruochen’s clothes started to burn, quickly turning to flying ash.

Meanwhile, he was feeling ill. His upper body became heavier and heavier while his lower body was getting lighter and lighter. His eardrum had expanded and he heard a deep ringing sound.


He threw himself headfirst into the water, making a huge splash.

A short time later, he leaped out of the water panting for breath. His long hair covered his face.

The closer he got to the speed velocity, the greater the air resistance was. If his body hadn’t reached the Advanced Stage of the Heaven Realm, he would have been torn up by the hedge force.

Zhang Ruochen had been wearing the Flying Fish Armor, so he hadn’t felt the powerful pressure.

However, when he broke through speed velocity in the cultivation of the Earth Realm, he found it was so difficult.

His speed nearly reached the speed velocity, but the closer he got, the more pressure he felt. Even though his body had reached the Advanced Stage of the Heaven Realm, it wasn’t enough.

Warriors in the Heaven Realm who had a Celestial Bodyshield could withstand the pressure.

Unfortunately, Zhang Ruochen didn’t have a Celestial Bodyshield. He had to use his body to withstand the power. As a result, he felt ill.

“This could explain why it is so difficult to reach the Earth Realm’s Ultimate Realm. Even with my power and advantages, I cannot break through. Do I have to advance my body to the Heaven Realm’s Dawn State, to reach the Ultimate Realm?”

If a warrior in the Earth Realm could make his body reach the Initial Stage of the Heaven Realm, it was a great achievement.

There were very few warriors whose body had reached the Heaven Realm’s Mid Stage.

The number of warriors in the Completion of the Earth Realm, whose bodies had reached the Heaven Realm’s Advanced Stage, like Zhang Ruochen, was very few. The ones who had were great Geniuses. If a warrior wanted to achieve this, he would need a large number of Treasured Body Refining Medicine, to put in a lot of effort and come across the right advantages.

As for one’s body reaching the Heaven Realm’s Dawn State while still in the Earth Realm, it was legendary.

According to Zhang Ruochen’s understanding, it had only happened once. 800 years ago, among the Nine Emperors, Emperor Wu had a strong enough body that his body reached the Heaven Realm’s Dawn State when he was in the Completion of the Earth Realm.

Zhang Ruochen was about to reach the Earth Realm’s Ultimate Realm. Perhaps if he advanced his body to the Heaven Realm’s Dawn State he could break through the realm.

“Only by getting Dragon Sarira or Dragon’s Blood, can I improve my physical quality to reach the Earth Realm’s Ultimate Realm.”

Zhang Ruochen’s clothes had burned to ashes. He stood naked with a big smile on his face. “That explains why the Elders who have reached the Heaven Realm all wear special silver robes. Common clothes must burn when they run at a very high speed.”

Although Zhang Ruochen was just an internal student, he had enjoyed a treat that only silver gowned Elders could enjoy. He had gained three sets of silver robes.

After taking out a silver robe and putting it on, Zhang Ruochen continued his journey. He stepped onto the water’s surface and headed for Underwater Dragon Palace at a very high speed.

Entering the vicinity of the Underwater Dragon Palace, he sensed warriors’ breathing.

He slowed down and put on the Flying Fish Armor. He dove down and used the power of space to hide himself as he moved forward carefully.

He let out his Martial Soul to explore the area at the same time.

He found six Red Spider Vessels hundreds of kilometers away.

Zhang Ruochen used his Martial Soul to explore, but he still stayed at a distance in order to not be found by the strong vessels.

“So much powerful aura. Like Le said, the Black Market has assembled a great number of warriors at the Completion of the Earth Realm. There may be thousands of Martial Arts superiors here.”

The Black Market’s power could not be underestimated. Thousands of warriors in the Completion of the Earth Realm; it was horrible.

Zhang Ruochen’s Martial Soul was invisible. It floated in the air like a gust of wind and watched the six Red Spider Vessels.

He discovered that two of his acquaintances, Si Xingkong and Chang Qiqi, were on a Red Spider Vessel.

Their hands were bound with iron chains and their legs were shackled. On their necks, chests, backs and bellies, were many whip scars, and they were dripping with blood.

In addition to them, hundreds of ragged warriors of the Earth Realm were tied to the masts.

“They’ve been caught by the Black Market masters. Did senior sister apprentice Huang and senior sister apprentice Duanmu manage to escape?”

Zhang Ruochen’s Martial Soul searched all six Red Spider Vessels and didn’t find Huang Yanchen or Duanmu Xingling. He was relieved.

“I can understand why the Black Market would want to catch Si Xingkong and Chang Qiqi. After all, the Black Market and the School of the Martial Market have been hostile to each other for ages. But why did they kidnap the other warriors and why so many?”

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